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January 1st – 2012 with Coastline and Band of Oz

Start out 2012 with the best party in Beach Music.
Come get your food on with the normal New Year’s Fare…

Black-eyes, Collard greens, fatback, cornbread, Ballgames and beer!

then its Jim Quick & Coastline at 2PM…
followed by Band of Oz at 8PM

that’s right the Band of Oz


5 Responses to “January 1st – 2012 with Coastline and Band of Oz”

  1. Susan says:

    Where can I find a Flyer on New Year’s Eve Celebrations for 2011 for Fat Harold’s???

  2. Fun Team says:

    The flyer will be out real soon! Everything is at the printers.

  3. Vicki West says:

    YEAH!!!! so glad BOZ will be playing at Fat Harold’s – what a great band-

  4. Linda Campbell says:

    Where can I get an invitation to customer appreciation on Decemet 14th?

  5. Fun Team says:

    From any of the staff, they each got an alloted amount of tickets to pass out. I don’t think there are any left though, but you can ask.

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