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Thursday at Fat Harold’s – The Embers

Whoo – What a Party yesterday and Last Night – Guess What! It happens again at the home of the Fat Man – Come out and see The Embers featuring Craig Woolard — That’s Right! It shouldn’t be news to you, but just in case you have been under a rock for the last few weeks. Craig is Back with The Embers! It is a show not to miss. Great Lineup of DJs and Shag Club Events are also happening today. Come see us at Fat Harold’s Beach Club today!



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Craig Woolard Band – SOS Thursday the 19th

Craig Woolard Band at 1PM – Fall Migration SOS on Thursday – September 19th
Fat Harold’s Beach Club

See our Fall SOS schedule

events, updates

CWB – SOS at Fat Harold’s

The Craig Woolard Band plays during SOS at Fat Harold’s on Thursday September 23rd from 1-5pm.
Fore more events scheduled at Harold’s – Check Fat Harold’s Beach Club Calendar