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2015 Keepers of the Dance Pictures

Pictures from the 2015 Keepers of the Dance Weekend at Fat Harold’s

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keepers 2015We have a great week in store for you. We are going to start out with Mama Brenda opening up with HAPPY HOUR on Monday at 4pm and heading for the finish line on Sunday!
MONDAY: Club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. At 7pm, Judy Duke takes to the floor for Shag Lessons. Just $10 per person.
TUESDAY: Club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. At 7pm, Jeppy and Miss Nikki will teach you the Shag for FREE! DJ David Harris will be in the booth!
WEDNESDAY: Customer Appreciation all day long! This is one of the most fun nights of the week. DJ Milton White is your maestro for the evening.
THURSDAY: Club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. At 7pm, Jeanette teaches you the new line dances for FREE. DJ Kitty Earles is in the booth!
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: We open at 11am. All you Keepers come out and practice and have lunch. Yes this is the Keepers of the Dance Weekend. This is my favorite contest of the year. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm booth days. DJ Stevie B will be in the booth from 4 until 7pm on Saturday. Contest starts at 9pm on Friday and 8pm on Saturday. Guest DJ is Butch Metcalf. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be playing in the back room Friday and DJ David Harris on Saturday. Lets have a ball ya’ll. You don’t get much better dancing than this.
SUNDAY: Club opens at 4pm. Happy Hour from 4 until 7pm. DJ Stevie B from 4 until 7pm!
Have a wonderful and blessed week and don’t ever forget. You haven’t been to the beach unless you been to Fat Harold’s! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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keepers-promoWe’ll be open at 11am today! Yes, lunch will be served and then you can take a few whirls around the dance floor it there is any wood left on it. I hear they burnt it up last night! They will for sure finish if off tonite. For a seat you better get here early! Like 6 o’clock?? DJ Tommy Hamrick is playing the front room for the contest and DJ Betty “Wear them Down” Brown is in the back room. If you want to dance a few yourselves and then watch a little contest and then dance a little more, it can be done right here at Fat Harold’s! Prizes will be awarded to winners immediately after the contest. If you would like to see the recipients of former KEEPER’s inductees just go to The KEEPERS Corner, located in the back room of the club. These kids, which I can affectionately call them, cause they were some of the first Juniors to dance competively, and I just happened to be around, are our KEEPER’s of OUR Dance, THE SHAG! If you want to see some incredible dancing make sure you come out to FAT HAROLD’S tonite! This is one Contest you really don’t want to miss. See you on the dance floor a little bit later today!