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949-live-remote-2Wednesday has rolled around and we’re ready for CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY!  HAPPY HOUR FROM OPEN TO CLOSE!  That’s right…a never-ending HAPPY HOUR every Wednesday.

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 and the HAPPY HOUR begins…and doesn’t end til we cut the lights out.

DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be on board, teamed up with 94.9 The Surf’s DJ Jason “The Judge” Justice for a LIVE REMOTE all evening.  Come on out and play at the Fat Man’s House tonight.  We’d love to see your smilin’ faces.  If you can’t be here in person, tune in to 94.9 The Surf radio and join us in spirit.

We’re takin’ Miss Irma serious and hope that you are, too!  The hurricane’s projection path is still iffy, but PLEASE be prepared!  It’s never too early to have a plan in place.  Sendin’ out prayers and good vibes to all in her path.  Come Sunday please be prepared to hunker down and get off the beach.  Don’t let this thing catch you unprepared!  Have a plan and make it happen!



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