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From all of us, to all of YOU! Come join us for some Boo’z and Blue’z! Wear your best costume or come as you are, NO one will be turned away from the bar! Shannon and Debbie will serve you the drinks and DJ Lanny will play what he thinks! Prizes and contests will be so much fun and if the “Shadow Shaggers” come out, please do not run! They are here for the party just as you are and your only protection will come from the bar! We have Buckets and Bloody’s and drinks all night long and don’t be afraid to ask Lanny for a song. So get in those costumes and come around 7, to dance, play and drink with your brethren! Spend your SHAG-O-WEEN with us! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Fat Harold’s 4th of July SPA Shag Contest

It’s Friday and time for a HUGE weekend at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! We’ll start off by opening the club at 11am for Lunch with Lulu and it’s Pork Chop Day! The floors will be open for practice all day long. Happy Hour at 4pm until 7 pm featuring DJ Milton “The Shadow” White in the Parking Lot until 10pm. The Contest starts around 8pm. Get here early for a good seat. Guest DJ Butch Metcalf plays the front room for the contest and DJ Jay “Dawg” Nelms will crank up the back room for those who just want to dance. This is a very large contest and you will see some of the very best dancers out there. Amatuers and Seniors will dance tonite. FUN, FUN, FUN for everyone. There will be a JR. Exhibition too! Let’s keep OUR DANCE ALIVE! Come to Fat Harold’s tonite. Don’t forget tomorrow nite will be the finales featuring the Novice and Pros! Then to cap the weekend off we are having a FREE Concert in the Parking LOT. Jim Quick and Coastline and Black Water Rhythm and Blues will show you their stuff and you can meet The Canine Angels. You can’t stand it can you? You’ve got to get to the beach, to Fat Harold’s cause NOBODY Throws a Party like The Fatman! Have a wonderful day, stay cool, stay safe and we WILL see you sometime today. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


SEA CRUZ at The Fat Man’s House!

There is nothing like a Saturday at The Fat Man’s House. It’s so much fun, especially during SOS! His good buddies, Dino, Butch and their new addition Miss Allie (SEA CRUZ) will take to the stage at 1pm! Talented, vibrant, funny, and down right good people, this trio will certainly steal your hearts. We LOVE them and if you have never seen Allie, who took our dear Molly’s place, well you don’t want to miss this show. All bars will be open for your convenience! The Shag City Grill opens at 11am serving the best burgers in town along with that giant bologna sandwich that most people just can’t get enough of! The Fat Man is going to make appearances on a daily basis. YOU can BUY his book – Fat Harold- Legendary King of Shag…at several places on Main Street and he is going to have a daily book signing from 6pm until 7pm! We the staff at Fat Harold’s, welcome you with open arms to 2012 Spring Safari. We’ll see you at 1pm for SEA CRUZ and a wonderful list of DJ’s. For a lineup of what is Shaking our Shack this week just log on to www.fatharolds.com. See ya in a minute. Love YOU, and MEAN it!


Contest Finals, Tonite!

You don’t want to miss this contest if you really like The Shag. I know you want to do it, not watch it! Well the back room is wide open with DJ Jay Nelms playing the best in shag music, while DJ Butch Meltcalf will play the front room for the Contest. Please join us at Fat Harold’s for The Keepers of the Dance! The Shag City Grill opens at 11am. Fish Sandwich with Potato Salad or Chips will be served for today’s special. The Fun Team led by Shannon will serve you this evening during the contest and beyond. We hope you have a wonderful, complaint free and fun evening! Don’t forget, THE BAND OF OZ, tomorrow at 2pm! Be here! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Keepers of the Dance Contest, Tonite!

Come out and see these wonderful dancers! The cream of the crop and dancing for a great cause! There is a $5 cover will all proceeds going to The Shaggers Hall of Fame! The kids are dancing too! DJ’s Butch Metcalf (front room) and Milton White (back room). If you are not interested in the contest you can always go to the back room and “Just Dance”! It’s pork chop day in The Shag City Grill starting at 11am and don’t forget Happy Hour at 4pm! We are ready for the weekend! Are YOU? See you when you get here! Oh yes, don’t forget The Band of Oz on Sunday! Gosh, we are going to have such a great weekend. Be safe in your travels and Love YOU, Mean IT!


The Tuesday Before!

Twas the day before the Customer Appreciation Christmas Party and all through OD, there are people looking for tickets or maybe three! We are sorry to say, there aren’t any more. But you can still come and party, when we open the door. It’s free to see SEA CRUZ at the 8 o’clock hour! Hope to see you before, during and after! Terry opens the bar today at 4pm, Jeppy teaches lessons at 7pm and DJ Ray Scott is in “The Booth”! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Sandra Schwartz and Dewey Kennedy Mixed Doubles, TONITE!

It’s finally here! Sandra and Dewey’s Mixed Doubles! These two were characters and some of the best Dancers in the whole wide world. We love and miss them dearly in our Shag Family. Please come out this evening and “Dance” or “Just Watch” in their rememberence! This is going to be the contest of all contests! Sign up is 7pm and the contest will start around 9pm. Butch Metcalf will be your DJ for this event and for those of you who do not care to watch or just want to dance the night away yourselves, DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the back room! The club OPENS today at 11 am! Guess what? We have Turkey, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches, Turkey and rice soup, tea or soda for Lunch with Lulu today! Shannon, Debbie, Terry, Brenda, and Pam will be at your service this evening! Sure hope we made your plans list for some point in the day! Love YOU, Mean IT!



We hope not, cause Lulu is fixing up those tasty Pork Chops in The Shag City Grill today. Please don’t forget about The Sandra Schwartz and Dewey Kennedy Mixed Doubles on Saturday Night! This is surely going to be one of the most talked about contests of the decade! JUST DANCE, ain’t that what the song says??? We going to open up at 11am today and like I said we’ll have some pork chops and when you get tired of all that shopping we’ll have some cold beer or cocktails! The rest of The Fun Team led by our fearless leader “Shannon”, comes on around 6pm for an evening of fun and dancing! DJ Lanny Elmore (front room) and DJ Milton “The Shadow” White (back room) will “Shake this Shack, TONITE! We hope to see you in a minute and as always, LOVE you, MEAN it!


It’s Cold Outside!

But it’s toasty inside of Fat Harold’s Beach Club! It’s Pork Chop day in the grill. Served with smashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cornbread and tea or soda! Have lunch with us today! Happy Hour begins at 4pm and lasts until 7pm. Shannon, Debbie, Justin, Brenda and Sean will be your hosts and hostesses this evening. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin (front room) and DJ Jim Rose (back room) will provide the dancing music tonite. We would like to send out a big WELCOME to all of the “Cruisers” coming to the beach this weekend. Come down and see their classic cars. There’s gonna be some nice ones. Too Much Sylvia is Saturday NITE. Don’t forget….this band is awesome. See ya in a minute. Love YOU, Mean IT!


Monday’s Child, Mama Brenda!

Mama Brenda opens the club at 4pm and the week begins. What a week this is going to be. CBMA’s entertainment starts on Wednesday. This is the live music makers week to Shine and that is an understatement. We have a great line up for you starting Wednesday with Daddy Bo and The Fantastic Shakers. Gonna be a good week. Judy Duke has her Shag Lessons tonite, starting at 7pm. The Cost? $10 She is a wonderful teacher and you will know your stuff when she’s finished with you. Come by and have a cocktail, dance a little bit, take a lesson or just sit and watch. You are always welcome at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! Love You, Mean IT!

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