So It’s Already Fun Sunday!

It might be Fun Sunday but we have a great band for you too! Carolina Soul Band takes the stage at 1pm and will play until 5pm! Come have some fun with these guys. They are fabulous. Check our schedule in The Carefree Times or on our website www.fatharolds.com for the DJ schedule. It’s been fun so far, let’s keep on keeping on! We will see you Sunday with bells on. Love YOU, Mean IT!



The club opens today at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Today’s special is a Provolone Cheeseburger with grilled onions, mayo and slices of fresh tomato and basil served with FF, tea or soda! Happy Hour starts at 4pm. You know your gonna want one of the coldest beers on the beach when you come off of the beach. Not dressed to hang out in the club. No problem. DJ Milton White will be in the Parking Lot playing your favorites from 5 until 10pm and you can sit outside with him and drink all of the cold beer you can hold. The FUN TEAM will be on deck for your favorite libations and food all nite long while you are being entertained by THE CATALINA’S! Come out and welcome the Catalina’s to the stage and get you a bucket of beer from the Main bar (6 beers for 12.50), you do the math. Lynn Barker is back and several new members are making the Catalina’s one of the most sought after bands on the circuit today. You’ve got to come and hear SUMMERTIME IS CALLING ME, by the ones who wrote it. Let’s get together and play hard tonite. DJ Lanny Elmore is in the booth and DJ Jason Justice has a private birthday party in the back room. So let’s see how many people we can get packed into the building tonite. Got to hit the dusty, Love YOU, Mean IT!

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It’s the Parking Lot Party featuring JIM QUICK & COASTLINE and BLACKWATER RHYTHM & BLUES, today at 5pm! Our 4th of July GRAND FINALE! We hope you will come. The club will open at 4pm so come on out and bring your chairs, umbrellas and fans. We are gonna have a good ole time. Special Guests, THE CANINE ANGELS, will be here for you to meet and show you how much smarter they are than you!!! Just a little joke but these guys are very special to very, very special people! COLD BEER will be everywhere around the lot and for those of you who are hungry or want a mixed drink the club will be wide open! You know how cold the beer is in the grill bar!! So get yourselves ready for a very special party at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Nobody Throws a Party Like The Fat Man! Look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in a little while. Congratulations to all of the winners in our 4th of July Shag Contest and a very Special THANK YOU, to all of the participants, judges, DJ’s, and customers. We couldn’t have the contest without your support and THANK YOU JANET HARROLD for coordinating all of it! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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The Groovin Band is back – The 18th

July 18th – The Groovin Band is Back on Stagge at Fat Harold’s Beach Club



It’s here “Summertime”! Yes, Steve Owens and Summertime grace The Fat Man’s stage for the 1st time tonight at 9pm! This is one show you don’t want to miss. DJ Gary Bass will MC and play your favorite “Shag” tunes during the breaks. The Shag City Grill will open today at 11am for lunch. One of our new menu items will be featured as the Special for today: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with chips and pickle, tea or soda! Just $6.50, today only! Come in and chill out with the coldest beer on the beach. It’s going to be a hot one and we will have it COOL inside. The Fun Team directed by our leader Shannon, will make sure you have a pleasant evening. We have another band tomorrow night. GROOVIN is back and this is another got to see band if you haven’t yet! We don’t have bands all of the time but when we do, you can bet they are awesome! Don’t forget to put next Sunday, July 8, on your calendars. Parking LOT PARTY! More to come about this one! Guess it’s time to go see what’s waiting for me. LOVE you, MEAN it!

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Steve Owens and Summetime – Saturday Night

Coming to the Fat Man’s House
Saturday Night June 30th from 9-1
Steve Owens and Summertime


Contest Finals, Tonite!

You don’t want to miss this contest if you really like The Shag. I know you want to do it, not watch it! Well the back room is wide open with DJ Jay Nelms playing the best in shag music, while DJ Butch Meltcalf will play the front room for the Contest. Please join us at Fat Harold’s for The Keepers of the Dance! The Shag City Grill opens at 11am. Fish Sandwich with Potato Salad or Chips will be served for today’s special. The Fun Team led by Shannon will serve you this evening during the contest and beyond. We hope you have a wonderful, complaint free and fun evening! Don’t forget, THE BAND OF OZ, tomorrow at 2pm! Be here! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Keepers of the Dance Contest, Tonite!

Come out and see these wonderful dancers! The cream of the crop and dancing for a great cause! There is a $5 cover will all proceeds going to The Shaggers Hall of Fame! The kids are dancing too! DJ’s Butch Metcalf (front room) and Milton White (back room). If you are not interested in the contest you can always go to the back room and “Just Dance”! It’s pork chop day in The Shag City Grill starting at 11am and don’t forget Happy Hour at 4pm! We are ready for the weekend! Are YOU? See you when you get here! Oh yes, don’t forget The Band of Oz on Sunday! Gosh, we are going to have such a great weekend. Be safe in your travels and Love YOU, Mean IT!


Come Get a Hotdog Tonite, for FREE!

Come eat Hotdogs tonite and dance and toddy a bit. It’s just a pre-weekend warmup party! There’s always a party at Fat Harold’s! Lulu’s cooking Roast with rice and gravy, Collards, Cornbread and tea or soda in The Shag City Grill today. Sounds like a great place to be at lunch. Hope she doesn’t run out to early. lol Happy Hour is 4 until 7. Shannon, Debbie and Sean are your entertainers tonite with DJ Milton White in “The Booth”! Come on out! Don’t forget Carolina Breakers in the house, Friday nite at 9pm. Come get your groove on. CWB on Sunday afternoon! Pre Cruise Party! Got to go to work now, Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Carolina Breakers – Friday the 20th

Carolina Breakers take the stage at Fat Harold’s Beach Club on Friday Night the 20th of January – The start at 9PM.

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