spa-contest=labordayThe contest continues tonight. Come out and see the best of the best! But first, you have to come in at lunch (11am) and try out Jackie’s delicious Chicken Salad Plate. Chicken Salad, Potato Salad and Pasta Salad piled high on a bed of lettuce. This is good folks. Come early before she runs out! Don’t forget Sam and Lisa will be teaching a workshop on The Fat Man’s floor at 1pm. There will be 2 separate classes. One a 1pm and the other at 2pm. The first is Intermediate Together Steps and the second at 2pm will be Intermediate and Advanced Turns. $10 per person, per class. Come and get your shag on with one of my favorite Juniors shaggers from 25 years ago. I love you Sam West! We are hoping to get our hands on the old videos from when Sam, Matt, Little David, Lisa, Leslie, The Caruso boys and many others performed back in the 80’s at Harold’s Across the Street. Keep your fingers crossed and stayed tuned. I have them in my head but that won’t do any of you any good will it? Come out tonight and see some mighty fine dancing. DJ Butch Metcalf will be in the booth playing the music and Janet Harrold will be directing the contest. If you just don’t get in to contests and we know many of you don’t and would like to dance yourself all you have to do is head to the back room for libations with Mama Brenda and the excellent music of DJ Eddie Baker. We aim to please, something for everybody. Tomorrow night (Sunday) DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will bring on “Steve Owens and Summertime” at 9pm. Jimmy starts playing at 7pm so get here early for a table and a few cocktails and spins around the floor to set the mood. It’s going to be a FUN night. Hope to see you at The Fat Man’s House! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!



blackwater-rbThe club opens at 11am for lunch, then we are on our way to Happy Hour. Just when you think you’ve had enough, DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is going to strike up the music and Jeanette is going to invite you to the floor for Free Line Dance Lessons and at 9pm we have Blackwater Rhythm and Blues for your enjoyment. NO COVER. Just come and party. These guys have more energy than the bunny himself. They have established themselves in the Carolina’s as a premier Party Band. They play every song that you know the words to and if you don’t watch it, you’ll have a microphone in your face singing with them. Greg and Dale can be kind of sneaky! We welcome my hometown boyz to the stage at 9pm. Come show them some love cause they are gonna love all over you! That’s how we do it in the swamp! They have a great horn section and their vocals are gonna WOW you! We will see you tonite at The Fat Man’s House! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!



harolds-cwb1I would like to first Congratulate Craig and Debbie Woolard on 30 years of magic! Tonite is their anniversary party and everyone is invited. Be here! They start at 8 so don’t be late! The club will open today for lunch and Chef Jim is going to cook up some good vittles. Come by for some food, fun and libations. A lot of people don’t realize that the Grill Bar is a Full Service Bar. You want it, they got it! The rest of The Fun Team will be here tonite to make sure you don’t have to wait for a thing. Don’t we have the best bartenders? They don’t get enough praise and Thank You’s! WE, the whole crew at Fat Harold’s hope that you have an awesome Fourth of July celebration and we hope that you will spend most of it with us. Coming up this weekend is our Annual Fourth of July Shag Contest and yes there will be a DJ in the back room. DJ’s for the month should be posted by the end of the day. Tonite’s DJ who will be playing before, during (on breaks) and after CWB is DJ Ray Scott and playing in the back room is DJ Milton White. Be safe, keep those umbrella’s handy and have a terrific day. Love YOU, Mean IT!



But the BEER is ICE cold!!! Club opens at 4pm . Unless it Rains , then COASTLINE will be here 1 till 5!!
After party to follow with TRIXIE LaRUE, and the RED < HOT -!! Sounds of D.J. Jamming Jimmy B. SEE YOU THERE!!!!

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steve-owens-150x1501-150x150Good Day Friends! Today is going to be an awesome day. The grill will open at 11am with Big Ron cooking up his wonderful burgers and mixing his dangerous Bloody Mary’s! The other bars open at Noon and DJ’s “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin (front room) and Ray Scott (back room) start today’s Throw Down. Steve Owens and Summertime hit the stage at 1pm. If you haven’t seen this band you really need to come down, they are the bomb! Very entertaining! DJ’s Randall Hight (front room) and Jerry Munson (back room) will start their shows in the booths at 5pm. Congrats Jerry for being inducted into the DJ Hall of Fame last night! To round out the evenings activities DJ’s David Harris (front room) and Milton “The Shadow” White (back room) will shut this place down and I mean DOWN, starting at 9pm. FAT HAROLD’S BEACH CLUB is the place to be today, tonite and forever! Taking the day off in the swamp…Love YOU, Mean IT!

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fat haroldsSchedule for today’s events: Doors open at 11am. BBQ will start at 1pm, $5.00 donation; Steve Pethel and Band go on stage at 2pm and play until 4pm; Auction items and 50/50 drawing during the afternoon. Reunion attendees pick up wristband and nametag at 5pm; cocktails and horderves starting at 6pm; Prizes for some and a sharing of MOMENTS starting to follow. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be the DJ this evening! Come out and dance to Jimmy’s music. We hope you all can make it to Fat Harold’s today. We look forward to seeing you. NEXT WEEKEND: KEEPERS OF THE DANCE! Have a blessed day!

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It’s Friday!

ray-scottThe club opens at 4pm! Ray Scott is your DJ for the evening starting at 7pm. SEA CRUZ hits the stage at 9pm! Don’t forget Fat Harold’s Reunion and David Townsend Benefit, tomorrow. Doors open at 11am. Barbeque will be served at 1pm. Steve Pethel & Band plays a 2pm. Silent auction has changed to live auction during the afternoon. All former employees get a wrist band and name tag at front door so we know who you are and where you worked. Horderves, introductions and special surprise all start at 5pm! We hope you can be here!

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Jim Quick & Coastline, Tonite! 9pm

coastline-newIt’s cold outside…brrrrr! But it will be hot inside The Fat Man’s House tonite. Jim Quick and Coastline hit the stage at 9pm and it will get “HOT” up in the house tonite! Brenda opens the grill bar at 4pm, joined by Terry, Shannon and Debbie a little later. DJ “Jammin Jimmy” Buffkin will enter the booth at 7pm to play your kind of shaggin’ music until the band starts and then throughout the evening. It’s going to be a great night in OD tonite. Come join us! Signing out from the frozen swamp….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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quickA Tar Heel favorite, Jim Quick & Coastline will be appearing at Fat Harold’s on Friday night at 9pm. Come out and help them celebrate……..something! They are always celebrating……something!

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steve-owensIt’s Sunday and the last day of SOS Mid-Winter and WE ARE NOT through yet! The grill opens at 11am with Shannon Rogers and Pamalama cookin up some vittles. (OR you can head down to HOTOs) our sister club and grab you some KING TYRONE at noon. Then at 4pm be back here for the best new band in beach music, STEVE OWENS AND SUMMERTIME! They will play from 4pm until 8pm! Then we will be dancing, dancing, and dancing some more. I hope those of you who have tomorrow off will stay and play with us! Some of US, who haven’t played weekend might get to play with you a little bit! Harold, Joy, Shannon and Gary did a great job planning this weekend and you can give them an applaude but they couldn’t have done it alone, not without the wonderful staff working their fannies off, to make sure you were served as fast as possible. Our FUN TEAM is the BOMB! Just go to our website www.fatharolds.com to check out what DJ’s are playing today. I do this so that you will visit our website! The calendar is very informative IF I am told ahead of time what to put on it. I hope YOU ALL had and will still have a wonderful time at The Fat Man’s House and we invite you to come back anytime. Put your shoes on and visit anytime. Signing out from the swamp…..LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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