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Live Artists Showcase – SOS

The Second Friday of Spring Safari features the Live Artists Showcase.
Come out and hear all of your favorite artist perform the top songs and new songs.

The Featured band will be Jim Quick & Coastline – Don’t miss this show!


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Jim Quick & Coastline – SOS

The Boys are Back! Jim Quick & Coastline will be back at the home of the Fat Man on Wednesday April 22nd from 1-5.
Calling all Crazies!


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coastline-haroldsIt’s Coastline Time. Jim Quick and Coastline will be performing here tonight from 8pm until 12 midnight for a pre cammy party. Cover charge is $10. There is definitely going to be a party ya’ll. For those of you who have the Cammy packages there is NO COVER. Come on down at 4pm when we open and get yourselves ready for a very large party! Keep in mind you better get here early to get a table. The Shag City Grill will be open so you can eat right here and have a front row seat. Jeanette is teaching line dance lessons at 7pm so don’t forget this either. Got to go get ready for a marvelous weekend. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Coastline Time at the Fat Man’s House


It is Wednesday SOS Fall Miigration – and you know what happens on Wednesday during SOS – COASTLINE TIME – Come on Crazies it is time to once again party wit Jim Quick & Coastline. Get there early and grab a cheeseburger at the Shag City Grill. It opens at 11 AM. The Fat Man’s House will be rockin’ today and tonight with the Best DJs!

Click and See what happens tomorrow and the rest of the week

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Friday at Harold’s – Come See Us!

It’s going to get crazy! Come out Coastline Crazies! Shag City Grill opens at 11 am!


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Coastline TIME! – Happy Wednesday SOS’ers

Hope to see you at the home of the Fat Man!




Jim Quick and Coastline – April 9th – SOS

JQ and the Boys are back on stage at Harold’s – April 9th at 1PM

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Thursday CBMA – Jim Quick & Coastline

November 7th at Fat Harold’s Beach Club – Jim Quick & Coastline

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Wednesday SOS – Coastline Time!

Wednesday! It is COASTLINE TIME – Jim Quick and Coastline take the stage at the home of the Fat Man at 1PM. You know it will be a party today! Come and get the new CD by Albert Rogers. The Grill opens at 11AM. Our SOS Cookout is at 6PM – The DJs and staff welcome you back to Fat Harold’s Beach Club. See you in a little bit!

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Jim Quick & Coastline – SOS Wednesday the 18th


Jim Quick & Coastline at 1PM – Fall Migration SOS on Wednesday – September 18th
Fat Harold’s Beach Club

See our Fall sos schedule

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