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Happy Saturday!

satHappy Saturday! We open at 11am. Come in for some lunch and great libations, watch some ballgames or dance a few jigs around the dance floor. Stevie B plays from 4 until 7pm and Jammin Jimmy plays at 7pm until closing. Saturday’s are fun at The Fat Man’s House. Come and join us! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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NYE FOODIt’s time to get lucky and rich! You know the old saying, Fill your belly full of blackeyes and collard greens and you will be lucky and rich in the coming year. Well 2015 is here and so are the collard greens and blackeyed peas, so come on down and get your grub on. If you don’t like this feast that Jack has prepared for you the grill will be open at 11am and you can get you some grease to help with that hangover! Hair of the dog will be served all day long too! DJ’s for today are Kitty Earles 1 til 5, David Harris 5 til 9 and Jammin Jimmy 9 til close. Let’s start the new year off right, right here at Fat Harold’s! HAPPY NEW YEAR from Fat Harold, Skinny Harold and the staff and management of Fat Harold’s and let’s make this the best year ever! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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NYE EVEIt’s New Years Eve and we are gonna have a Party!!! We open at 11am and will close at 5pm to get ready for tonite. The doors reopen at 7pm so get in line to get a table. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playing the front room and DJ David Harris will be in the back room. Let’s Roar into 2015 with some champagne at midnite and lots of surprises. You can still get a ticket. We have a few left. Call or come by today or you can just pick it up at the door tonight. Don’t forget to dress to impress! Let’s get to work. Love YOU, Mean IT! From The Fat Man, The Skinny Man and all of the staff at Fat Harold’s. HAPPY NEW YEAR (in advance)!

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coastline-haroldsTwas the Tuesday before NEW YEAR’S and all through Fat Harolds, not a creature was stirring, not even a possum! The stars are all hanging from the ceiling with care, just knowing that Jim Quick & Coastline are soon to blossom! Yes, Jim and the boys with all of their toys, will be on the stage, creating such rage. If you want a table, you better be able, to get here real soon, cause there will only be standing room. 1PM or fashionably later, the band starts to play and we gonna have an AWESOME DAY! Well I don’t write poetry like my cuzzin but maybe he will give me a few hints for future posts. All names will be changed though to protect the innocent!! hehehe We open at 11am so come on down and grab some lunch and get you table. DJ’s for the day are Gary Bass impersonator from 1 til 5pm, Milton (The Shadow) White from 5-9pm and to close out the evening David (Hey Boy) Harris! Let’s get ready to RUMBLE, oops I forgot already Jim was on the stage, let me rephrase this: LET’S GET READY TO TUMBLE!!! Got to go to work. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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DINO MOLLYIt’s Dino and Molly Day, yes, SEA CRUZ IS IN THE HOUSE! Come on down, 1 until 5pm. Let’s get this party going, early! The Grill opens at 11am, so come on and get the belly full and then get you some Sea Cruz! We will be partying tonight and dancing to the tunes of DJ’s Jay Nelms 1-5 with the band, Kitty Earles, 5-9 and Jammin Jimmy 9 until close! The New Year is near! Got your tickets to get in? If not we have a few left with your name on it. Got to get some work done now. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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the-entertainers-promo-pic_09_2014Our New Years Celebration starts today at 11am. The grill is open with Big Ron and Pam serving up the best burgers on the beach. At 1pm, Earl Dawkins and THE ENTERTAINERS will hit the stage and rock this joint. We have been waiting on this quite a while now and we are very excited and privileged to have Earl and The Boys on the stage at Fat Harold’s. Come out and show them some Fat Harold’s LOVE. Let’s get this party started. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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This WEEK at Fat Harold’s!

