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new years collardsThanks to all that rang in the New Year at Fat Harold’s! We had a fun evening…even a little twist and shout! Join us today at 1:00 for traditional collards & fixin’s. Doors open at 11 and Midnite Allie will be performing from 2 to 6. DJ Gary Bass will be in the booth from 1 to 5 and DJ Milton White will take over from 5 to 9. Tomorrow night DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffking will be in the FRONT ROOM and DJ Kitty Earles will be rockin’ the BACK ROOM from 9 til closing. Come on out and start 2016 with your FUN TEAM!


2 Responses to “WELCOME TO 2016!”

  1. jay says:

    We drive 30 minutes to get to you and find out there is a $10 cover charge for the band today. there was no mention of that on your website for Jan. 1. I guess we got schnookered.

  2. Fun Team says:

    We apologize for any confusion. Our New Year’s package was set up for Dec. 29 through Jan. 2 with bands on 4 afternoons, djs all 5 nights, the NYE party, and traditional new years meal today at 1. For those that chose not to purchase the package there has always been a $10 cover charge for those that only come for the day/night. We hope that if you chose to come on in you had a good time. We in no way try to trick folks, and rarely do we have a cover charge. New year’s is one of the few times we do have a cover.

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