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P1250506Fat Harold’s Beach Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.

Tonight Instructor Jeppy McDowell will be giving FREE BEGINNER SHAG LESSONS.  No partner required, no pre-registration.  Here’s your chance to learn our state dance, the SHAG.  Jeppy will give a brief history of our dance and get you started with the basics needed to blossom on the dance floor in Ocean Drive.

After class DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth playin’ some of your favorite beach music for practice and social dancin’.

We’re gearin’ up for the big Carolina Beach Music Awards weekend.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) we’ll have our  pre-CBMA party with a live remote from 94.9 The Surf radio and DJ Jay Kinlaw.  There will be chicken bog served in the back room ’cause that’s how we roll.  Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for our complete party, band and DJ schedule startin’ on Wednesday.

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happy hour 6Welcome Wednesday! The day we celebrate our customers! HAPPY HOUR FROM OPEN TO CLOSE! Come on out and let your FUN TEAM serve you up and get your boogie on with DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin. Club and Shag City Grill open at 4 today. Summer’s half way over…Have you had fun yet? Plenty of time for makin’ GOOD TIMES at FAT HAROLD’S! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for upcomin’ events, DJ schedules and announcements. Don’t miss out..We’ll keep ‘ya in the loop!

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7.15 n 16Thaaaaat’s right…two times the dance floors…two times the FUN! We have the FRONT and BACK rooms open on Friday and Saturday nights. Pick and choose what you can use…or use BOTH! Tonight we’ve got DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin playin’ your favorite beach music in the FRONT ROOM while DJ Little Tommy Hamrick plays nothin’ but the old music in the BACK ROOM. All doors will be open for access…front, back and side. We’ll do it all over again on Saturday night with DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris in the FRONT and DJ Chad “Amos/Andy” Farlow in the back playin’ old school vinyl. We hope to see your smilin’ faces at the Fat Man’s House! Club and Shag City Grill open today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. It’s been fun this week with all of the Junior dancers in town for Junior SOS. Mark your calendars for Saturday afternoon to join us here for the Keepers Of The Dance Handicapped Mixed Doubles contest. This is LOTS OF FUN to watch, as each Junior couple is given a “handicap” costume and they have to dance in it…Could be scuba fins! Then on Sunday morning the Juniors will join us for a HUGE goodbye with brunch and a boogie woogie gospel hour. Support these kids…they’re who’s gonna keep this thing goin’!

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steve owens and summertimeKinda nippy in the air this mornin’! Still gonna be a beautiful day…and we’re still celebratin’! Doors open at 11:00 along with the SHAG CITY GRILL. Your FUN TEAM has recuperated from the crowds last night and will be ready to get you started at HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Tonight’s DJS will be GARY BASS in the front room with JOHNNY B in the back room startin’ at 7. Come early and stay late. STEVE OWENS AND SUMMERTIME will hit the stage around 9 and the party’s on! More folks have hit the beach and we’re READY! The CBMA’s are now in prime time and we can’t wait to see who wins the awards this year! Don’t forget to keep up with what’s goin’ on at the Fat Man’s House on our FACEBOOK PAGE…and don’t be skeered to make comments. Makes us feel GOOD when we see you’re payin’ attention. 🙂 Put your long sleeves on and LET’S DO THIS THANG!

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LINE DANCE OLDIT’s Thursday and time to get some line dance lessons in while you are at the beach. We open at 4pm for Happy Hour and at 7PM the line dance lessons start! Jeanette is a great teacher and her heart is really in to it. You will learn a lot! We have a big weekend planned for you as well. Your DJ for the evening is David “Hey Boy” Harris! He’ll wear you out if Jeanette doesn’t do it first! Got to go, there’s work to be done. Enjoy this beautiful day. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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THANK YOU CAMELIt’s already Wednesday. Can’t you just smell the salty air. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend but before we get there let’s party some more. Today at 4pm we will open the doors to Fat Harold’s for our Customer Appreciation Hump Day Party! Happy Hour prices from the time we open until the time we close. THE GRILL IS OPEN FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION of some fat to level off the alcohol! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will be in the both, throwing down! Come out and play with us! We have fun at Fat Harold’s! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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It’s Monday Again!

FAT HAROLDS PHOTOMy how time flies when you have a weekend off! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have plunged head in to Monday. We will open up this joint at 4pm today. Mama Brenda will cater to your every want or need or both or if she’s in a bad mood, none! hehehe She’S good to everyone. Just picking! Judy Duke will teach Shag Lessons at 7pm and they are $10 per person. Please come out and join us this evening and get your week started off on the RIGHT FOOT! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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LINE DANCE OLDWhat a beautiful day God has given us. Get out and enjoy every minute of it. Then get your shoes on and come on down to The Fat Man’s House and take some LINE DANCE LESSONS. Jeanette is the bomb and she can teach some line dancing. As you can see this is not a new dance or particularly a country dance. I bet this group was doing THE CONTINENTAL! The club will open at 4pm for HAPPY HOUR and when it’s finished head to the floor at 7pm and throw down. It’s a fun time. Tonight’s DJ is David “Hey Boy” Harris. When lessons are over we’ll Shag and Line Dance and do the Hokey Pokey if you want to! Please join us this evening. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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THANK YOU CAMELHello to all of our wonderful, loyal friends!
It’s that time of the week again. HUMP DAY! WEDNESDAY! CUSTOMER APPRECIATION! Happy Hour all day long, from the time we open until the time we close! What a fun time we have at Fat Harold’s and it’s all because of our awesome customers, friends and family! How did we get this lucky? The Shag City Grill will open at 4pm and Miss Amy will cook you anything your little heart desires, except steak, or lobster, or……it’s just a grill!!! hehe Debbie and Janie (whose filling in for Shannon) will serve you from the main bar and DJ Larry Edwards will be in the both throwing down, with his lovely wife Sally, by his side or tearing up the floor! Wednesday’s have always been FUN DAY for THE FUN TEAM, too! Get on down here and let’s get some blisters on those feet! They will heal by Friday!!! Come out and see what REAL LOVE feels like! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

PS. New things coming on the horizon. Not changes, just more stuff! You know we like stuff!

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Lets-ShagHappy Tuesday to you all! We will get things started around here at 4pm. Happy Hour is 4pm until 7pm at which time Jeppy and Mandy will take you to the floor and teach you the basic shag steps. Immediately following Shag Lessons please sign up for our weekly Shag Contest! The first 3 places get prizes. We have to have at least 4 couple to have the contest. Come out and show your support! You may win once to qualify for the Grande Finale to be held on November 17th! Great prizes will be given for our Grande Finale! Tonight’s Contest is Sponsored by The Clothes Center and Fat Harold’s Beach Club! Come out and support the dancers even if you don’t feel up to dancing yourself. Much appreciation in advance!!!!!! Tonight’s DJ is our good buddy, LANNY ELMORE! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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