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7.22 n 23FUN TIMES AHEAD! The weekend means BOTH party rooms will be open and you can pick and choose what you can use…Or use BOTH! DJs tonight are Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin in the FRONT ROOM and Bill “Mr. Smoothie” Harper in the BACK ROOM. Get your dancin’ shoes on and boogie on down to the Fat Man’s House for some GOOD TIMES! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. We’ll do it all over again Saturday night with DJs David “Hey Boy” Harris in the FRONT and “Miss Kitty” Earles in the BACK. Your FUN TEAM is ready to rock your weekend! All doors will be open both nights…front, back and side. Slide on in and let’s do this thang!

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july 4 3Your FUN TEAM wishes you ALL a HAPPY 4TH! Gonna be a HOT one today so stay cool and true to your school! Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. DJ Gary Bass will be in the booth tonight so come on out and wear your patriotic colors! DJs every night this week so plan some Fat Harold’s time….We’ll help you celebrate. Fat Harold’s Beach Club…Where the fun begins and never ends.

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chicks_and_vinyl-42Thaaaat’s right…We’re goin’ OLD SCHOOL. Our first vinyl party will be in the BACK ROOM tonight with two teams, four DJs, battlin’ out to see who can melt the wax. Join us startin’ at 6 for the battle of the vinyl records! Team 1 will be DJs Eddie Anderson and Chad (Amos/Andy) Farlow dookin’ it out with Team 2 DJs Joanne Johnson and John Wilson. We’ve got a FUN night ahead and hope you’ll join us…and YOU get to decide the winning team! Fas’ Dancin’ will be encouraged! These DJs are gonna play some FANtastic music! Club and Shag City Grill open at 1 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. DJ Gary Bass will be playin’ your favorite shag tunes in the FRONT ROOM. Get your kids lined up and join Pat Folds this afternoon for her monthly Junior Social from 2 to 4. She teaches FREE shag classes to the kids from 2 to 3 and they have a social hour from 3 to 4. GREAT chance if you’ve got kids here for the holiday week to teach them our state dance, the SHAG. If they’re already dancin’ they’ll learn some new stuff and meet some new friends. It’s gonna be a FUN time at Fat Harold’s Beach Club tonight with both rooms rockin’.

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Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen. The New Years Party To Remember…So Don’t Forget to CALL and make your reservations today. The online form can be clicked, printed and filled out so you can send a check if you like. We are gonna have a Ball, Ya’ll! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


Click HERE for Print Version of NYE Form


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tommyTHE BACK ROOM is gonna be cookin’ tonight! We’re gonna get back to our roots with some of the music you NEED to hear….Little Tommy Hamrick will be in THE BACK ROOM startin’ around 7. We’ll have DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in THE FRONT ROOM playin’ HIS tunes. Somethin’ for EVERYBODY! Doors open at 1 today and the SHAG CITY GRILL will be open to quench your hunger…and your thirst! HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Your FUN TEAM will be jumpin’ to please from open to close. MAMA BRENDA will be runnin’ THE BACK ROOM, so try to behave! Don’t forget…all doors will be open for entry tonight…front, side and rear…so pick and choose what you can use! Let’s do this thang!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESMonday, Monday! Wow! Last week was a whirlwind of fun! Three nights of fantastic bands and then all of the CBMA festivities. We’re worn out…and ready to get back to bidness! Many congrats to all of this year’s award winners! Doors open this afternoon at 4:00 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Come on down and learn some new shag steps with Judy Duke. Her class tonight is from 7 to 9 and $10 per person. EXCELLENT teacher and she’ll have you struttin’ on the dance floor in no time! This weekend we’ll get back to our NUTTIN’ BUT OLD STUFF in THE BACK ROOM. Friday night we have DJ Little Tommy Hamrick in THE BACK ROOM JUKE JOINT, with “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in THE FRONT ROOM! It’ll be ‘TOMMY TIME” in the back so bring your friends and let’s do this thang! Saturday night DJ Jay Nelms will be in THE BACK ROOM with the old boogie woogie music and DJ David Harris will be in THE FRONT ROOM. Somethin’ for EVERYBODY! Your FUN TEAM will be back in full swing to insure a good time is had by all. Keep checkin’ our FACEBOOK page to keep up with what’s goin’ on at the Fat Man’s House…Spread the word! Lookin’ foward to seein’ ya!

