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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning to YOU! If you haven’t planned your day yet don’t forget to include Fat Harold’s on your list. We open at 4pm for Happy Hour, which ends at 7pm and then Jeppy and Nikki will teach you the Basic Shag! FREE, yes, FREE! Just get yourselves here a bit before 7pm and they will crank up the lessons at 7pm. DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be here to accompany them and play on into the evening. The Shag City Grill will be open for some good ole burgers and fries or one of our famous Bologna Sandwiches. We would love to have you join us this evening. Heck, we would love to have you join us every evening! Let’s get some work done, Peace, Love, and Sandy FEET! Love YOU, Mean IT!


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