It’s Wednesday Customer Appreciation Day!

shag-city-bar-grillIt’s Wednesday and we open for lunch at 11am. Today’s lunch special is a Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo, served with the Best FF on the Beach and “real” tea or soda. All for just $6.50. You can also get your favorite ADULT beverages all day long at the The Shag City Grill. Come out and have a bite and a brew! Coldest beer on the beach….come see for yourself. It’s Junior SOS and our future will be dancing all over the beach this week. Watch out for them on the streets and come and watch them in our club. These kids can go…sure wish I had some of their energy. I used to. Somewhere along the line I guess I passed down the torch without even realizing. Do you feel me? DJ David Harris will be in the booth tonite around 7pm. Let’s see how long we can keep him playing tonite. I dare you! Don’t forget the Junior/Keeper’s Handicapped Shag Contest to be held on Saturday at 2pm. This is something different at The Fat Man’s House and don’t miss it cause this is going to be some kind of shag contest. Tune up those vocal chords cause we are going to sing Sunday nite. We are having Karaoke with Len at 8pm! Get your shoes out and get ready for tonite and We’ll See Ya When Ya Get Here! Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet! Love You, MEAN It!



shag dancersTop of the Morning to you! Today is gonna be a hot one so come in and cool off for Happy Hour at 4pm with Jim and Terry! You should be cooled down just enough to get hot again on the dance floor with Jeppy and Nikki at 7pm. They will be teaching you some history and general information about them and OUR STATE DANCE, THE SHAG! When you know how it started and where it came from then you get to learn how to do it yourself, if you don’t already know the basics, and the best thing about it, is, IT’S FREE! For over 25 years Fat Harold has had Jeppy to graciously give up his Tuesday nites to teach you how to SHAG for FREE! They are taken care of by the Fat Man himself so you might learn this beautiful dance and Keep the Tradition going for years. Kudos to Fat Harold who has such a love for such a dance and Jeppy and Nikki for teaching for us. DJ Ray Scott is your featured DJ for the evening. He will stay around and play that good ole beach music until your legs fall off if you want him to! He’s one of the best and you can also catch him at www.yourbeachmusic.com, live, on your computer. Check them out. You just might LOVE it! This week coming up is Junior SOS. The kids will be everywhere, dancing and having fun. These kids are our future. Please come out and support them in any way you can. We are having a HUGE Junior and “Keepers” Dance Contest on Saturday at 2pm. This one is a LITTLE…hehehe…DIFFERENT folks and something you can’t miss or you have missed one of the highlights of Junior SOS. Come and support these kids and us and make it a great success and maybe we can have it again. Also there will be an Ice Cream Social in the back room for the kids during the contest. Load up the kids and come on down and while they are doing their planned functions ADULT beverages and some good ole beach music will be waiting on you at The Fat Man’s House. Can’t wait to see you. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Shag Lessons Tonite with Judy Duke!

You can sure tell it’s Monday Morning when Word Press will not let me add an image. So NO funny picture this morning but I will say that the club opens at 4pm with Mama Brenda running things. Come by and have a cocktail and a snack. She always has snacks on the bar. Mama Brenda you rock! At 7pm Shag Lessons with Judy Duke start. They are $10 per person with a beginner class first followed by and intermediate class. Come on out and get your SHAG on! DJ Milton White will be in the booth until at least midnite for your dancing pleasure. If he isn’t playing your song, just ask him to! He has it all and wouldn’t mind playing your favorite song at all! The rest of the week is going to be fun packed since it’s going to be JUNIOR SOS. The kids that come to this really have a ball and we are having some functions at Fat Harold’s. Saturday afternoon there will be the Shag Contest of all Shag Contests. It is a Keepers of the Dance event so previous “Keepers” will be dancing with a Junior. The contest is from 2 until 5 and there is an exciting twist to this contest. You will see the Juniors as well as the “seasoned” Keepers do things on the dance floor that have never been done before. If you miss this, you’ve missed JUNIOR SOS. They will also have an ice cream social during the contest in the back room. So load up the kids and bring them to the beach to dance and meet new friends. Mamas and Daddy’s you can hang out with us during their planned activities and dance a bit your self. You know how kids are? They don’t want you around and the other clubs that are involved will take good care of them. When they are done, they can call you here. You have to have some adult time sometime, Right? Let’s get this week started. Bless all of your hearts and I pray for a great week and great weather for all. Peace, Love, and Sandy Feet! Love You, Mean IT!
PS. Get your voices in shape cause we’re gonna sing, Sunday night! Tell you more about it later in the week! 😉

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Six Stylez, Tonite, 9pm!

