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It’s The Weekend at The House That Harold Built!

FAT HAROLDS PHOTOHappy Day, Happy Day! It’s going to be a GREAT Weekend. When you get hot and thirsty, Fat Harold’s is the place to be! If you’re not hot come on in and work up a sweat on the dance floor. We are going to get the weekend started at 1pm today. The Shag City Grill will be open for the best burgers, FF and Bologna on the beach. Happy Hour starts and 4pm and lasts until 7pm daily. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be entertaining you from the booth this evening. He’s got more music than Carter has Liver Pills. Just ask him and he will play it for you! The Fun Team will be mixing up their cold concoctions and slinging the brews! Saturday, we open at 1pm in The Shag City Grill as well. Happy Hour 4 until 7pm and then DJ Al Trice will be in the booth playing your favorites. Al is our newest DJ. Come out and check him out and let us know what you think! Sunday the club opens at 4pm with Happy Hour. DJ Ethel will be providing the music. When you get hot and can’t take it on the beach anymore you are always welcome to come and cool off at Fat Harold’s. These new air conditioners are pumping! Bring the Grandparents, bring the kids and come and visit the best museum of Shag collectibles that the Fat Man has left behind for you to see. The pictures speak volumes of how our state dance and the people have evolved over time. A legacy of pure LOVE left behind by the finest Man I ever knew (with the exception of my Daddy of course). A must visit place while you are on the Grand Strand. Hope to see you around and about this weekend! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOWe open at 4pm and we have FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS at 7pm! Happy starts and 4pm and ends at 7pm! DJ Milton “The Shadow” White will be in the booth playing your favorites Shag Tunes. Come on down and have some Fun with us tonight! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Judy Duke Shag Lessons Tonight!

SHAGGood Monday Morning to ya! We are on the count down to SOS so you need to come in and let Judy freshen up those steps so you can shine during SOS! She starts her classes at 7pm. $10 per person. Also check out the calendar to see what days she is teaching workshops during SOS. We had a wonderful Shag Contest this weekend. Thanks to all the workers, especially Janet Harrold for taking time to make this so successful. Thanks to the dancers and all of our valuable customers who made this an awesome event. You don’t know how much we do love you and how much we appreciate you. The staff will always love you. Mama Brenda will unlock the doors today at 4pm for Happy Hour so come and join us a little early and get your joints limbered up for the lessons. Also the DJ for tonite is NEW. Come and listen to the tunes of DJ Miss Ethel. She is awesome. She has got anything you want to hear. Just test her. She is here to stay so if she hasn’t got it, we can get it. lol Have a wonderful Labor Day off. I’m jealous! But you have to make the hay while the sun is shining. Right? Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Saturday Heat!!!!!

SHAGHello all you party people!!! Club opens today at 11 am. to get your grub on!!! The main room opening at 5pm to get your SHAG ON !!!! Jammin” Jimmy B. in the booth with all of the greatest shag tunes to get you on the floor!!!! Because, we know you love the music,the dance, and the great history of it all!!!! Sooooo, you bring your feet, and we’ll bring the heat:)

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Living for the Weekend!

happy thursday thirstyIt’s Thursday and almost time for a very large weekend. We open today at 4pm with Happy Hour from 4 until 7pm. Jeanette Stanley teaches FREE Line Dance Lessons at 7 for about an hour and then it’s time for Throwdown Thursday with DJ Milton White. Come on down and see how many beers or cocktails you can “Throwdown” or get on the dance floor and “Throwdown” or if you are hungry stop at the Shag City Grill and “Throwdown on a Hotdog or 12. Whatever suits your pleasure is right inside the doors of The Fat Man’s House. We will see you when you get here and we hope you come early and stay late. It’s almost Friday get an early start on your weekend with us. This weekend is Living Legends weekend. You never know who you might run into from “The Shag World” this weekend. Come out and see some great dancing by some of the ones who helped create, recreate or just said they could. lol DJ’s for the weekend are DJ Ken Jones, DJ Gary Bass, and DJ Jerry Burrage! It’s going to be one heck of a weekend so pack some clothes or just your shoes and head down to the shore to play with us. Love YOU, Mean IT!


HEY !!!! YOU!!!!!

Lets-ShagClub openings at 4pm today. It’s Tuesday people!!! Free SHAG intruction tonight at 7pm with Jeppy ! After you slide on the floor , Shag on up to the bar,and see Terry!!! She will make you an ice cold adult beverage. Repeat 5x’s [HELLO}:} Or you get a little rumple in your tummy. Go see Jim at the Shag City Grill for some of the best pub grub on the beach!!!! D.J. Milton “THE SHADOW” White here tonight with some of the best R and B you’ve ever heard!!! Come on !!! HAVE FUN!!!

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fatdaddy laughing
Monday 7pm Shag lessons with Judy Duke
Thursday Free Line Dance Lessons 7pm
C.W.B. 8pm
David HEY BOY Harris in the BACK YARD 7pm
Friday YOUR BEACH MUSIC.COM Party in the Back Room 5pm
With Ray Scott and Joey “Velvet” Warren.
Saturday Palmetto Groove band 2 till 6pm
SEA CRUZ, and Great artists stopping in.
WHAT A FUN WEEK FOR YOU!!! Brought to you by Fat Harold ,and the Fun Team!!!! YOU KNOW WE LOVE YA;}
No Cover Monday through Saturday. Sunday is donations for Hall of Fame Foundation.


What A BLAST!!!!

Club opens today at 11am to get You Jump Started for the day!!!! Lunch Specials Daily with grill master Jim!!!! Grab a quick bite. Main Room opens at 5pm with our own Gary Bass in the booth at 7pm tonight!!!!! Mama Brenda in the back room tonight!!!! ALL BARS OPEN!!! FAT MAN’S HOUSE IS ROCKIN!!!!!


Sunday Swagger!!!!!

Red , Hot, R and B. Sunday with Jammin’ JImmy B., and starring Trixie LuRue!!!! Club opens at 4pm. Happy Hour 4pm till 7pm!!! Jimmy will pay all your tunes!!! To make sure you have a great time here at Fat Harolds Beach Club. We are the HOME OF THE SHAG!!!!!! Congratulations to all those Seniors!!!!



Club opens at 4pm. Happy hour 4pm till 7pm. 7pm J-Net will teach the new line dance CREEPIN’ this is going to be a big one!!! Don’t get left behind. Be the first to jump in the line. Grill opens at 6pm. MMMMM GOOD !!!

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