merry christmasIt’s the Monday before Christmas and we are open tonite. Mama Brenda opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. Tomorrow Terry opens at 4pm for Happy Hour and Jammin’ Jimmy will be in the booth. We are CLOSED WEDNESDAY CHRISTMAS EVE AND THURDAY CHRISTMAS DAY! We will be back on Thursday ready to kick in the NEW YEAR. We have a few tickets left so if you haven’t purchased yours you better get it today. Without the tickets you will be paying a cover charge for the bands of $10 per band and $25 for New Years Eve. You can get all of that for just $25. Yes a one time payment of $25. Plus you get Jacks Collards, Black Eyes and Cornbread on New Years Day. We sure hope you will spend New Years with us. There are a lot of things going on I know, but this is HOME! May you have a Very Merry Christmas from all of us at Fat Harold’s. Don’t forget the reason for the season and be safe in your travels. We will see you when you get here. Let’s make this transition into the New Year a one of a kind celebration with the blessing of The Great Fatsby himself! We LOVE YOU and WE MEAN IT! Ain’t it funny how the word LOVE gets passed around like a plate of biscuits. We can sleep at night cause if we tell you we love you. WE MEAN IT!

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Fat Harold’s Weekend Happenings!

dance is good smallTGIF! Yeppers, it’s finally the weekend and it sounds like it’s going to be a bit chilly but don’t let that from the warmth of friends, family and warm libations at The Fat Man’s House. The grill opens at 11am. Come get you one of our famous Blackened Bologna Sandwiches. Tonite we have in THE BOOTH, “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin doing his thang, starting at 7pm. Friday is a locals favorite and we party down….Saturday we are starting out bright and early with the Crusin the Streets Productions Annual Car Show. There are some mighty fine looking automobiles that will be parked in our parking lot and on main street from 7am until 4pm. Come and check them out. The grill will be open at 8am for B.L.T.’s and Sausage biscuits along with coffee and doughnuts to the participants of the car show and some good Bloody Mary’s at a reduced price. Saturday evening at 7pm DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will entertain you from the DJ booth. He has a bushel of music and he will play what you want to dance to, within reason! 🙂 On Sunday, you can come out to see Terry and Stevie B at 4pm for Terry’s Sunday Afternoon Get Together and then at 7pm “Jammin” Jimmy will be in the booth throwin out some good ole beach music tunes. It’s going to be a great weekend folks. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Saturday and Sunday at Fat Harold’s!

Lets-ShagHello Friends! What a weekend we have in store for you! The grill will open at 11 am on Saturday with Amy cooking up some great burgers and bologna! Happy Hour will start at 4pm and last until 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will be in the booth Saturday nite as well as Sunday nite. Starting at 7pm! We have a little something new starting this Sunday. At 4 pm DJ Stevie B will be playing your favorite tunes for Terry’s Sunday Afternoon Get Together. He will play until Jimmy comes on. Also this Saturday afternoon is the monthly Junior Shagger Social in the back room at 4pm. Did you have a good time at the last SAS Covered dish supper? Well a month has past and it’s time to do it again! Dinner will be served at 6pm Sunday. Don’t forget to bring a dish. Sounds like Sunday is going to be too much fun. Stevie B, food, Jammin Jimmy……..what more could you ask for??? Lil Terry you say, she will be right here entertaining you with her wild antics. Hope to see you at The Fat Man’s House sometime this weekend. Get that phone out right now and make yourself a note or 2! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Lets-ShagOh what a beautiful morning! NOT! It has been raining cats and dogs and yours truly is soaked to the bone. Sometimes umbrellas just don’t work! But we’ll dry up soon and be ready to open at 11am for some awesome Cheeseburgers prepared by our Little Amy! She cooks a mean one! Then it’s on to Happy Hour at 4pm with Amy on the grill and Lil Terry at Main. Shannon, Debbie and Mama Brenda along with our hard working barbacks will show up a little later and the party will be on! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will entertain all night long with the millions of songs he has collected to make EVERYONE Happy! Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a ditto of today with the exception of one thing. “Jammin” Jimmy gets a night off and DJ Gary Franklin Bass will be in the booth! Sunday we will open at 4pm for Happy Hour with Lil Terry and we will have a DJ to entertain you! This will be your email for the weekend since I will be under my bed, sleeping, and dreaming of a White Christmas after a 10 day work streak. We will talk again the first of the week and until then PEACE, LOVE AND SANDY FEET! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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