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logoIt’s FRIDAY, Y’all! And the weekend begins. Gonna be a busy and FUN one here at the Fat Man’s House. We’d like to welcome the Lincolnton High School alumni to Ocean Drive and thank you for partyin’ at Fat Harold’s Beach Club tonight! Club and Shag City Grill will open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. DJ Johnny B will be playin’ your favorite dance music in the Front Room and Johnny C will be rockin’ in the Back Room. Tomorrow night (Saturday) we’re ready for our Annual BOO BASH Halloween party with DJ David Harris. We’re expectin’ lots of spooky and funny characters to darken our doors and there will be prizes for best costumes as well as some SPOOKTACULAR fun! The Boo Bash will be in the Front Room while there’s a good time private party in the Back Room. Your FUN TEAM has a lot of ghoulish surprises in store for ‘ya, so come on out and get your good times on! Oh…and Yay Lincolnton Wolfpack!

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CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FLYERWednesday is the perfect day for HAPPY HOUR! And today we have CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY with HAPPY HOUR FROM OPEN TO CLOSE! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 and your FUN TEAM will help you get over the mid-week hump by serving HAPPY HOUR from the time you get here ’til the cows come home! DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will be helpin’ out by playin’ your favorite shag tunes. halloween-2016We’re ready for a SPOOKTACULAR good time this Saturday night with our annual BOO FEST PARTY. Costumes not required but we’re givin’ away prizes for the best ones and there will be lots of other surprises and good times in store. Join us and get your adult TRICK OR TREAT on at the Fat Man’s House. Don’t forget to keep a check on our FACEBOOK PAGE to see details and ALL upcomin’ events and schedules. Fat Harold’s Beach Club…Your home away from home in Ocean Drive…Is ready to welcome YOU! We appreciate our customers!

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JUDY DUKE DANCE CLASSESMonday keeps rollin’ around and we have a reason to LOVE Mondays! Instructor Judy Duke is on hand with her FABulous helpers to give shag classes from beginner to advanced. Start your week off learnin’ our state dance from scratch or if you’re already a shagger you can learn some new steps from easy to advanced! Judy’s crew can spiff up your style and have you feelin’ super confident on the dance floor. Classes start at 7..No partner required…$10 per person. Come a little early for Happy HOUR from 4 to 7 to meet your classmates and make sure you get into the best class for your learnin’ experience. Club opens today at 4. On another note…Have you got your Halloween outfits figured out yet? Better git’er’done ’cause we have our annual BOO BASH comin’ up this Saturday night. All are welcome…in costume or not…and you’ll have a FUN TIME seein’ some of the great characters put together and dancin’ around! There will be prizes for best costumes and a GOOD TIME is guaranteed! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for the flyer and complete details. We’re always amazed at the spooky and funny characters that show up!

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Costume Party is October 30th

Bring yourself and your friends dressed in the best costume to Fat Harold’s Beach Club
October 30th – Contest at 8PM – Drink Specials
Don’t Miss it!


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Halloween Party – Costume Contest

Be at Fat Harold’s Beach Club on October 29th for a BIG HALLOWEEN PARTY! Prizes for Best Costumes and LOTS of Fun.
See you at Harold’s! Call 843-249-5779 for more details!

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