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This WEEK at Fat Harold’s!

merry christmasIt’s the Monday before Christmas and we are open tonite. Mama Brenda opens at 4pm for Happy Hour. Tomorrow Terry opens at 4pm for Happy Hour and Jammin’ Jimmy will be in the booth. We are CLOSED WEDNESDAY CHRISTMAS EVE AND THURDAY CHRISTMAS DAY! We will be back on Thursday ready to kick in the NEW YEAR. We have a few tickets left so if you haven’t purchased yours you better get it today. Without the tickets you will be paying a cover charge for the bands of $10 per band and $25 for New Years Eve. You can get all of that for just $25. Yes a one time payment of $25. Plus you get Jacks Collards, Black Eyes and Cornbread on New Years Day. We sure hope you will spend New Years with us. There are a lot of things going on I know, but this is HOME! May you have a Very Merry Christmas from all of us at Fat Harold’s. Don’t forget the reason for the season and be safe in your travels. We will see you when you get here. Let’s make this transition into the New Year a one of a kind celebration with the blessing of The Great Fatsby himself! We LOVE YOU and WE MEAN IT! Ain’t it funny how the word LOVE gets passed around like a plate of biscuits. We can sleep at night cause if we tell you we love you. WE MEAN IT!

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It’s Friday Nite Dance Party Night! Come Celebrate!

santaIt’s a great morning in Ocean Drive. Our Fat Man is sitting up in the bed eating scrambled eggs. A Christmas Miracle! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of the prayers. You can’t tell me prayer doesn’t work. I saw it with my own eyes this morning. Praise be to God! We are going to open up this joint at 11am and celebrate all day long. Then Happy Hour starts at 4pm and last until 7pm and then the dancing will begin to celebrate. The staff, family and close friends of Fat Harold just want to thank you again for all of the prayers and we also would like to thank Seacoast for taking care of him and finding out what was really wrong with him. ALL SMILES TODAY! Have a wonderful day, kiss your loved ones and dance like nobody’s watching. Love YOU, Mean It!
PS. We still have some New Years Tickets available. Get your today.

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nye2014Out with the Old and In with the New! We are going to have a ball ya’ll tonite at The New Year’s Eve Bash. Come get Leid, Shag, Drink and end this year with your best buddies. Two rooms, two dance floors and two DJ’s. We are a Shag Club so we just decided to Shag the night away. The Shag City Grill will open at 11am and close at 5pm to reopen at 7pm when we are all ready for your arrival. No Reserved seating. First come, first SIT! As always, it has been a great pleasure to serve you all this year. We have lost some dear friends this year and gained some new ones. God has Blessed us in many ways and The Fat Man and The Staff at Fat Harold’s Beach Club just want YOU to know how greatful we are for what we have. YOU, we have YOU. We wouldn’t be here if not for YOU. Let’s get this party started. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Twas the Thursday Before Christmas and……

merry christmasCome out to Fat Harold’s tonite and get in the spirit! Jeanette is teaching line dance lessons at 7pm. Shannon and Debbie are behind the bar and DJ Jimmy Buffkin is in the booth! Jackie opens at 11am for lunch! Good food, good drinks, good people, great music. It don’t get no better than this. New Years packages are still on sale. We are going to have one heck of a New Year’s Blast. You really need to consider Fat Harold’s for your New Year’s destination. This Weekend is going to be rockin as well. Your favorite DJ’s in the booth combined with all of our wonderful family and friends under one roof stirring up some Christmas Cheer. Wow! You must come on down. If you are traveling during the Christmas and New Year’s season please be very careful. The Fat Man and all of his little old elves wish you the very Merriest of Christmas’s and a Wonderful start to a New Year! Bless each and everyone of you. We Love YOU and we TRULY Mean IT!

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fat-mans-nyeIt’s New Year’s Eve and we hope you have had fun so far. The club opens at 11am for lunch, libation and a little dancing we hope. We will close at 5pm and reopen the doors at 7pm to start the Celebration! Get your dancing shoes on cause the floors are going to be hot with DJ’s Gary Bass, David Harris and Jimmy Buffkin. Champagne toast and party favors and some of the best shag music in the whole wide world will be provided for you this evening. We hope you will join us to bring in 2013. We still have a few $25 tickets for grabs. This entitles you to all of the festivities tonite and lunch tomorrow. Grab you one before they get gone. Thanks for the good times in 2012 and thanks for sticking by us in the not so good times. It means the world to us to know that we have loyal FRIENDS! Friends hell, YOU ARE FAMILY! Enjoy yourselves wherever you may be, be safe so we can see you again and WE LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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DJ Gary Bass in the BOOTH TONITE!

We are going to have some fun tonite Ladies and Gentlemen! Our Master DJ himself, Jerry Franklin Bass, is going to be in The Booth Tonite! I can feel the heat off of that floor right now and considering it is 33 degrees outside, that feels pretty ding dang good! The Club will open at 4pm with Mama Brenda at the Grill! The rest of the gang will come in later and it’s on! Don’t forget to get signed up for the best New Year’s Eve Party on the beach. Boy do we have another surprise in store for you. Will let you know in a few. Those of you who don’t come are going to be SOOOOO Disappointed! Oh well, your loss is somebody else’s gain! Stocking stuffers and Christmas presents are still available, hoodies, hats, Fat Harold’s book, Gift Cards loaded with what ever amount you would like to give, SOS Cards and New Years packages. Lot’s to choose from. Have a super day and as always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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NMB Christmas Parade Tonite!

A cool nite, a Christmas Parade, a hot toddy or cold one, right in front of The Fat Man’s House! Can you think of anything better for a Saturday nite besides dancing the nite away? Well you can do all of the above this evening. The parade starts at 5:30pm and they are closing the streets at 5:00pm, so get ready for the nite get in the parking lot before the streets close and spend the evening with us. You will not be able to get in the parking lot until 7:30 or after because the neighbor next door has the parking lot beside us all gated up and you will NOT be able to get in the back way. The club will open at 4pm and all bars will be open so you don’t have to miss a bit of the parade. DJ Jimmy Buffkin will be in the DJ booth following the parade. Come party with us tonite. The New Year’s Packages are rolling in. Thanks for getting them in early. Our first prize winner has been reached and we are almost to the second one. You will get your prize packages throughout the evening on New Year’s Eve. We have some very good prizes too! Go ahead and get them in. SOS cards are available, Fat Harold’s books, t-shirts, hats, etc. I failed to mention we even have Fat Harold’s wine. Now what a novelty Christmas gift that would be. Also sweatshirts will be in next week! Got to get on down the road. See you at the club this evening. Hugs and kisses! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Celebrate at Fat Harold’s – New Years Extravaganza

Sending out 2012 – Bringing in 2013
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Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday to all of our friends! We would like to thank you all for your company and kind words this weekend. What a blast was had by all! Lulu is going to be open for lunch at 11ish and DJ Jason Justice is playing music late this afternoon into the night. Little Terry will venture in around 5pm to open the Big Bar.Thanks to all for everything and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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