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Corned-Beef-and-Cabbage-300x224It’s that time of the year again and Jack is in the kitchen with the Corned Beef and Cabbage and, yes, you get to eat it tonight! Compliments of The Fat Man himself! We’ve always served it up the Wednesday night before St. Patty’s so we can show our appreciation for your patronage, and this year will be no different. Come out and wine and dine and take a few whirls around the dance floor with us tonight! Dinner will be served sometime between 6pm and 7pm. It going to be real good so get here early. The club will open at 4pm so come on out and get tuned up. We’ll be seeing your Irish smiling eyes when you get here. Don’t forget the Benefit for Jeppy White on Thursday. Sissy Patti is coming in all the way from Charlotte to fix her award winning spaghetti for you. Dinner will start at 6pm. There will be a $10 admission with all proceeds going directly to Jeppy to help battle the bills of cancer. He hopes to be there and join CWB on stage at 8pm for a super show. It will be one of the last for CWB as The Craig Woolard Band before Craig and the band go on to bigger and better things. This will be one for the record books ladies and gentlemen. I can almost feel the tears in the beers right now. Please make an effort to be here and support Jeppy and his adorable wife Susan. This will be a farewell show for CWB at Fat Harold’s since the rolls are changing. SO BE HERE! We have some awesome silent auction items and there will also be a 50/50 drawing. If you have anything that you would like to donate for the silent auction please bring it by the club on Wednesday so that we can get it all together. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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palmetto-grooveWhat a weekend so far and we haven’t even knocked the dust off of it. The grill is open come get your burger now! DJ KJ (Ken Jones) is in the booth playing all of your special requests right NOW and PALMETTO GROOVE BAND cranks it up at 2pm. Please come out and show them the Fat Harold’s love. This is there first time here and we don’t want it to be their last, so come on out. They play until 6pm. DJ David Harris comes in at 2pm in the back room will play until 6pm. DJ Milton White starts at 6pm followed by DJ Jimmy Buffkin in the front room and at 8pm DJ Butch Halpin will entertain you in the back room. Got to work some now. See ya’ll in a little while. Love YOU, MEAN IT!

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harolds-cwbCome out tonite for a great time. The grill is open righ now and Jackie is cooking up a storm. Happy Hour is from 4 until 7pm. DJ Milton White starts it off with some sweet shaggin music at 7pm to lead off the evenings activities. Jeanette Stanley will teach you the newest Line Dances for FREE at 7pm. DJ David Harris will open the back room at 7pm and get the building real warm for a Heat Wave at 9pm when DJ Ray Scott brings on THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND. What a fun-filled night we have in store for you. Please join us! You’ll be glad you did. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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steve-owensIt’s the last official day of Mid-Winter Break. From the looks of it you have had a pretty large time. We are glad that you spent most of your time at The Fat Man’s House. We tried our best to make it a great weekend for you all! Those who like to just dance, those of you who like bands, those of you who like to drink, eat and just sit back and gaggled with your friends and those of you who like to watch our future grow with our wonderful dance “The Shag” in our youth. Great things are happening at Fat Harold’s and will continue to do so as long as we all shall live! Don’t listen to anything that doesn’t come out of our mouths for it may not be true. WE love you all, whether you don’t drink (maybe you can’t), whether you bitch all the time (maybe your bored) and whether you just don’t like us (maybe you have lost your ever loving …). We still love you and cater to you just like everyone else. There will always be complaints and criticism’s. Some we actually learn from and some that we dump way out in the beautiful ocean that attracts all of you to this area. We are HUMAN. We, make MISTAKES. BUT this weekend we’ve hit a home run. We want you to leave here with love in your hearts for The Gang at Fat Harolds, The Shag, North Myrtle Beach and all of the surrounding business establishments. Without YOU, there would be NO US! But before you pack up and head out we are opening at 11am so you can get that last bloody mary or blackened bologna sandwich. (We will fix to go orders so you can have one for the road)! IF you are not leaving please join us at 4pm for one of Beach Music’s newest stars, STEVE OWENS & Summertime. A crowd pleaser for sure. Steve once said to me, “If I can’t play live music, I’m not gonna play”! So come on out and listen to them play. You don’t get to hear them every weekend or every other weekend like you can some of the other bands so join us for some last minute FUN, FUN, FUN! Their music is sooooo shagable. Have I created at new word this am? Guess I better get my buttocks to work. See you in a minute. Love YOU, Mean IT! PS. There will be no cover charge today!

