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thanksgiving turkey smallestWell…It’s the week of Thanksgiving…Are you gonna be on the beach for the holiday? Your FUN TEAM’s got a busy week ahead so let’s get started! Doors open at 4 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Judy Duke’s gonna teach some fancy new dance steps tonight at 7 so come on out and learn ’em! We’ll be open on Thanksgiving night at 6 to give your FUN TEAM time to eat turkey with their family and friends. DJ “Jammin'” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing Thursday night. The end of our week will be jumpin’ with the annual Dewey Kennedy/Sandra Schwartz/Eddie Monsour Mixed Doubles Contest on Saturday night. We’ll kick it off on Friday night with DJ Butch Metcalf in the FRONT ROOM and DJ Bill Harper in the BACK ROOM for a big night of fas’ dancin’. They’ll both be back on Saturday night with Butch presidin’ over the dance contest up front and Bill in the back with nuttin’ but the old stuff for your dancin’ pleasure. Friday and Saturday you can enter from all 3 doors…front, back & side…pick and choose what you can use. If you’re gonna be on the road to visit friends and family this week be safe out there and we’ll see ‘ya when you get home. Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK page to keep up with what’s goin’ on at the Fat Man’s House!


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