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jeanette stanleyCan’t get that buzzin’ noise out of your ears?  Come on down to Fat Harold’s tonight and all you’ll hear is sweet beach music!  Club and Shag City Grill open at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.

FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS tonight at 7 with Instructor Jeanette Stanley.  A FUN class and always full.  No need to sign up…Just be here at 7 and join in.  Go over some past dances and learn a new one.  It’ll put a smile on your face and you can make some new friends.

DJ David Harris will be playin’ a good mix of line and shag music after class.  Somethin’ for EVERYBODY!

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JUDY DUKEEaster weekend officially means that beach season is here.  Thanks for a great weekend at the Fat Man’s House.  And what a beautiful weekend it was!

Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  Join us tonight to learn our state dance, the SHAG….or take one of Judy’s more advanced classes if you already know how and want to add some spring to your dance steps!  Class starts at 7 tonight…$10 per person…no partner required.

SOS is only a few days away and we are locked and loaded for the good times!  Check out our Facebook Page for Fat Harold’s complete schedule including shag workshops, great DJs and bands.  You can purchase your SOS card any time here at the club.  Your FUN TEAM will be happy to set you up!

jumpstart partyWe’re gonna kick off 2017 Spring Safari with a JUMPSTART PARTY on Wednesday night.  FREE hot dogs and both rooms will be rockin’ to set the tone for what’s comin’ up.  DJ Jimmy Buffkin will host the Front Room and DJ Tommy Hamrick will be hostin’ the Back Room.  Somethin’ for everybody…Come on out and lets get a jump on SOS!

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jeppy classThaaat’s right!  Instructor Jeppy McDowell will be on hand tonight startin’ at 7:00 to teach you a little bit of history about our state dance, the SHAG….and get you started on your basics.  You’ll learn enough to get out on the dance floor and join the many other folks who enjoy our dance.  No partner required and it’s FREE!  Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7.  Come on out a early and let your FUN TEAM crank you up and you can also meet your classmates.  DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth for the rest of the night for your dancin’ pleasure.  Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for upcomin’ events and schedules.  We’ve got a BIG weekend comin’ up and you won’t want to miss a thing!

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saturdayClub and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. DJs tonight will be BUTCH METCALF in the Front Room and DJ Betty Brown in the Back Room with music startin’ at 7. Ought to be a wall to wall Saturday night at the Fat Man’s. Come on out and get you some. Don’t forget to reserve your space for our annual NEW YEAR’S EVE PACKAGE. Tickets are on sale at the club and space is runnin’ out fast! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for complete schedule and more upcomin’ events and news. Please bring unwrapped toys for our YACHTS FOR TOTS donation box and we’ve also got a box for the local animal shelter. Let’s fill ’em up!

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P1250506Callin’ all folks here on the beach from out of town! If you’ve been on Main Street this past weekend you’ve seen our State dance, the SHAG, in action somewhere along the way. You can learn it tonight for FREE at FAT HAROLD’S! Instructor Jeppy McDowell will give you the basics tonight at 7, no partner required..and did we say it’s FREE? Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. SHAG CITY GRILL will open at 6 with the best baloney sammich on the beach. DJ tonight will be Milton White. Come on in, relax, and enjoy some good times at the Fat Man’s House!

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CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERIt’s Wednesday…And that means CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY at Fat Harold’s. We appreciate our customers EVERY DAY but we’ve set aside this day in your honor. HAPPY HOUR from open to close! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 …aNE the HAPPY HOUR BEGINS AND DOESN’T END! DJ Randal Hight will be in the booth startin’ at 7. Come on down to the Fat Man’s House and let your FUN TEAM pamper ‘ya. Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE to keep up with upcoming events and DJ schedules.

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Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen. The New Years Party To Remember…So Don’t Forget to CALL and make your reservations today. The online form can be clicked, printed and filled out so you can send a check if you like. We are gonna have a Ball, Ya’ll! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


Click HERE for Print Version of NYE Form


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smiling pumpkinsIt’s FRIDAY, y’all! And a very special Friday at that…It’s the beginning of HALLOWEEN WEEKEND! Your FUN TEAM is workin’ hard to give you a spooky, fun atmosphere for the weekend. Club opens at 1:00 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. The Front Room will be rockin’ with DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin from 7 on. Nothin’s changin’, only gettin’ better! For the fas’ dancers, DJ Stevie B will be in The Back Room playin’ some heavy boogie woogie. Check out the juke joint in the back…You might like it! We’re gettin’ back to our roots! Come on over to the Fat Man’s House and get your Trick or Treat on! Don’t forget we’ve got our spooktacular Halloween BOO BASH PARTY on Saturday night with prizes for best costume. You don’t have to wear a costume, but let’s have some FUN! We KNOW how to have fun at Fat Harold’s….Let’s do this thang!

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mondayWhat’s up with Mondays? The Fun Team is gonna start the week off WIDE OPEN – Gettin’ things in order for a BIG week! Doors open at 4 with HAPPY HOUR. That’s awesome, for sure! Dance lessons at 7 with the shag-world famous Judy Duke. $10 per person, no partner required. Learn some new steps and bring ’em on for the weekly DANCE CONTEST tomorrow night at 9. We’ll be in overdrive this week makin’ sure everything is ready for a FUNtabulous week. Be sure to keep checkin’ our Facebook page for updates on the good times we have scheduled. Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween party this coming Saturday night. Costumes not required, but we’ll have prizes for best costumes – Think about it and let’s see what you come up with. We sure would appreciate it if you could help us spread the word that we’ve got a jook joint goin’ on in THE BACK ROOM all winter on Friday and Saturday nights. “Nuttin’ but the old stuff” bein’ played – We’re gettin’ back to our roots with the music that gave birth to the shag. The Front Room will still be rockin’. SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY! Come see us and let’s do this thang. Have an AWESOME Monday!

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hot dogHot Dog! Saturday is finally here! Let’s get this day rollin’. Doors open at 1:00 – Have a late lunch or afternoon snack at the Shag City Grill – Best fried “baloney” sandwich on the beach! HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7 – Come early and let the FUN TEAM get you ready for a fun evening at the Fat Man’s house. DJ in the front room will be Jimmy Buffkin, throwin’ out your favorite tunes. For the jookin’ crowd DJ Stevie B will be layin’ down nuttin’ but old boogie woogie in “The Back Room”. Mama Brenda will be in charge of libations and takin’ names in The Back Room! Music starts at 7:00 PM in both rooms. NO COVER CHARGE! Somethin’ for EVERYBODY! Let’s do this thang!

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