Visit Fat Harold’s Beach Club

Welcome to We hope to see you in person at the Best Beach Music Club - Home of the Shag - Fat Harold's Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach, SC - Come back home!


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  1. Michael Newcaster says:

    My wife & I have been going to Myrtle Beach for 40 years & we heard about your place & decided to visit last Sunday, when Jim Quick & The Coastline band was there. It was awesome. We can’t wait to come back. What a nice crowd & great Shag dancers, not to mention the wonderful beach music by Jim & the band. Keep up the good hospitality & music.

  2. Mark says:

    What is the dress code for you during the Cammy Awards week?

  3. Fun Team says:

    We are a casual club. Nothing fancy, just fun as always.

  4. Rachel Holofchak says:

    I noticed that the DJs are not listed on your calendar. Is there a reason for that? I would like to see who is playing if you could post it, please. Thanks!

  5. Fun Team says:

    Yes there is. I haven’t received the schedule as of yet to post it on the calendar. It will post just as soon as it gets in my hands. Thanks for asking.

  6. Camellia Cates says:

    Just want to know if you have received my $90.00 check for the New Years Eve Party? Please advise thru e-mail. Thanks.

  7. janie g. williams says:

    Congrates to Judy Davis for being entered in the hall of fame at Fat Harolds. S0 sorry I could not be there.

  8. Hello!, my name is marcello and i live about 65 miles south-east of los angeles. i bought the movie “shag” from amazon and i was hooked! I learned the basic steps, but in two instructional films, the male lead moved too fast for me to learn other steps (belly roll, sugar foot, pivot, etc.). i thought maybe i should go to Myrtle Beach and really learn the “shag”from people who know it!! Please help me out. I serched, and i can not find anyone or place involving the “shag”here in So. California. What are the best times of the year to visit Myrtle Beach and learn the “shag” and meet other shaggers?? Are there resonable priced hotels or hostels where i can stay? I have many questions, but please give me some good southern advice (i was born in texas!) on the above questions and more things i should know about north Myrtle Beach. Thank you so very much, sincerely and respectfully, Marcello la Croix

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