Who are these guys?

The first person to correctly guess the names of these 2 gentlemen will receive $100 Gift Certificate to use at Fat Harold’s any way you wish!
You must enter your name and email address below with the correct answer of both men’s names here at the website in the comments section. Facebook submissions do not count in the contest giveaway. Your submission will not immediately post to the website.


12 Responses to “Who are these guys?”

  1. Lou Ann Mitchell says:

    Fat Harold and his dad

  2. RICHARD says:


  3. RICHARD says:

    have no idea i’m only 73 THE ORIGINAL DIRTY OLD MAN

  4. Jeannie Lewis says:

    Harrill and Ron Bessent is my guess!!!

  5. Heyboy says:

    The pretty one on the left is Mr. Harold Bessent hisself. The other one I don’t have a clue. So my guess is……….an old friend of Harold’s.
    How ’bout Capt Poo?

    Luv Ya, Mean It!


  6. bothewebguy says:

    No Correct Answers so far…Have to get both of them in 1 guess…

  7. Lulu says:

    I know.

  8. Fun Team says:

    You are so funny!

  9. What a good looking Harold Bessent and his brother.

  10. Lory says:

    Joey Warren & Jim Quick

  11. Linda says:

    Harold & Gary Bass

  12. katisha says:

    willie c and fat harold

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