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What a great weekend. Fat Harold and his staff Shout Out a Thanks to all!!! Great Job by all,that took part in this years , Keepers of the Dance. You are all so wonderful!!!
Also, we would like to give Bob and Mary Lynn Myrick a big Thanks as well!!!


One Response to “A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL !!!”

  1. Cecil Fry says:

    What a wonderful job the Harold’s staff did this weekend. Good job guys. HOWEVER, I’ve been shagging for 60 years and I’ve never understood the attraction of a shag “contest”. Shagging ain’t what you learned last week during your lessons. It ain’t how many mirror steps you and your partner know. It ain’t a bunch of kids who have never picked up a woman by seducing her with their smooth feet. It ain’t dancing with your sister, or your mother, or your dance instructor. SHAGGING IS SEDUCTION, not exhibition. Thank goodness this is only once a year. See you guys Wednesday when the real shaggers will be back.

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