Jim Quick – Blues Song of the Year!

Mama's Drinkin' Liquor again at HOTOs - Love you Jim Quick!


3 Responses to “Jim Quick – Blues Song of the Year!”

  1. Tana says:

    Several of my Coastline Crazy friends (from Ohio and WV) and I were there when this was filmed (I’m actually in the video and one of my friends is holding the table for Jim!)
    Another great performance by Jim and the boys!!

  2. Don Hamilton says:

    South Mecklenburg Hi class 1961-Charlotte

    Can find zero Beach songs in Greenwich Ct but we loved our visit to Dance City Fat Harold’s in July.

    Can you send a playlist of The Best of FHs Over the Years?

    Still smiling about the night my Yankee wife danced on her first exposure to the dance I grew up on at FH’s “only” 20 years ago! Can’t get one song out of my mind but never had a great memory and now, as I am only a few inches from Seventy is Heavenly, well you know!

    Is there anything you can do to ease my pain? Playlist?

    Don Hamilton

  3. Fun Team says:

    Thank you Don and we are so glad you enjoyed your time at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. May I suggest that you go to the Carolina Beach Music DJ Association Webpage. They post the top 50 most requested songs each year. I will also see if one of Our House DJ’s will compose a most requested top 20 list from right here at Fat Harold’s and send it to you. Lulu

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