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CSA Shag Contest 2014


Pictures from the CSA Shag Contest August 29 and 30th, 2014
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Hope to see you at Fat Harold’s Beach Club today for a good cause!


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Friday – Summertime!


It’s not over yet.. It is SUMMERTIME in the Fat Man’s House today. Steve Owens and Summertime take the stage at Fat Harold’s Beach Club for this second Friday of Fall Migration.. See you in a little bit!

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Coastline Time at the Fat Man’s House


It is Wednesday SOS Fall Miigration – and you know what happens on Wednesday during SOS – COASTLINE TIME – Come on Crazies it is time to once again party wit Jim Quick & Coastline. Get there early and grab a cheeseburger at the Shag City Grill. It opens at 11 AM. The Fat Man’s House will be rockin’ today and tonight with the Best DJs!

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photos and fun team updates, updates

Pictures from Camp Kemo Day 9-14-14

Thanks to all that came out to Fat Harold’s Beach Club on Sunday to help support Camp Kemo Check out pictures from the fundraiser benefit and Ron and Tiny’s Shooter party in the back room – Pictures are taken by Vickie Gilreath Harrison.

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Sunday – Camp Kemo Day

The first Sunday of SOS Fall Migration at Fat Harold’s Beach Club is going to be another big one.. This is the day that we get together to make sure we get these kids to camp. The Camp Kemo Fundraiser Benefit Auction is today from 1-5. Ron and Tiny’s Shooter Party is in the back room. Get back there and get your t-shirt. After the benefit, one of the hottest bands coming on to the scene is Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band. They are one of the staff’s favorite groups. Just ask Shannon and Lulu how good they are! You will love the horns and the fun they bring to the home of the Fat Man – Big Day! The grill is open at 11AM – See you at Harold’s!


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Saturday SOS – The Place to be is Harold’s

Are you ready for Sea Cruz? Dino and Molly are back at Fat Harold’s this afternoon – Come out and see us! We will have the beer cold for you! The grill is open at 11 am – Come get that Cheeseburger or Bologna sandwich at the Shag City Grill.


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Friday at Harold’s – Come See Us!

It’s going to get crazy! Come out Coastline Crazies! Shag City Grill opens at 11 am!


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Fall Migration – SOS Schedule

Here it is – See you in September for SOS Fall Migration 2014 – Fat Harold’s is the place to be!
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Summer Travel Request #80

Have you seen this article on MapQuest?

Mapquest recently published

99 Summer Travel Quests

Look and see what NUMBER 80 on the list “Shag in North Myrtle Beach” – See the Article by Click here

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