harolds-cwb1I would like to first Congratulate Craig and Debbie Woolard on 30 years of magic! Tonite is their anniversary party and everyone is invited. Be here! They start at 8 so don’t be late! The club will open today for lunch and Chef Jim is going to cook up some good vittles. Come by for some food, fun and libations. A lot of people don’t realize that the Grill Bar is a Full Service Bar. You want it, they got it! The rest of The Fun Team will be here tonite to make sure you don’t have to wait for a thing. Don’t we have the best bartenders? They don’t get enough praise and Thank You’s! WE, the whole crew at Fat Harold’s hope that you have an awesome Fourth of July celebration and we hope that you will spend most of it with us. Coming up this weekend is our Annual Fourth of July Shag Contest and yes there will be a DJ in the back room. DJ’s for the month should be posted by the end of the day. Tonite’s DJ who will be playing before, during (on breaks) and after CWB is DJ Ray Scott and playing in the back room is DJ Milton White. Be safe, keep those umbrella’s handy and have a terrific day. Love YOU, Mean IT!



fat harold 2It’s the week of the Fourth of July. It’s been raining to end and you think your vacation is the pits. Well, do we have something for you. TONITE at Fat Harold’s Beach Club at 7pm, we are going to teach you to SHAG, for FREE! Yes, at 7pm, Jeppy and Miss Nikki are going to teach you our state dance and you are going to like it. As a matter of fact you will fall in love with it. It’s smoothness and gracefulness will take you many generations back to those of your parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. Everyone is welcome to come and give it your best shot. Speaking of shots, I bet they will have some of them behind the bar and the air will be filled with the aroma of the BEST Hamburgers on this beach. We will open today at 4pm so get your group together or come by yourself. You don’t need a partner to learn and you will get to dance all night long to the music of DJ Ray Scott of yourbeachmusic.com and he’s one of our longest playing house DJ’s. You will have the time of your life and take home something to remember. “The Shag and Fat Harold’s Beach Club.” While you are here pick up one of Fat Harold’s Books, a t-shirt, a hat or one of The Fat Man’s signature bottles of wine. We hope you have a wonderful time with our Fat Harold’s Family and come back to see us on a regular basis. Don’t forget to put tomorrow on your calendar too. The Craig Woolard Band will be on stage at 8pm. They are one of the South’s best Beach, Boogie and Blues Bands. Come and listen to Craig and his boys do their magic and might I say “Magic” it is! So have a happy day, come eat, drink and be merry with us while you wait to take your shag lessons. May you always have shells in your pockets and sand in YOUR Shoes. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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cwb-newMid-Winter is here, literally, at the beach and in the western part of our states. Get in those cars and get down here NOW. NO SNOW, there’s a party at the beach and a little bit of snow is not going to stop me. Say this over and over and over again! OKAY now that’s done! The club opens at 11am. Lunch will be served. By 6pm all bars will be manned and the PARTY is ON. Your DJ’s for the day are as follows, Jimmy Buffkin, Milton White, Ray Scott and David Harris! Go to the website www.fatharolds.com and click on the calendar to see what times they play! CWB hits the stage at 9pm and for four hours you will here one of the tightest bands on the beach music circuit. Man they can really put on a show! Love, love, love them! So get it together, get here for the BEST SOS MID-WINTER PARTY on the PLANET! We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. Signing out from the swamp….Love YOU, MEAN IT!

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The Craig Woolard Band Tonite!

