Once Upon A Time…

there was a man, a good man, who saw a need. A need to get some people together under one roof to have fun and save our dance “The Shag”! I am talking about The Fat Man himself, Harold M. Bessent. I know he didn’t invent the shag, and this was not the first shag club nor did he have the first “Contest” but the contests he did have were fair and fun!!! Quite often he says, “Lulu, you remember the contest when so and so did this or that? That was so much fun!” Well folks, he’s been sick (but doing better) and his thinking is this could be his last Labor Day Contest and he wanted a fun one. One including the kids, whom he loves so much and one that was neither SPA or CSA and one that you didn’t get to dance with your own partner. We realize that this has not made a lot of people very “Happy”. We are sorry that there are so many upset people with a decision that was made internally by a man who just wants to have and see some fun again. Shame on you who are so selfish that you want to change or boycott Fat Harold’s wishes for some fun for everybody. It is very hard to please all and he really has tried to do this. You want a band, somebody else doesn’t. You complain. We have a band, you want to dance. You complain. It’s too cold, It’s too hot! The music is to loud, the music isn’t loud enough or it’s to slow or it’s to fast. HOW DO YOU PLEASE EVERYONE? The answer is, you pay the bills and make the decisions. Just come have some FUN with us in the time we have left on this earth. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Have a little compassion and a little faith in a man who has been around a very long time. When it’s over, it’s over and then the Fairy Tale will end. Make it end on a good note.


3 Responses to “Once Upon A Time…”

  1. Rick Persson says:

    Haven’t seen Fat harold in many years, we used to hoist a few in Daytona at Orange Squeeze to the pool bar. i will be in Myrtle Beach Oct 1-4 and hope to see him. He has always been a gentleman and a lover of people, music, and dancing. Eating and drinking came naturally. Nex5t labor Day i hope to join you for another shag contest, don’t stop doing what you love. Regards, Rick from Miami, Fl

  2. KC says:

    If I understand correctly, Harold is offering his facility, on a holiday weekend, at no cost, to a non-revenue producing event. It seems obvious that he allows his heart to overrule his greed. I guess some tend to forget that no one person has done more for the “Shag Community” than Harold Bessent & any decision he makes would have the best interest of all at the forefront.If he wanted to have a tap dancing contest I would support it because I would know that somewhere, somehow there was a good reason for it. K.C.

  3. jb says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic time our family had at Fat Harold’s this weekend. We have not danced and laughed so much in a long time.
    It will be another great memory spent in your club!

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