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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOFREE SHAG LESSONS TONIGHT WITH JEPPY AND NIKKI! The Cream of the crop will be teaching you how to “Shag” and yes it’s FREE. Lessons start at 7pm. The club will actually open at 4pm for Happy Hour so come on out and have some libations and a Bologna Sandwich. The Fat Man always said there was something about Bologna that would make you limber up and separate those two left feet. I think it’s the libations but if he said it the Bologna, it’s the Bologna! DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth playing some good Shag Music. Let’s start Celebrating before the Celebration and Celebrate for the rest of our lives through the “SHAG”! One of his last requests was Celebrate and Keep on Shaggin! Let’s do this! Love YOU, Mean IT!


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