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shag dancersHappy Monday Ya’ll! There is a nip in the air this morning and I for one, LIKE IT! Bring on the cool weather, it drives everyone inside and what a great place to be is in The Fat Man’s HOUSE! You can warm yourself up with some libations and a few fast Shag songs. Works every time! Come see. We open today at 4pm with Mama Brenda serving up some cocktails at Happy Hour. Just as Happy Hour finishes up at 7pm, Judy Duke will teach you to shag or help you brush up on some of those steps you just can’t quite conquer. DJ Milton White will assist Judy and play after the lessons so you can practice what you’ve learned and for those who don’t need lessons! Come on out to Fat Harold’s tonite and grab a piece of SHAG history. What a great place to be. Right in the HEART of SHAG LAND! Got to go now, stayed tuned for announcements and New Years Tickets are on sale. Call LULU today and reserve your spot! Only $25 per person this year or $50 per couple. 350 tickets will be sold for New Years Eve so hurry and get yours today! The Cammy’s are coming to town this week. There will be lot’s of talented musicians all over the beach. Check out our line up on our calendar of events. If you haven’t planned that Christmas party or any party we have the place for you. Our back room is ready to accommodate you! Call today and reserve the room, DJ and bartenders. All for one low price! Bring your own food or we will fix it for you. Love YOU, Mean IT!



  1. Della Robinson-Melton says:

    I would be signing up as a single female. My husband and I took shagging lessons years ago and then he never wanted to go dancing. I’ve kicked the spouse to the curb and now I’m ready to learn to shag, but would need someone to learn with. Any suggestions?

  2. Fun Team says:

    Just come on out and take the lessons. You do not have to have a partner and there are always guys around that love to dance.

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