Shag lessions people!!!!!!!! Tonight at 7pm!!!! Terry opens the doors at 4pm today!!! Jeppy and Nikki will teach FREE SHAG LESSIONS at 7pm!!!!! D.J. Master Ray Scott will be your Shag Host.. Grill opens at 6pm come meet Ed,our new grill master….


3 Responses to “FREE!!!!,FREE!!!!”

  1. Christine says:

    I am excited about the shag lessons tonight!

  2. John says:

    Do you have Shag lessons to help us Rock and Roll Motown Michigan people how to Shag? We bought a CD in your area several years ago, unfortunately the slacks and pants of the people showing you “how to shag” were way too long and covered their feet and shoes. We could not see what they were doing.

  3. Fun Team says:

    Hello, Free Shag Lessions every Tuesday at 7pm. No partner needed. Jeppy and Nikki both offer private Shag leesion too. Hope this Helps!!!

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