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weekend babyFriday is finally here and that means a fun-filled weekend at the Fat Man’s House!  Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  Come on by this afternoon to get  you somethin’ good to eat at the Grill and plan your weekend.

Sand Flea Living Legends party and inductions are here this weekend and we’re expectin’ a lot of folks to come onto the beach for this annual event.  Congratulations to ALL incomin’ inductees and we’re proud to host your event.  The party will be held in the Back Room Friday and Saturday night with DJ Little Tommy Hamrick both nights.

Tonight we have DJ David Harris playin’ your favorite beach music in the Front Room.  Music starts at 7.  Dj Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth on Saturday night.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, too!  If Mom likes to dance, bring her to Fat Harold’s Beach Club both nights and keep her on the dance floor.  Mom’s are special and we LOVE to see ’em havin’ a good time.  It’s gonna be a great weekend…Hug a Mother!

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jeanette stanleyClub and Shag City Grill open today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  Then it’s time to line ’em up with FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS with instructor Jeanette Stanley.  Somethin’ new comin’ at ‘ya tonight…Here’s Jeanette’s shout out for tonight:  “Fat Harold’s Free Line Dance class tonight!!! Got another new dance tonight 🙂 Come out a little early and get some warm up dances in, then plan to stick around when DJ David Harris takes over playing all our favorites! Hope to see ya there!!!”

There will be plenty of shag dance music after class along with a good mix for line dancin’.  Come on out and play at the Fat Man’s House!

We’d also like to wish a great BIG Happy Birthday to our boss, Mr. Harold Worley!  He likes CAKE!  He’s a keeper.

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CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERWednesday is a special day at the Fat Man’s House…It’s CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY…HAPPY HOUR from open to close!  Our day to show YOU how much we appreciate ‘ya!

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 and the HAPPY HOUR begins.  We’ll have a LIVE REMOTE  with 94.9 The Surf pairin’ the Surf’s DJ Jason Justice with our DJ Jimmy Buffkin startin’ at 7.  If you can’t be here in person you can be here in spirit via FM 94.9 and be a part of the good times on Wednesdays.  These two DJs have a lot of fun and so do our customers.  Come early..stay late…and dance the night away!

Let the good times roll at Fat Harold’s Beach Club.  Your FUN TEAM is always ready to help out.  We LOVE our customers!

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jeppy classThe summer season is here and it’s time to learn our state dance, the SHAG, if you’ve been puttin’ it off.  What have you got to lose?  It’s FREE!  Get outta that bar chair and hit the dance floor for years of fun and meetin’ new friends.  Join Instructor Jeppy McDowell tonight at 7  and learn the basics, along with a little history on our dance.  Ocean Drive has survived thanks to the shag and the wonderful folks it brings to our beautiful beach.

Come a early for HAPPY  HOUR from 4 to 7, meet your classmates and partake of some liquid courage.  Jeppy makes it easy to get started on a future of FUN!

Club opens today at 4 and after class DJ Jay Kinlaw will be on hand playin’ some mighty fine beach music for everybody to dance to.

Get in the groove at Fat Harold’s…the place on the beach for good times!

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Make MondJUDY DUKEay a HAPPY DAY!  Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.

Judy Duke and her crew will be on hand at 7 for Beginner through Advanced shag lessons.  $10 per person, no partner required.  Come on down and rev up your dance floor presence.  Get here a little early to make sure you get into the best class for YOU!

Congratulations to all of those getting the phone call for induction into this year’s Sand Flea Living Legends.  We’re lookin’ forward to a lot of smilin’ faces this comin’ weekend.


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friday 1Weekend’s here and we’re ready to roll!  Yeah, Baby!  Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.

Join us at 7 tonight when we’ll have both rooms rockin’. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playin’ your favorite beach music in the Front Room and DJ Eddie Anderson will be takin’ you back with nothin’ but the old R&B in the Back Room.

Gonna be a good day to stop in at the Grill for somethin’ good to eat and somethin’ cold to drink.  Can’t beat our baloney sammich…Try it…You’ll like it!

Saturday night we’ll be hostin’ the “After Party” for Ocean Drive’s first Beach Music Festival.  Come on out and join the fun with DJ Johnny B.  It’s gonna be a GREAT weekend and we hope you’ll be  a part of it. 🙂

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jeanette stanleyThis week is flyin’!  Thursday is already here and it’s time for some line dancin’!  Join instructor Jeanette Stanley tonight for FREE lessons and FREE fun!  Here’s Jeanette’s take on tonight:  “SOS is over and it’s time for the Fat Harold’s Line Dancers to hit the floor again! If you have never come out, this is a FREE class, so it’s time to join us for a night of dancing fun. Although a little tired, our barstaff will help you out with a little liquid courage if needed or grab a bite to eat. We will get in a few warm ups before class begins and after class, we continue as along as our feet hold out. DJ David Harris will keep us dancing to all our favorites. Hope to see you there “.  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  Jeanette’s line dance class starts at 7 but come a little early and meet your classmates.  DJ David Harris will be in the booth after class playin’ a good mix of line and shag dance music.

Big weekend comin’ up and we’ll have both rooms open on Friday and Saturday night.  The first annual Ocean Drive Beach Music Festival  is Saturday with an after-party here at the Fat Man’s with DJ Johnny B.  Come one, come all..Good times ahead!

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CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERNever-ending HAPPY HOUR from 4 til close!  Wednesday is YOUR day at Fat Harold’s Beach Club!

Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 and HAPPY HOUR starts and doesn’t end til we cut off the lights.  DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth playin’ your favorite beach music, along with the 94.9 The Surf’s LIVE REMOTE with Jason Justice.

Bring your friends…Or come on out and make some NEW friends.  Nothin’ but good times at the Fat Man’s House!

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jeppy classTime to dust off your britches and learn our state dance, the SHAG!  FREE lessons tonight at 7 with instructor Jeppy McDowell.  Learn your basic shag steps along with a little history about the dance we love so much.  No partner required and it’s FREE!  Come a little early for HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7 and meet your classmates.  Walk-ins welcome!

Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playin’ your favorite beach music after the shag lessons.  Come on out and let’s have some fun!

Happy Birthday to our Lulu today!

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JUDY DUKE Another SOS in the books! Thank you to everyone who passed through our doors the past 10 days and gave us another good’un! Your FUN TEAM is worn out, but feelin’ blessed. YOU are what make Fat Harold’s a success!

Back to reality….Join us tonight for Judy Duke’s beginner through advanced shag lessons.  Judy and her team of helpers will be on hand at 7 to get you started with our state dance, the SHAG…or teach you some new steps and dance floor presence.  $10 per person, no partner required.

Club opens at 4 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  Come early and sign up to get into the right class for YOU!  Bring your friends or meet some new ones.  We want to be your happy place.

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