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It’s Friday, Baby

beach musicIt’s Friday and time to shake a leg. Get your stuff together and head on down to beautiful Ocean Drive cause it’s ALIVE! We open today at 11am and Amy will cook you up some grub. While your at it have one of the coldest beers on the beach. At 4pm we will start Happy Hour and run her until 7pm! Then DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will get in the booth and get er dun! We are going to party tonite ya’ll so don’t miss it! If you have too much ask Shannon to call you a cab. We like to keep our family safe. Can’t wait to see you all at the Fat Man’s House later on today. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Love YOU, Mean IT!


Saturday at Fat Harold’s!

It’s Saturday again and the time is flying so fast. Before you know it Christmas will be here again. Feels like a merry-go-round but not as fun. Oh well, today we will open the grill at 11am and this will be the last day the grill is open during the day except for big weekends. Trimmin the fat for the winter. Lunch with Lulu will be no more! Sad face! Life goes on and the club is still open and all is good. Lot’s happening, Happy Hour 4 til 7 then one of our wonderful DJ’s will be in the booth around 7ish for a night of dancing. Come out and meet your friends for a cold one and a few scoots across the floor. New winter hours are Mon. thru Sun. 4pm until with the exception of big weekends which will be announced. Love YOU very much, Mean It!


Let’s FALL into Fat Harold’s!

It feels like and looks like Fall is here so why don’t you FALL into Fat Harold’s today or tonite or both! Pork Chops, rice & gravy, green beans, cornbread and tea or soda will be served for Lunch with Lulu! More news to come on Lunch with Lulu! Stayed tuned! Happy Hour will be at 4pm until 7pm! Shannon and the Fun Team will be on duty at 5pm – until to serve up some great libations. DJ David Harris will be your DJ for the evening, playing the best in beach and shag music. Congratulations David for being nominated for DJ/Moblie DJ of the year for the CBMA awards. He’s ours and you can’t have him! Now to put out some fire. We are NOT closing. The rumors are running around like a wild bear in the woods, looking for that white rabbit. We are making some changes but NOT closing. Fat Harold’s is doing what everyone else is or should be doing. Trimming some fat to stay in business, not cowering down and closing. We will be here for at least 5 more years or more if the Fat Man is still with us. We have been here a LONG TIME and do NOT plan on going anywhere. So stay tuned to new things on the horizon at The Fat Man’s House. It’s all GOOD! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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It’s OFFICIAL, it’s SOS FALL MIGRATION 2012! Let’s make this one the best yet. So many things on the schedules, so much to do, you ask? Well, Fat Harold and his Fun Team have created a one stop shopping type of atmosphere. In other words, you can get it all right here, why go somewhere else? Some of the schedules that have been posted have been incorrect here as well as others. I personally apologize for the mix up of The Hall of Fame Exhibition post yesterday. I just do what I am told! (Most of the time, lol.) Yesterday’s post was wrong, NO Exhibition this time, they will dance at Spring Safari 2013! Also a lot of the schedules and The Carefree Times has Tiny and Ronnie’s Shooter Party to raise money for Camp Kemo at 12 Noon today, NOT, it is at 5:00pm TODAY in the back room. DJ Jerry Munson will be in the back room at 12 noon, DJ Milton White will be in the front room at 12 noon! The grill opens at 11am, Lunch with Lulu Special today: Bologna sandwiches, North Carolina style, slathered with mustard, topped with onions, a spoonful of chili and coleslaw. Makes your mouth water doesn’t it? Our DJ’s taking the booths at 5pm are, DJ Jay Nelms (front room) and DJ’s Johnny B. and Lamar in the back room for TINY AND BIG RON’S SHOOTER PARTY! Our DJ’s playing your favorites at 9pm are, DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin in the front room and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris in the back room! We are fully staffed for you drinking and eating pleasure. Bands start Saturday (tomorrow) with SEA CRUZ opening up our great band line up. Our bands will only play during the daytime so you can dance your legs off on every inch of this building at night! We KNOW you like it that way. So why not bring your sleeping bags and change of “black drawers” and hang with us for the next 12 days. You won’t be sorry cause we’re gonna have some “HOT FUN” at the end of the summertime! Please be safe in your travels, turn up that radio on the way to the beach to get that heart a-pumping and when you get here THE FAT MAN and crew promise to have you jumping. Quote from the Fat Man’s lips on yesterday, “GOD LOVE’S YOU, AND WE DO TO”! The Fat Man will be making more appearances this SOS cause he is feeling sooooo much better. Come in and see him, he said to tell you he has some more books and if you want it signed personally by him, he will be here! Time to go make bologna. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Yes, it’s here, the day you’ve been waiting on! The PARTY OF ALL PARTY’S! SOS! This gives great meaning to the saying on the back of the Coastline Crazies t-shirt which says, “We’re All here, Cause We’re NOT ALL There”, (which he borrowed from yours truly). We open the doors today at 11am with Lunch with LULU. Today’s special is BOLOGNA, and tomorrow’s, plus the next day and so on…..Yeppers all of the specials for lunch will be bologna! Tonite at 6pm is The Fat Man’s SOS Kick-Off Party, NO BAND…JUST SHAG…all night long to the tunes of our Hall of Fame DJ Lanny Elmore. It don’t get no better than this, BUT it will. Just check out our website www.fatharolds.com for all of our parties, DJ’s, Bands (during the day, Only), so you can shag your little hearts out at night! We have a Fantastic SOS Fall Migration planned for you and we can’t wait to see you. Pick up your CAREFREE TIMES, add those notes to your smartphone and put an alert on Fat Harold’s schedule! We do appreciate all of your business for all of these years, 20 in this building alone. Drop in for a drink or 12, dance to a song or 30, and as always WE at THE FAT MAN’S HOUSE, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


