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The Fat Man’s Christmas Party Tonite!

It’s here! The Fat Man’s Christmas Appreciation Party! Starts at 6pm. Bring your little red ticket and a toy or something four our four legged friends. Boxes are at the door and we have always made our local kids and animals very happy on Christmas morning and throughout the year! Why should this year be any different? Our friends SEA CRUZ will take the stage at 8pm. Come out and have some Christmas cheer with your friends at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. DJ Milton White will be in the DJ booth for your dancing pleasure. We will see you in a little while. Be safe and LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


One Response to “The Fat Man’s Christmas Party Tonite!”

  1. bud moose says:

    Thanks Harold for all you have done for shagging’ I know you made money doing it but how many times did you lose money and I don’t even want to think what the shag would be like today if you had’nt been there. Thank Harold

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