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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOHow is everyone this morning. Hopefully everyone is feeling somewhat back to normal. We open today at 4pm for Happy Hour. We have Free Shag Lessons at 7pm followed by a Shag Contest. We are starting tonight, sort of informally. With SOS going on there hasn’t been much time for me to get a flyer posted. It will start around 9pm and anyone can enter. It will run for 8 weeks. There will be a nightly winner chosen by crowd applause. So if you want to win, you better bring your crowd with you. The winner will qualify for the big Contest at the end of the 8 week run. Jeppy McDowell will be your host and it is Sponsored by The Clothes Center right here in North Myrtle Beach across from the club. If you would like to be a sponsor contact Jeppy or Lulu and we will get you included. tONIGHT’S DJ: KITTY EARLES. We are going to start out small and end up BIG! Come out and join us. Sounds like fun doesn’t it. It will be. We promise. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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2015 Fat Harolds CSAHappy Labor Day Weekend! We hope you will stop by this weekend and enjoy our Labor Day Shag Contest. This is something that was started years ago and The Fat Man wanted it to continue. The only difference is it is CSA! Lil’ Tommy Hamrick will be in the booth for the contest. Good Music, Good Shag! Come down and support our “Shag”! Contest starts at 9pm Friday and Saturday nights! Don’t want to watch? You want to dance? OK!!!! The back room will be open and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be back there Friday night and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be back there Saturday! See, we can make everybody “Happy”! Let us all have a safe and wonderful Holiday Weekend! Don’t forget, HOTO’s, Last day in history, Monday, Sept 7. Who’s playing??? Jim Quick, King Tyrone, Coastline!!! This will be a weekend for the books! Please say a little prayer for all of our friends working at Hoto’s, that they will find another job. It will never be the same family but God will provide! We love you bunches from The Fun Team! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning Ocean Drive!! Looks like you are alive! It’s July 4th Weekend and we invite you to Fat Harold’s Beach Club, the “Shag” Mecca of the world! Friday’s are a blast at Fat Harolds. The Shag City Grill opens at 1pm and Happy Hour starts at 4pm. Get your shoes shined up and come and dance to the music of DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris tonight at 7pm. If he doesn’t fill the floor up all night just let me know. I’ll get him a good spanking by 6 foot tall gorilla wearing a tutu! This is our first 4th without The Fat Man and he did love the 4th of July. Come out and make him proud. Saturday, The Shag City Grill will open at 1pm and we will have Happy Hour at 4pm, just like we do every day. Get yourselves lubed up for the fireworks then come back and participate or watch the Mixed Doubles Contest, a tribute contest to Our Beloved Fat Man! If you don’t care about watching or participating you can go to the back room and harass Mama Brenda and dance like Nobody’s Watching! There is NO COVER CHARGE and NO ENTRY FEE for the Contest. It’s gonna be a good one. Brother Jerry and Jammin Jimmy and who knows who else will be in the house laying down some music. It’s the 4th of July, you are supposed to celebrate our FREEDOM, while we still have some left! I bet Harold will gather up George, Thomas and the boys and say “Grab a Miller Lite and come over here. I want you to see how my people celebrate our Independence. If not for you boys, they wouldn’t have ever been able to do the “Shag”! On Sunday, we will open at 4pm for Happy Hour and Terry will have a surprise for you when she gets in! Come see what it is! I guess it’s time to go make some doughnuts and sprinkle them with glitter! May you always have shells in your pockets and sand in your shoes! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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halloween ripIt’s Friday! Woo Hoo! Happy Halloween! You don’t want to miss the festivities at The Fat Man’s House of Fright, Tonight! We are going to get started by opening the Shag City Grill at 11am and start drinking, eating and shagging! Contest will be during the evening and DJ Kitty Earles will be our DJ for the evening. Come out and play with us. If nothing else please come and see how the girls have decorated this year! It looks so good! Lots of good things come out of a vacation! Just ask them, they will tell you! Go to go to work! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Junior SOS

MONDAY……Shag Lessons with Judy Duke. 7PM. $10 DJ Kitty Earles
TUESDAY…..Shag Lessons with Jeppy and Nikki. FREE DJ Jimmy Buffkin JUNIOR SOS
WEDNESDAY…CUSTOMER APPECIATION! Happy Hour prices for your drinking pleasure. DJ David Harris JUNIOR SOS
THURSDAY….FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS with Jeanette Stanley. 7pm DJ Jimmy Buffkin JUNIOR SOS
SATURDAY….Grill opens at 11am. Junior Hot Dog Social in Back Room. JUNIOR MIXED DOUBLES (HANDICAPPED) 2:30 UNTIL
DJ Larry Edwards. Saturday night DJ GARY BASS
SUNDAY……Gospel Brunch for Juniors sponsored by OD Shag Club. 10AM. Sunday night DJ Jimmy Buffkin

Happy Hour Daily from 4pm until 7pm. Grill opens Friday and Saturday at 11am. Come and join us for a week of Shagging and watch our future grow. They are amazing! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!



Mixed Doubles Shag Contest – November 30th

Dance that Turkey Off again this year at the Mixed Doubles Shag Contest at Fat Harold’s on November 30th



Fat Harold would like to ….

send a SALUTE to our Nations Armed Forces!!!! Fat Harold and the staff would like to take this day , and remember our Service Men, and Women Lost, Veterans, Active Duty Service Personal, and their Families… We hope all had a safe, and great weekend!!!! Club opens at 4pm today, Judy will not have lessions tonight. Free Shag Class on Tuesday!!! Fat Harold sends congratulations to all Grand National Winners!!! GOOD JOB PEOPLE!!!



But the BEER is ICE cold!!! Club opens at 4pm . Unless it Rains , then COASTLINE will be here 1 till 5!!
After party to follow with TRIXIE LaRUE, and the RED < HOT -!! Sounds of D.J. Jamming Jimmy B. SEE YOU THERE!!!!

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keepers-promoWe’ll be open at 11am today! Yes, lunch will be served and then you can take a few whirls around the dance floor it there is any wood left on it. I hear they burnt it up last night! They will for sure finish if off tonite. For a seat you better get here early! Like 6 o’clock?? DJ Tommy Hamrick is playing the front room for the contest and DJ Betty “Wear them Down” Brown is in the back room. If you want to dance a few yourselves and then watch a little contest and then dance a little more, it can be done right here at Fat Harold’s! Prizes will be awarded to winners immediately after the contest. If you would like to see the recipients of former KEEPER’s inductees just go to The KEEPERS Corner, located in the back room of the club. These kids, which I can affectionately call them, cause they were some of the first Juniors to dance competively, and I just happened to be around, are our KEEPER’s of OUR Dance, THE SHAG! If you want to see some incredible dancing make sure you come out to FAT HAROLD’S tonite! This is one Contest you really don’t want to miss. See you on the dance floor a little bit later today!

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