Monday, Shag Lessons with Judy Duke!

fat harold 2It’s Monday and you know what that means? Shag Lessons with Judy at 7pm. Come learn some new steps or just learn some steps for the first time. She is an excellent teacher and will not let you out the door until you can basic. The club opens at 4pm with Mama Brenda operating the ship. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm and she always has a little something to nibble on while you are having that “I am glad the work day is over cocktail”! Starting at 2pm along with Judy is DJ Milton White. He has helped Judy for a long time now and also stays after lessons so everybody can dance. Let’s see how long he will stay tonite. Bring two pairs of shoes and wear them out on him. Got to get these DJ’s conditioned for SOS. Come early, stay late. Signing out from the swamp! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Fat Harold – King of Shag

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Book Signing on Wednesday – April 25th

Look for the table Wednesday afternoon on the 25th during the the Jim Quick & Coastline show where you can purchase your Fat Harold’s Biography and get it signed by the author. Fat Harold himself will also be at the club to sign your book. Check up front at the beach club tomorrow afternoon for more information.


He’s Home!

Fat Harold is home and is doing pretty ding dang good! He stopped by the club briefly yesterday to say “HAY”, you know that’s the first stage of horse _____! Another of his famous slogans. So when he says this I KNOW he is on the mend. It was so good to see him and the tears and smiles just met at the nose cause we were so grateful to see him. Keep him in your prayers to keep him well! He will be out and about real soon!


Fat Harold is Back!


Greeting From The FAT MAN !!!!!