Happy Saturday!

fatdaddy laughingHappy Saturday from
The Fat Man! ┬áJackie has a wonderful Chicken Salad Cold Plate in The Shag City Grill today. Come by and have lunch with her and while you are here just browse around and look at all of the pictures from days gone by of our creators of The Shag, having FUN! We have a GREAT DJ playing tonight. Most of you call him Jimmy, but we call him “Jammin” Jimmy cause he plays the best beach music and some more music that people are shagging to. ┬áPlease visit us every chance you get and don’t ever forget WE LOVE YOU, WE APPRECIATE YOU! Lulu


2 Responses to “Happy Saturday!”

  1. David says:

    Great place with alot of good people working there and having fun at the fat Man place, can’t wait until Sept. when I will be back for more fun at the Fat Mans House

  2. Garry McFadden says:

    To post negative comments about anything related to Fat Harold’s especially for a man who has given the community so much is BS.

    Surely in this day and age there are many more things to complain about

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