beach musicGood day to you! It’s Tuesday and time to take another Shag Lesson. They start at 7pm and they are FREE! We will open the doors for Happy Hour at 4pm and DJ Milton White will be your DJ for the evening. Come join us at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. The best beach club in the whole wide world! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Posted on 10.21.14

That Ol Dirty Dance – They Shag in NMB!

Posted on 06.22.10

Features Fat Harold talking about some of the history of the Shag [watch video]

Visit Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Posted on 06.22.10

Welcome to www.FatHarolds.com. We hope to see you in person at the Best Beach Music Club - Home of the Shag - Fat Harold's Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach, SC - Come back home! [watch video]

Jim Quick – Blues Song of the Year!

Posted on 06.07.10

Mama's Drinkin' Liquor again at HOTOs - Love you Jim Quick! [watch video]