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tgifIt’s Beach time and what goes with beach time? Shag time! We will open the club at 11am so you can get your fill of our famous Bologna Sandwich and then work it off on one of our 2 large dance floors. Happy Hour starts at 4pm witl the best libations on the beach! At 7pm DJ Kitty Earles will crank up the music for you dancing pleasure. Come out and work on that Shag Fever. You know Friday nite is a big one so lets try to make it even bigger. All bars will be open so you don’t have to wait. We’ll see you when you get here. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!

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This Week at The Fat Man’s House

beach musicIt’s Monday and time to let you know what’s going on around here. MONDAY………We open at 4pm with Mama Brenda serving up your favorite cocktails. The grill is NOT open, so you better get a bite before you get here. 7pm is the magic time although! Judy Duke takes to the dance floor with all of the energy of a sixteen year old teaching you how to SHAG! There is a $10 charge per person. DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth helping Judy as well as playing as long as you can keep her here. TUESDAY……We open at 4pm and The Shag City Grill is open. Jeppy and Miss Nikki teach FREE Shag Lessons at 7pm and this week they are accompanied by DJ David Harris in the booth. WEDNESDAY……..CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NIGHT….bring it on down to The Fat Man’s House for some mid-week fun and shag dancing. We have HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY LONG! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth packing the floor. THURSDAY………It’s LINE DANCE Class for FREE…taught by the beaches BEST LINE DANCER, Jeanette Stanley. She starts at 7pm and gets you revved up for a great night of not only Line Dance but Shagging afterwards. She will give you a WORK OUT! This weeks DJ is DJ David Harris! “HEY BOY”! TGIF!!!!! It’s FRIDAY….We open for lunch at 11am. PORK CHOPS are on the grill every Friday with different sides and Sweet Ice Tea! Happy Hour is 4pm until 7pm and then it’s time for The Friday Nite Dance Party featuring DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. He can fill a dance floor. NO JOKE! Come see! We also welcome The HOFF Al Cain Golf Tournament players. Come sign up to play in this tournament. Light refreshments will be served and the Bar in the back room will be open for your convenience. 7 until 10pm. SATURDAY……..The grill opens again for one of those fabulous Cheeseburgers or a Blackened Bologna Sandwich. Try our FF…best on the beach! Happy Hour is from 4pm until 7pm and it’s another night of shag dancing and romancing with DJ Gene Sistare. Gene is a great DJ and we just love it when he comes this way to play. Don’t forget that the OD SHAG CLUB June Party starts at 6pm! These people are wild and FUN! Come get in on the mayhem. SUNDAY…….We are back to opening at 4 on Sunday, no need competing with Ole Mr. Sun. We realized this a long time ago! Terry cranks up Happy Hour at 4pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing the music. This night has become a fun, laid back night, full of dancing to some of the music that made The Shag, The Shag. Come on down for a while. You know you want to! Well that’s all folks! Until next week or if I have time or something of importance comes up, I might pop in from time to time. You never know when I might appear. I might have some big news before the weekend! You better stay on your toes and check back frequently. As always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Thursday Through the Weekend!

dance is good smallIt’s Thursday and time to head in to the weekend. Do you have your plans made yet? If not make sure you include Fat Harold’s as one of your party destinations. Today we open at 4pm with Happy Hour and it lasts until 7pm. This will be the daily thing for the weekend. We have FREE Line Dance Lessons tonite at 7pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing some music. Friday: We open at 11 am for lunch. Amy is cooking up some delicious Pork Chops. Come and get yourself some. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will return to the booth at 7pm to crank out all of the SHAG Songs your little feet can stand. On Saturday we will open at 11am for lunch, Happy Hour at 4pm and DJ Gary Bass will fill the floor with excitement. Sunday we are back to opening at 4pm for Happy Hour and your DJ for the evening is guess who? DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. That’s about all for now folks. Please let Fat Harold’s be in your plans for the weekend, you will not be disappointed. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Thursday and On Through the Weekend!

