harolds-cwbIt’s here! Are you ready to party. We are. The club opens at 11am. Come down and get some of those good ole blackened bologna sandwiches or cheeseburgers to get your day started. We have an array of DJ’s through out the day and at 9pm our good buddies CWB will hit the stage to entertain you. We just love The Craig Woolard Band and hope you will join in the fun! Get those SOS cards so you don’t have to pay a cover charge at any of the clubs on Main Street. Check out the calendar on the website for a line up of everything going on for the next 4 days. I will keep you posted the best that I can. Have a wonderful day and if you would like to made a donation for Jeppy White, the singing trombone player, who is beating Pancreatic Cancer please do so. Debbie Woolard or Craig will take the donations to them or you never know, Jeppy just might show up. Make checks out to Susan or Jeremy White. All donations will be greatly appreciated. Jeppy had no insurance at the beginning of this horrid ordeal and let’s just say if you ever have had something of this magnitude happen to you a little help goes a long way. Have a safe trip to the beach and we have the music and the libations ready! Love YOU, Mean IT!


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