Come join us tonite for some CWB! They are hitting the stage at 9pm. We are also having a Memorial Fundraiser for Billy Scott. DJ’s Gary Bass and Ray Scott will be Emceeing this event. DJ Butch Metcalf will be your DJ for the evening. All bars will be open for your convenience. The Fun Team is ready for a Fun Weekend. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm. Don’t forget tomorrow is The Sandra Schwartz and Dewey Kennedy Mixed Doubles and a little something extra at 7pm. You might want to get here early cause this should be fun. So come on out and Shag some of that Turkey and Dressing off! Hope to see you soon! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Good Morning from Ocean Drive! We have a lot of things coming up for you on this holiday weekend but first we will start with tonite. Jeppy McDowell teaches FREE Shag Lessons at 7pm and DJ Ray Scott will be in the booth, playing the finest beach music in the world. We are open at 4pm today, tomorrow and 6pm on Thanksgiving! friday we have The Craig Woolard Band and a Memorial Fundraiser for Our Friend, the Late, Great Billy Scott! Get the FEVER and come on down to Fat Harold’s and help out. Gail, his wife, has been left with all of these bills and we can help her. Can’t we? DJ Gary Bass and DJ Ray Scott will Emcee the show and Craig and his boys will put on a killer show, as they always do! Saturday is The Sandra Schwartz and Dewey Kennedy Mixed Doubles Shag Contest. Get here a little early for a good seat cause they are going to do something a little different and it is going to be TOO MUCH FUN! We will be looking for you at Fat Harold’s, The House the Fatman Built, this weekend! Be safe in your travels, tell someone you love them, don’t give away all of those hugs, save ONE for ME! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Memorial Fundraiser for Our Friend Billy Scott

A Memorial Fundraiser for Our Friend Billy Scott will be held on Friday Night, November 23rd right here at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. We would like for you to join us and The Craig Woolard Band to raise some much needed monies to offset some of the outrageous hospital and care bills that have accumulated during his illness. DJ Ray Scott is going to Emcee and Craig, who will be singing at Billy’s funeral, will ask for your donations throughout the night’s performance. Let’s help take care of a soul who took care of us for so many years. Without people such as Billy Scott, there would be NO Beach Music today. There is no cover charge for the band but a donation would be appreciated. The Fat Man & Staff of Fat Harold’s Beach Club

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Grill WILL Be OPEN, Today!

The grill opens today and Big Ron will be serving you. Yes, Lulu’s partner in crime! You KNOW his burgers are good! We continue to have a great band on stage for your dancing and enjoyment celebrating “The Cammy’s”! One of the “hottest”, “tightest”, “talented” bands around….The Craig Woolard Band…affectionately known as CWB, hits the stage at 9pm! DJ Gary Bass will join the in the booth and probably on stage before the night is over! Playing the back room, so you can dance the night away, is DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris! OH WHAT A NIGHT! Let’s make this one heck of a night at The Fat Man’s House! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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The doors open at 11am and lunch will be served. Be patient, we are doing the best we can. At 1pm the Craig Woolard Band will be performing at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. This is always such a fun time, cause they are so full of energy and well you know the rest. Today is going to be a great day with a vast array of DJ’s and the best music your tiny little feet could possibley find to dance to. So bring those tiny little feet to Fat Harold’s and see if you can fill the huge dance floors. We dare you! Later, Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! CWB’s 8th Anniversary Party!

We have got the weekend of all weekends for you! Lulu’s cooking Pork Chops, Dirty Rice, Pole Beans and cornbread in “The Shag City Grill”! Happy Hour or as we like to call it “The Bored Meeting” convenes at 4pm, lasting until 7pm! The FUN TEAM, led by Shannon will be waiting to get you ready for an unforgetable nite at The Fat Man’s House. DJ Ray Scott takes to the booth with force at 7pm and will start the 8th Anniversary Party of The Craig Woolard Band at 9pm. Oh what a nite! I’VE GOT A FEELING THAT WE’LL BE SEEING EACH OTHER “TONITE”! Get here early for a table! The Pizazz Band will join us Saturday evening at 9pm. They have never been here before, so come and help us welcome them to Fat Harold’s and Last but NOT least Sunday nite at 8pm, SEA CRUZ entertains you at 8pm and DINO will be the star of the evening cause it’s his birthday. He just loves presents….hint….hint! See I told you Fat Harold’s is the place to be this weekend. We’ll be waiting on you! PEACE out, LOVE in, SHAG on! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT! 🙂

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Craig Woolard Band August 31st

Craig Woolard Band is playing at Fat Harold’s on Friday Night August 31st

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