fat harold 2It’s Thursday and time for some FREE Line Dance Lessons at 7pm with Jeanette Stanley. You don’t need a partner, just come on out and learn some of the dances that when you feel the spirit hit you and your partner will not budge, you can get up and do your OWN thang! The club will open today at 4pm for Happy Hour. The grill WILL be opens for the best Cheeseburgers and FF on the beach. Not to mention those blackened Bologna sandwiches. I am drooling now. Oops, NO breakfast! In the booth tonite is “The Shadow”. When you finish your lessons you can shag until your feet drop off, that is if you can keep “The Shadow” on his toes. He’s got all of the music, just ask him. Tomorrow we open at 11am with the return of The Pork Chops. Miss Amy can cook em up as good as Lulu. Don’t know what sides she will be using but come see. The Sweet Tea is the bomb too. Later on in the evening is Friday Nite Dance Party Nite with DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. Let’s rock this joint! We will open again at 11am on Saturday and the beer will be real cold. When you have had enough sun or your just “HOT” walk on down for a good cold brew. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm daily, except on Wednesday. It lasts ALL DAY LONG on Wednesday. Saturday nite, you are in for a treat, when our Entertainment Director and Head Honcho DJ returns to the booth. DJ Gary (Jerry Franklin) Bass will keep you moving all night long. Get prepared for a fun weekend at the Fat Man’s House. By the way, he told me to tell you once again, “THANK YOU” for all of the cards, flowers and messages that you have been sending him. He IS getting everyone of them. He just smiles real big everytime I tell him that so and so has asked about him or the mail lady comes in with a hand full of cards. He has a dream and I for one think it is going to come true. You have to BELIEVE! Got to get to work but just thought I would cover the whole weekend while I was at it. I have a hard time leaving my yard in the cool morning hours to get on a computer on the weekends. So here you have it. Please come see us, if only for a little while. You never know who you might run in to in the World Famous Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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It’s Time to Line Dance with Jeanette!

LINE DANCEGood Morning and we at Fat Harold’s sure do hope you had a “large” time with us during our New Year’s Celebration. We had a ball and sure do appreciate all of our regular customers, entertainers, and those of you who just stumbled upon Fat Harold’s. Today we will open at 11am and Jackie has a big pot of Vegetable Soup on. Jackie has some mean veggie soup, so come and get you some. We have Happy Hour at 4pm and it last until 7pm when Jeanette will teach you a new line dance. DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth providing the best of the best in beach, shag and line dance music. Come on out locals. You have your club back! hee, hee! Let’s start this year out the right way by bringing yourselves back home to the best Beach Music Club on the planet. We love you and will take care of you. And that’s not a threat, that’s a promise! Have a great day and be safe in this nasty weather. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Woo Hoo, It’s Friday!

tgifHave you had a long week? Do you have SHAG FEVER? Is your liver doing the quiver? Then we have the cure for you right here at The Fat Man’s House! Come on out play tonite and cure all of your ailments. The Shag City Grill opens at 11am and Jackie is cooking up some Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes w/gravy, green beans and cornbread, served with some good ole Southern Sweet Tea! I am making your mouth water, aren’t I? Then come on down for some lunch. Stick around for Happy Hour from 4 until 7pm. We have music going all day long. You can still dance even if there isn’t a DJ in the booth. We play really good music during the day. Speaking of DJ’s, you will dance to the music of DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin tonite. He cranks it up around 7pm. Come early and get a table. Friday nights are huge! Next Saturday nite is The Sandra Schwartz and Dewey Kennedy Mixed Doubles. There will be a show prior to the contest of todays dancers impersonating the dancers of yesterday. This was so much fun last year we decided to do it again this year. For those of you who didn’t know Sandra and Dewey, you missed it! They were two fine people and excellent Shaggers and missed very much in the Shag World. The sign up for entering the contest is 7pm with Dancing starting promptly at 9pm. Guest DJ Butch Metcalf will be your DJ! Get those applications in now for New Years Eve. They are literally pouring in like hot cakes. Looks like a PARTY brewing to me! For those of you who have purchased already, you may pick your cards up starting Dec. 2nd. I will be on vacation next week but cards will be ready to pick up on Monday Dec. 2nd! Your little red Christmas Party passes will be available then also. I might check in sometime during the week but I have someone who promised to keep the blog going while I am out. If I see it is not being done, then I might check in a few days. If you have questions about how to purchase your NYE tickets please give me a call and I will explain. It looks as if there might be a bit of confusion for the flyer and application on the website. If you email or send a message that you wants tickets and don’t fill out the form which is under the flyer (you must scroll down) I can’t print your tickets. All tickets must be paid for in advance unless you are purchasing them at the door the week of New Years’s and they might be gone. So get yours today and play it safe! Got to go now, I will be back with you in a few days! Love YOU, Mean IT!