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jq-300x160It’s Coastline Time, but before they jump on the stage, Judy Duke has a Shag Workshop at 1oam that will last for 1 hour. The grill opens at 11am, so come and get you some comfort food before starting this long day that you have planned. Jim and the Boyz will hit the stage at 1pm and entertain you until 5pm. After that you are getting the best DJ’s this side of the Mississippi playing all of your favorites. This will be a Mid-Winter to remember. (For all of us!) 😉 We will see you when you get here. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Dancing for Dollars$$$$$$

jr shag teamJust added to Fat Harold’s Agenda for Mid-Winter SOS is something very exciting. On Saturday afternoon we are having an exhibition for Our Future! The Junior Dance Team will be on the floor at 3pm strutting their stuff and dancing for dollars. These very talented kids are trying to raise money for a couple of trips to be Ambassadors for that wonderful dance we call “The Shag”! This is a must see event! Bring cash cause you are going to see some stuff even you wish you could do! Many thanks to these kids who are keeping the tradition. Can’t wait and will see you there! They will be dancing during SEA CRUZ’S break. This is something else you don’t want to miss. Dino, Butch and Allie have got it going on!



harolds-cwbIt’s here! Are you ready to party. We are. The club opens at 11am. Come down and get some of those good ole blackened bologna sandwiches or cheeseburgers to get your day started. We have an array of DJ’s through out the day and at 9pm our good buddies CWB will hit the stage to entertain you. We just love The Craig Woolard Band and hope you will join in the fun! Get those SOS cards so you don’t have to pay a cover charge at any of the clubs on Main Street. Check out the calendar on the website for a line up of everything going on for the next 4 days. I will keep you posted the best that I can. Have a wonderful day and if you would like to made a donation for Jeppy White, the singing trombone player, who is beating Pancreatic Cancer please do so. Debbie Woolard or Craig will take the donations to them or you never know, Jeppy just might show up. Make checks out to Susan or Jeremy White. All donations will be greatly appreciated. Jeppy had no insurance at the beginning of this horrid ordeal and let’s just say if you ever have had something of this magnitude happen to you a little help goes a long way. Have a safe trip to the beach and we have the music and the libations ready! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Collard Greens, Blackeyes, Cornbread and Blackwater Rhythm and Blues!

blackwater-rbHAPPY NEW YEAR! We have the perfect hangover remedy for today. Let’s start with a delicious Bloody Mary, followed by some Chicken Bog, Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread, then grab a seat and get ready to hold on cause Blackwater Rhythm and Blues are hitting the stage at 1pm. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this band, you need to come on down. You will have a ball with these guys. They are awesome inside and out. They will start at 1pm. Lunch will be served at noon until it runs out. The grill will be open at 11am so you can start on those Bloodies and the Main will open at Noon. Your New Years Tickets will get you in for free but for those who didn’t participate in the package and want to come out and eat and listen to the band, you may do so for $5. We are starting the year out right and there will be so much more to come this year. The Fat Man appreciates you as well as all of his little workers. Sort of like Santa and the elves!!!!!! 😉 We hope to see each and every one of you in a short while and for those who have to get back home so they can work tomorrow, have a safe drive home. WE enjoyed having you and may your year be Blessed with love, happiness and prosperity. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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harolds-cwbThe grill opens at 11am so come on out and meet your best buddies for some lunch and libations. Happy Hour starts at 4pm and ends just in time for DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin to get you warmed up for The Craig Woolard Band also affectionately known as CWB. They get cranked up at 9pm. We are dedicating tonite to one of CWB’s cast of characters, Jeppy White, who has been battling Pancreatic Cancer. He is doing well but has some chemo to get through. If you would like to help him and his wonderful wife Susan with their considerable amount of growing bills you can make a check out to Jeppy White and give it to Craig or Debbie and they will see to it that it gets to Jeppy and Susan. What a wonderful way to end a year. Paying it forward to a talented musician with a smile as wide as the Mississippi River. It will be much appreciated, I know. Been there, done that. Just a different C-word. Along with DJ Jimmy Buffkin in the front room, DJ Milton White will be knocking it down in the back room. Let’s fill The Fat Man’s House with love and fun this evening. It don’t get no better than partying in The Fat Man’s House. “I’ve Got a Feeling That We’ll Be Seeing Each Other Again! 😉 Now it’s time to say goodbye to my rainy swamp and hit the road to the roaring waves. See you when you get here. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Steve-Owens-and-SummerTime-150x150The club opens at 11am for lunch! Come get you a bologna sandwich or one of those good ole cheeseburgers and a plate of fries to soak up last night and get you ready for tonite. Steve Owens and Summertime hit the stage at 9pm. Steve and the boys always have a smile on their faces that light up a room, not to mention the talent that graces the stage. A must see!!! DJ Milton White will be in the front room with the band and DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the back room for those that want to just “Shag”! All bars will be wide open for your drinking convenience. We are going to party hard and bring in 2014 with a bang. You are never promised tomorrow so why don’t we just dance and party tonight! Your love and allegiance are much appreciated, more than you will ever know. We hope we can be here for many more years to provide for you the best SHAG club on the planet! If you don’t have your tickets for the New Year’s Package come by or call today. We do have some. Please be safe in your travels to and from the beach. We want to see YOU! Got to head for the rolling waves. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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