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SOS Spring Safari 2012 at Fat Harold’s

Are you Ready for SOS?


3 Responses to “SOS Spring Safari 2012 at Fat Harold’s”

  1. My husband and I plus 3 other couples last April made plans to come visit from NH. Heard about how much fun your place was and wanted to learn to Shag dance – checked calendar showed up Tuesday night as instructed and guess what you were closed for renovations – What the heck!!!!! We are on our way again April 21 to the 28th checked schedule once again – sure hope this year we finally get to come in and dance!

  2. Fun Team says:

    You will be here right smack dab in the middle of SOS, Society of Stranders which we affectionately call Spring Break for Adults. You will see some of the best shaggers in the business and there will be lessons offered everywhere. If you really want to shag…you’ve struck gold. My name is Lulu, find me and say HELLO!

  3. Fun Team says:

    It was so nice to meet you. I am glad you introduced yourselves. Hope you had fun!

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