Saturday Happenings!

A Saturday at “THE BEACH CLUB” is always full of life! The club will open at 11am for lunch. Happy Hour also known as The Bored Meeting will crank up around 4pm. The meeting on the veranda yesterday was great for just a little while. You can feel just a “hint” of Fall in the air. Terri rides in around 5pm and Shannon, Deb (who has a birthday tomorrow), Brenda and Shannon Rogers will man the bars this evening. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth. So get your shoes ready for some “smokin” feet tonight! We are within reach of SOS Fall Migration, just a blink away. We have planned a wonderful 10 days of some of the best DJ’s and Bands on the Planet. YOU MUST make it a point to stop by and Dance a few at The World Famous Fat Harold’s Beach Club during your stay. We all know we are not promised tomorrow, so dance like nobody’s watching, tell someone you love them today, be safe in your travels and if you need us we are just a phone call away. We are waiting on you! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


Oh My, It’s Friday, Already?

My how time flies when you are having fun and FUN is in the air again tonite. DJ Jay Nelms starts the evening off and 7pm and DJ Milton White comes in right behind him to “Party Til the Lights Go Out”. It’s dancing at it’s finest at The Fat Man’s House tonite. Oh don’t forget it’s Pork Chop Day in The Shag City Grill. Bo the Web Guy will be in to shoot a portion of Shag City TV with LUNCH with LULU. Come in eat a bit and maybe you will be asked to be on TV. You never know what Bo has up his sleeve. We are so blessed to have such a great team of girls plus a couple of boys, working to make sure you have a great experience at Fat Harold’s. We are proud when we say, “Collectively, we have given The Fat Man way over 125 years of our lives”. Find me another place that can say that! Oh well, we got to go get the pork chops and bologna ready, prepare for your arrival at SOS and love you to pieces when you walk in that door! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Thirsty Thursday is Back!

Looking forward to some Fun and Dancing tomorrow at The Fat Man’s House? Well you have to eat first, so come on out and have one of Lulu’s Hamburger Steaks, FF, Slaw and Hushpuppie, tea or soda at 11am until 2pm. Then and only then will she let you dance and have fun. lol We’ve got “Buckets of Beer” for $12.50 and $2.50 Vodka Drinks all day long. Also our regular “Bored Meeting” aka Happy Hour will convene at 4pm until 7 at which time Jennette Stanley gathers the crowd to the floor to teach them a new line dance! This Line Dance thing has been fun and something new to look forward to for several weeks now. Thank you for a GREAT JOB Jennette! DJ Jason Justice will be in the booth playing everything from A to Z and then some. Come out for a fun filled nite and Get Your Shag ON! Love YOU, Mean It, FOREVER!



Good Morning to all of our Fat Harold Fans! We will be open at 11am with Lunch with Lulu. She whipping up some good ole burgers topped with mushrooms, grilled onions and provolone cheese. Team this burger up with some FF a pickle and fresh brewed sweet tea or a Coke product of your choice. This is HAPPY DAY at Fat Harold’s and we have reduced drink prices for your taking! Wednesday nites are fun at The Fat Man’s House and tonite DJ Lanny Elmore will be your host in the booth! He will play whatever you want to hear. Just ASK! Shannon and The Fun Team want you to know that we appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thanks for your patronage. We still have Fat Harold’s books and some new T-Shirts. Get yours today! It’s countdown time to SOS and we are excited about seeing all of our out of town friends. Make sure you put Fat Harold’s on your To Do List for SOS. We have some very exciting plans and great DJ’s picked out just for YOU! Have a wonderful day, listen to the music, tell someone you love them and as always from the bottom of our hearts WE LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!


Pizazz Appearing Tonite!

Doors open at 11am. Lulu made Homemade Chicken Salad for lunch! Happy Hour starts promptly at 4pm. The Fun Team led by Shannon start trickling in around 5pm to get your drink on before DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin starts the music at 7pm! Come early and shag, shag, shag! DJ Milton White will be in the back room if you don’t like bands. So NO Complaining! We would like to welcome The Pizazz Band to The Fat Man’s Stage at 9pm. Come check them out! It’s gonna be a good nite tonite! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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