Greeting From The FAT MAN !!!!!

Greetings from The Fat Man!


3 Responses to “Greeting From The FAT MAN !!!!!”

  1. Linda Gilliam says:

    Love you Harold! I’ve been keeping up with your progress. So glad you’re better and can join us soon! Can’t wait to see you back in your spot—forever! See you soon.
    Love, Linda, “Miss Grace”

  2. Darlene says:

    We are lovin that! So good to see and hear you and to know you’ll soon be back in your place, we been missin you! What a great crew you have….they always welcome with warm smiles and a friendliness that’s hard to find…It’s like comin’ home!
    Feel Better Harold and hurry back! and Many Thanks to the force that make Fat Harold’s home!
    Love y’all!

  3. David Shaw (Duck's) says:

    Hello to my dear friend and best competitor, Mr. Harold “FAT HAROLD” Besset!!! Ole buddy, you sure have scared the hell out of all of us and you couldn’t let me upstage you by going into the hospital at the same time that I did. I’ve stayed up on your progress with some of your wonderful staff and have kept you in my prayers for a quick and healthy recovery. I don’t want anything to happen to my biggest competitor who always makes me try harder to be the very best that I can be with Duck’s……..YOU SET THE STANDARD FAT HAROLD AND WE LOVE YOU FOR THAT BECAUSE OUR CUSTOMERS REEP THE REWARDS OF OUR COMPETITION AND THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT, MAKING OUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY!!! Please get well and back on your feet again so that I can come across the street and get drunk with you again on Miller Lites, then have to get an escort to drag me back across the street to Duck’s. I should have known that I could never have out drank a living ledgend like you but you’ve had a few years more experience then me so next time you’ll have to do two my one to make it fair…….ha, ha, ha!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO COME ON AND “GET ‘ER DONE” HAROLD AND GET BACK HERE TO OD, WE ALL MISS YOU DEARLY, THIS TOWN IS TO SILENT WITHOUT DA MAN HERE TO CHEER US ALL UP!!! YOU GOT A BIG HUG COMING FROM ME WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN!!! MUCH LOVE ALWAYS HAROLD!!!! David Shaw

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