The grill opens at 11am and Lulu’s cooking again. She will have Chicken Salad Sandwiches w/OR or Chicken Salad Cold Plate with Pasta Salad over lettuce with fresh sliced tomatoes, beverage included! Just $6.50. I don’t know how long this Chicken Salad’s gonna last cause they wanted to by tickets for it yesterday! lol Well enough of that just come and get it. Then at 2:30 there will be a JUNIOR Exhibition lasting until 5:30. They will not refuse any money thrown at them or checks written for JUNIOR SOS. We need our younger kids to keep our tradition “The Shag” alive. They’ve got more moves than Jello has jiggles. Don’t miss this! DJ Jason Justice will be playing for them. Then it’s on to The Bored Meeting at 4pm, which happens to last until 7pm, just another name we have for Happy Hour at Fat Harold’s. DJ Milton White will be Playing some good music in The Parking Lot today at 5pm. The OD Shag Club will end up their POKER Run today around 5:30 right here at Fat Harold’s. These guys have a ball. Shannon and the girls will have everything ready for you this evening to come in and get ready to PARTY cause SIX STYLEZ is on stage. A little different from the rest of our bands but a MUST SEE band. Professionals to the max. DJ Jason Justice will accompany them and play your favorite shag tunes between sets. If there is anything else going on, I don’t know it, but this sounds like a busy day to this old broad! Come join us at some point in the day and show some love cause We LOVE YOU, and MEAN IT! Have a great day and wait for the beep, beep!


Thursday Nite Dance Party!

It’s Your Thursday Nite Dance Party and DJ Lanny Elmore is your host! Playing anything that YOU want to hear. He’s got it. Just ask! I hope all of you JR. SOSers and the SR. ones too are having a large time. Come by for Lunch with Lulu. We have the best food on the beach. Today Lulu’s Special is Veal with a Mushroom Wine Sauce over Fetticine! You’ve never had this one before and it’s deeeeeelious! Let’s have some fun and do a little dancing at The Fat Man’s today! Love YOU, Mean IT!



It’s Customer Appreciation Day and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin is going to rock your world tonite. He’s gonna pack the dance floor TONITE! Drink Specials ALL DAY LONG! Pamalama is working the grill for Lulu and she’s fixin her famous Hamburger Salad. This is good ya’ll. Come try it! It comes with tea or soda and your favorite salad dressing. Just $6.50. What a bargain! Shannon, Debbie and Sean make up the evening team and “Good Libations” will be served to all. It’s Junior SOS this week, so welcome them with everything you’ve got. We have to keep “The Shag” alive and this is the only way we can do it. Put Saturday afternoon on your calendars, from 2:30pm until 5:30pm, the Juniors will show you their stuff with an exhibition right here at Fat Harold’s. DJ Jason Justice will be playing for them. Then Saturday nite, Six Stylez will take the stage at 9pm. So don’t forget Saturday will be a BIG day! We hope you can stop by Fat Harold’s and take a spin or 50 on the dance floor cause You Ain’t Been to the Beach Unless You Been to Fat Harold’s! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Another one bites the dust….

Yes, another weekend is gone! Hope all of you danced your little tootsies off this weekend. Well you better rest them some cause SOS is right around the corner. THE FUN TEAM will be taking a CPR and Defib class today so you never have to worry about NOTHING when you come to Fat Harold’s. Brenda OPENS the club today at 4pm. Happy Hour is 4 until 7 then DJ Jay Nelms spins you into the nite with some fantastic beach music. Boy does he have a collection. Stop by and have a cold one with Brenda and listen to Jay. Thank you for everything. Without you we wouldn’t be us!


It’s Friday, Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?

We do! They are right Smack Dab in the Middle of all the dance floors in OD. JR SOS. Get excited about the dance, learn it and keep up the TRADITION! With that in mind, don’t forget All JR SOS’ers will be at Fat Harold’s today, 4 til 6, for their KEEPER’S OF THE DANCE activity. Can’t wait to see you all. CLUB OPENS 11am, LUNCH SPECIAL: PORK CHOPS…HH 4 til 7…Dance, dance, dance w/DJ Lanny Elmore (front room) DJ Milton White (back room). THE FUN TEAM will be waiting on you!

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