Groovin’ Band This Sunday the 25th

Groovin’ Band Plays the Sunday Winter Concert Series from 2-6 on March 25th


2 Responses to “Groovin’ Band This Sunday the 25th”

  1. Jayne Caspary says:

    1ST time that my husband and I went to Fat Harold’s was in easrly March. We really enjoyed it. The groovin band played and they indicated that they would be back 4/28th. We enjoyed them so much we made hotel reservations to be there that weekend.

    From looking at the calender it appears that they are not scheduled to be there. Please advise when they will be appearing again.

    Thanks – Jay

  2. Fun Team says:

    The Groovin Band will be back with us on April 29 from 8pm until midnite. We are so glad that you had a good time! Hurry back.

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