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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGOOD MORNING OCEAN DRIVE! Ain’t it GREAT to be ALIVE on such a beautiful day! We are going to crank things up around here at 1pm, when THE SHAG CITY GRILL opens up for great food and cold libations! The Main room will open up at 4pm for HAPPY HOUR, which lasts until 7pm and your DJ for the front room this evening will be DJ Johnny B. Come out and show him some love. He will get this joint rockin’. NO DOUBT! We have a private party in the back room. Lincolnton High Reunion will be filling up the back room and spreading out with their classmate DJ Johnny C. playing his wide variety of music for their era! Come on down and let’s party tonight. There is always a party when you have TWO Johnny’s in the house! It’s gonna be a great night at The House THE FAT MAN Built! The Fun Team Promises! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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The Weekend at The Fat Man’s House!

FAT HAROLDS PHOTOHAPPY WEEKEND! Time to get your partying on at The Fat Man’s House. NO COVER CHARGE! Just dance until your feet fall off and you won’t feel a thing if you keep those libations flowing. GUARANTEE!!! We open today at 1pm with The Shag City Grill starting out the day. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm daily! Friday nite DJ’s are,(drumroll), “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in the front room and DJ Claude Collins in the back room. We are going to be the Boogie captial of the world this winter by adding an array of DJ’s on Friday’s and Saturday’s to the back room. Some of your fav’s. Come see!!! Shag Central is about to get on with it! Saturday’s DJ is The Reverend Jerry Franklin in the front room and we have a private party in the back room. Sunday is Terry and Miss Ethel! Let’s get this weekend cranked up. We are ready, ARE YOU? Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Thursday…….Yeah…..Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!!

FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning. We are open at 11am this morning so you can come by and work on that Hang Around from last night. My, was this place packed. I loved seeing people last night that I haven’t seen in a while. John….I got this out in time today. hehehe DJ’s start at 5pm today. DJ David Harris will kick it off from 5 until 9pm in the front room, followed by DJ Kitty Earles from 9 until closing. DJ John Hall will be in the back room from 9 until closing! There will be plenty of libations for all! Bless everyone in there travels and WE WILL SEE YOU SOON! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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It’s the WEEKEND!

FAT HAROLDS PHOTOHappy Friday! Before I start my blog I would like to ask everyone to bow there heads and say a prayer for all of our fellow country men and women who lost there lives in the 9/11 terror attack and their families. Thank you! We will open The Shag City Grill today at 1pm. Smooth sailing this weekend as it is the calm before the storm! We start SOS on Wednesday with our Jump Start Party! 6pm, be here! Happy Hour is 4pm until 7pm all weekend! Tonight DJ is “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. He sure knows how to get a party going! We open at 1pm tomorrow and tomorrow night’s DJ is David “Hey Boy” Harris! He is going to play until the lights go out! On Sunday we are having a Memorial Service at 6pm for one of our Fallen Shaggers – Darlene Small. Terry has planned it and sent out a memo to alot of people. Jimmy Buffkin will be playing. Contact Terry (at main bar) for more details. Have a great weekend and get ready for a large SOS! I know we are. Check our calendar on the website and facebook for daily happenings. I will probably post on Monday and Tuesday and other times a time permits me. Just don’t forget Everything is there and we are going to be very busy. I will apologize up front if you can’t get to us with personal questions. If you do have an emergency please fine one of our staff so we can help you out! Thank you! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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