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Another great night was had by all last night and I bet you tonite will be the same. The only difference is Steve Owens & Summertime will grace our stage. At 9pm, the band that has everbody talking and was nominated for several CBMA Awards including NEW Band of the Year is gonna throw down! If you are not here, you are gonna miss it! They are fantastic! Of course we will have DJ’s playing also! DJ Jimmy Buffkin will play the front room and DJ Ray Scott will jam out the back room. We’ve got it all tonite. Big Ron will open the grill at 11am for those wonderful bologna sandwiches and cheeseburgers. Come make him work! We will see you all today at the Fat Man’s House. Say your prayers, Hug somebody and tell somebody you Love them. Love YOU, Mean IT!



  1. tommy says:

    Wednesday nite bands will kill cust. app. Listening to people at Harold’s the past few weeks make curtain.

  2. Fun Team says:

    But Tommy there is going to be so much more and so much fun. Have patience my dear, everybody doesn’t know everything!

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