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OWN A PIECE OF SHAG HISTORY at your favorite shag club! We were approached by Kimberly Faith Johnson Madden, about offering our fans a way to give a gift or have their name forever become a part of shag history on the strand. We thought it was a FABULOUS idea!

Here is how it works. Reach out to Kim who has volunteered to organize this effort at or stop by our lobby to talk with her friday from 2 – 4 p.m. or Saturday from 1-3. Either way, let her know if you want a premium 4 x 5 PREMIUM plaque placed right up on the main bar – only 90 spaces available here for $500 each. First few spaces being auctioned at Camp Chemo so first come, first served.

Other options include GOLD spaces which are 4 x 5 plaques placed on the front of your favorite sitting place in the club for $150 each or the CLASSIC level which is a small 4 x 2 plaque placed on top of one of the various seating areas for $50 each. There is an option for every level of interest!

Kim selected a Premium option for her father’s 70th birthday since he was one of Fat Harold’s biggest fans. Who in your world would be grateful to have their legend live on??


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