The JOINT is ROCKIN”!!!!

Hey all you Shag People!!!! Club opens today at 11am for LUNCH!!! Philly Cheese Steak today!!! MMMMMM GOOOOOD!!!!! Happy Hour 4pm till 7pm!!!! Come and get you some!!!! Jammin Jimmy B is the go to guy tonight making you feel alright!!!!! He’ll have you hitting the floor, and going back for more!!!!! We’ll see you there!!!!



Club opens at 4pm. With Momma Brenda Serving that liqour again ,and cooking too!!!!! Happy Hour 4pm till 7pm (to get ya shag prime on.)
JAMMIN JIMMY B>>>> in the booth at 7pm playing all of your FAVORITE TUNES!!!!! Remember, Harolds 80th Birthday party Thusday June 13th!! People YOU DON’T want to miss this!!!!!



That right people it’s HAPPY HOUR TILL MIDNIGHT!!! Club opens at 4pm today to get you through the rest of the way!!! Grill opens at 6pm!!Come HUNGRY !!! Ed, what a grill master!!!! DAVID “HEY BOY “HARRIS IN THE BOOTH AT 7pm!!!! It’s a PARTY AT THE FAT MANS HOUSE!!!!!!


You Know You Want Too!!!!!

Club opens at 4pm. FREE shag lessions start at 7pm!!!! You know you REALLY want to LEARN the SHAG!!!
D.J. Ray Scott is in the HOUSE, giving you information on the music, the Shag, and THE WORLD FAMOUS FAT HAROLDS BEACH CLUB!!!! Also grill open at 6pm mmmmmm GOOD!!!!See you HERE!!!!:)

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The doors open at 11am and lunch will be served. Be patient, we are doing the best we can. At 1pm the Craig Woolard Band will be performing at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. This is always such a fun time, cause they are so full of energy and well you know the rest. Today is going to be a great day with a vast array of DJ’s and the best music your tiny little feet could possibley find to dance to. So bring those tiny little feet to Fat Harold’s and see if you can fill the huge dance floors. We dare you! Later, Love YOU, Mean IT!



The club opens today at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. Today’s special is a Provolone Cheeseburger with grilled onions, mayo and slices of fresh tomato and basil served with FF, tea or soda! Happy Hour starts at 4pm. You know your gonna want one of the coldest beers on the beach when you come off of the beach. Not dressed to hang out in the club. No problem. DJ Milton White will be in the Parking Lot playing your favorites from 5 until 10pm and you can sit outside with him and drink all of the cold beer you can hold. The FUN TEAM will be on deck for your favorite libations and food all nite long while you are being entertained by THE CATALINA’S! Come out and welcome the Catalina’s to the stage and get you a bucket of beer from the Main bar (6 beers for 12.50), you do the math. Lynn Barker is back and several new members are making the Catalina’s one of the most sought after bands on the circuit today. You’ve got to come and hear SUMMERTIME IS CALLING ME, by the ones who wrote it. Let’s get together and play hard tonite. DJ Lanny Elmore is in the booth and DJ Jason Justice has a private birthday party in the back room. So let’s see how many people we can get packed into the building tonite. Got to hit the dusty, Love YOU, Mean IT!


Day 5 – We’re Still Alive!

Today is going to be fun, fun, fun! The grill opens at 11am, The Out-of-Towners, who I might say are sponsored- sort of- by Coppertone and Peppsi, take the stage at Noon. Our favorites Blondes from next door….Two Blondes at the Beach…have their annual fashion show starting at 2pm. She has some awesome stuff in that store. Come see for yourself. It’s a huge time! It’s another Dance Party night at Fat Harold’s. Come out and dance your little tootsies off to the music of some of the best DJ’s around. Well that about sums it up for today. Don’t forget to buy you copy of Fat Harold’s book and don’t forget…The Man himself…Fat Harold…will be signing them tomorrow during the Jim Quick and Coastline show from 1pm til 5pm! Hope to see you at Fat Harold’s Beach Club! In a Minute! Love YOU, Mean IT!


JIM QUICK & COASTLINE —Thursday Nite—8pm til Midnite!

It’s a WE’RE BACK OPEN PARTY, starring none other than our son-brother-cousin by different Grandmothers…JIM QUICK and his rowdy band COASTLINE or is that rowdy fans? Come on out you Coastline Crazies for some more fun! The Grill opens at 11am and Lunch with Lulu will be back to normal! The Shag City Grill, which has been The Shag City Grill for a very long time now is cranking back up tomorrow with Hamburger Steaks in gravy, rice and a veggie and rolls. We’ll see you then. Love YOU, Mean IT!


Last Dancer Standing – $1000 Grand Prize!

It’s the day to load that wallet back up! The Last Dancer Standing Contest is TODAY! Sign up starts at 11am. Dancing starts at 1pm. You and your partner will start dancing at 1pm. You will dance for 45 minutes then will have a 15 minute break to grab and drink or ??? No changing partners. The floor is being monitored. Rules will be handed out at the time of sign up. Good Luck and help us to make this an annual event. The more we have dancing the better the chances, who knows if this year is a great success the prize could go up!!! Think about it. What fun and a little something different? Club opens at 11am. Judy Duke has Shag Lessons at 10am. You must be here at 10. She is very prompt. All bars and grill are open for your convienence today. Have a wonderful SOS kind of day, stay safe, be patient, and as always Love YOU, Mean IT!



Be here! Today is jammed packed full of fun and we hope you choose Fat Harold’s as your hang-out today! The Carolina Soulband is what “Beach Music” is all about! You will NOT find a better group of “Harmonizers” since the likes of The Temptations, The Platters, The Drifters….get my DRIFT…lol…NO PUN intended. A must see at SOS and they did their very first performance at the beach, right here at Fat Harold’s! Club opens at 11am and closes at 2am. The Fun Team will take care of you all day long. For a list of DJ’s today and tonite, please visit our website www.fatharolds.com. Got to go change the oil. See you in a minute. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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