It’s Friday, Do You know where your Dance Shoes Are?

shag dancersIt’s Friday and it’s time to party. Come on down and get all the dancing in that you can cause you know what the next two weekends are going to be like. MAYHEM! Yes, oh YES, it’s SOS! But in the meantime start your day with some good ole Pork Chops, straight off of the grill at The Shag City Grill! You get two sides a roll and tea too! Just $6.75. Miss Jackie is picking right up where Miss Lulu left off. Come have some lunch with Jackie. Later today we have Happy Hour and then at 7pm DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will put some blisters on your feet. So come on down to The Fat Man’s House and have some food, fun and get you some blisters. hehehe Can’t wait to see you there. Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet! Love You, MEAN IT!


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