FREE Line Dance Lessons Tonite! Cornhole Too!

happy thursdayIt’s Thursday! Where has this week gone? Today Jackie is serving Grilled Chicken Breast, Fettuccine Alfredo, Black-eyed Peas and Sweet Tea! Sound Good to me! She opens the grill at 11am. Come have lunch with us today. Happy Hour is 4 until 7 as usual. Cornhole starts at 6:30, FREE Line Dance Lessons at 7pm and DJ David Harris is in the booth tonite. Come on out and join us for some fun. Got to go now! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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59 CHEVYDrop everything that you are doing and come out to Fat Harold’s on Main Street in North Myrtle Beach and look at the gorgeous old cars. Thanks to Cruis’n the Streets Production (aka Uncle Benny and Aunt Carol), we have some of the best restored and old cars that money can buy lined up in our parking lot and up and down Main Street today. Don’t miss this. It only happens once a year! Jack and Jackie have been up since early this morning preparing coffee and doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches to entertain our guests. Get out here, HURRY! Ladies, if you are not interested in the cars, you can come into the club at 1pm and Jeanette Stanley will teach you some line dances. There is something for everyone. You have NO excuses! Happy Hour starts at 4pm and lasts until DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris cranks it up in the BOOTH! Shag Dancing at it finest will be held on the Sacred floors at The Fat Man’s House tonite. Come out and wear down some leather! Just in case I don’t make it on here tomorrow, Sunday, the club will open at 4pm. Our Part Time Party Time Man, Carl will be sitting in for Lil Terry! He is a hoot and keeps something going ALL OF THE TIME! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth playing some Oldies but Goldies for you to dance to! We Love Beach Music and we hope YOU do too! Signing out from the swamp on a greatly deserved day off, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Happy Friday!

tgifIt’s Friday, do you know where your dance shoes are? It’s time to PARTY! Jackie starts it out at lunch with PORK CHOPS! Then it’s on to Happy Hour and I bet you will know everyone at the bar. Come see! Tonite DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will light up the building with the BEST BEACH MUSIC around and you can SHAG your little hearts out. Cruis’n the Streets Productions are in town this weekend and there will be the most beautiful cars you have ever seen all over Fat Harold’s Parking Lot, up and down Main Street and anywhere else they can get. Uncle Benny and Aunt Carol have done it again. We welcome all of the car owners to come and have doughnuts and coffe at 6:30 in the morning and Jackie is coming in real early to make some delicious Bacon and Egg Sandwiches for all of the participants and viewers. Come on out and check out these awesome cars. You will be glad you did. Got to get to work so I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful Friday and Love YOU, Mean IT!

PS. A printable flyer for our New Year’s Package is up and running. Print it off and send in your money today. Cut off for New Year’s Eve is 300, so get your’s in today. Only $25 per person. We slashed it in half. Let’s just call it Fat Harold’s Affordable Care Act but our computers are running smoothly. OMG, I just typed that didn’t I? Well it’s the truth! Hope to see your applications soon so I can make out your cards. 😉

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LINE DANCEIt’s Thursday and it’s cold. Jackie made some killer Chicken Vegetable Soup. I tried it yesterday and it is sooooo good and will warm a tummy on a cold day. Come out and have a bowl of soup or her lunch special at 11am. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm. Jeanette will get you rocking at 7pm with her FREE Line Dance lessons. DJ Milton White is in the booth helping Jeanette and playing until you can’t dance another lick. Come out to the Car Show this weekend. Uncle Benny and Aunt Carol have done it again by bring Cruis’n The Streets back to North Myrtle Beach for some Fun in the Sun. Glad it’s going to warm up a bit. The cars will be in Fat Harold’s Parking Lot on Saturday. Come down and look at the awesome vehicles. Some of these guys have put more money into these cars than they were originally purchased for and they want to show them off. Come SEE! Got to go now! See ya’ll later! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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