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2015 Fat Harolds CSAHappy Labor Day Weekend! We hope you will stop by this weekend and enjoy our Labor Day Shag Contest. This is something that was started years ago and The Fat Man wanted it to continue. The only difference is it is CSA! Lil’ Tommy Hamrick will be in the booth for the contest. Good Music, Good Shag! Come down and support our “Shag”! Contest starts at 9pm Friday and Saturday nights! Don’t want to watch? You want to dance? OK!!!! The back room will be open and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be back there Friday night and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be back there Saturday! See, we can make everybody “Happy”! Let us all have a safe and wonderful Holiday Weekend! Don’t forget, HOTO’s, Last day in history, Monday, Sept 7. Who’s playing??? Jim Quick, King Tyrone, Coastline!!! This will be a weekend for the books! Please say a little prayer for all of our friends working at Hoto’s, that they will find another job. It will never be the same family but God will provide! We love you bunches from The Fun Team! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!



FAT HAROLDS PHOTOGood Morning to all our friends and family! Another beautiful day has awoken. Let’s use it to it’s fullest. You can come and use us today too! We will open at 4pm for Happy Hour and when it’s over at 7pm, Jeanette will show you the latest and greatest line dances! The lessons are FREE, so why not take advantage of them. You don’t get many free things in this world anymore. Our DJ for the evening is David “Hey Boy” Harris! He starts at 7pm and will play as long as you let him. Wear him out. He needs a long night! hahaha There is a band in the street this evening from 7 until 9pm. Tastes Like Chicken will be on stage playing a variety of music and we can provide the drinks for the evening. Just walk on in and get some cold brews or a shooter or 10! We do so hope you will join us for this evening activities on Main Street. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT! SOS is right around the corner. GET READY!

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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOWhat’s happening at Fat Harold’s today, you say? Well, we’re going to open at 1pm so you can come in a get you a blackened bologna sandwich and a cold beer then we’re going to start Happy Hour at 4pm and continue through 7pm. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will enter “The Booth” at 7pm and then I think the party IS ON! Come on down, check us out if you haven’t had the opportunity before and for all of our family and friends. YOU KNOW THE DRILL!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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FAT HAROLDS PHOTOThe club opens at 4pm. There is cooler weather coming folks. We promise. We have Happy Hour from 4 until 7pm. Jeanette teaches FREE Line Dance Lessons at 7pm and DJ Milton “The Shadow” White is your featured DJ for the evening. Come on down to the beach and Fat Harold’s. As the Fat Man says, “You ain’t been to the beach unless you’ve been to Fat Harold’s” and as Forrest Gump would say, “Fat Harold’s is like a box of chocolates. You don’t ever know what your gonna get”! But fun we have. Dump trucks full! See ya when ya get here. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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coastline-haroldsTwas the Tuesday before NEW YEAR’S and all through Fat Harolds, not a creature was stirring, not even a possum! The stars are all hanging from the ceiling with care, just knowing that Jim Quick & Coastline are soon to blossom! Yes, Jim and the boys with all of their toys, will be on the stage, creating such rage. If you want a table, you better be able, to get here real soon, cause there will only be standing room. 1PM or fashionably later, the band starts to play and we gonna have an AWESOME DAY! Well I don’t write poetry like my cuzzin but maybe he will give me a few hints for future posts. All names will be changed though to protect the innocent!! hehehe We open at 11am so come on down and grab some lunch and get you table. DJ’s for the day are Gary Bass impersonator from 1 til 5pm, Milton (The Shadow) White from 5-9pm and to close out the evening David (Hey Boy) Harris! Let’s get ready to RUMBLE, oops I forgot already Jim was on the stage, let me rephrase this: LET’S GET READY TO TUMBLE!!! Got to go to work. Love YOU, Mean IT!


Junior SOS

MONDAY……Shag Lessons with Judy Duke. 7PM. $10 DJ Kitty Earles
TUESDAY…..Shag Lessons with Jeppy and Nikki. FREE DJ Jimmy Buffkin JUNIOR SOS
WEDNESDAY…CUSTOMER APPECIATION! Happy Hour prices for your drinking pleasure. DJ David Harris JUNIOR SOS
THURSDAY….FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS with Jeanette Stanley. 7pm DJ Jimmy Buffkin JUNIOR SOS
SATURDAY….Grill opens at 11am. Junior Hot Dog Social in Back Room. JUNIOR MIXED DOUBLES (HANDICAPPED) 2:30 UNTIL
DJ Larry Edwards. Saturday night DJ GARY BASS
SUNDAY……Gospel Brunch for Juniors sponsored by OD Shag Club. 10AM. Sunday night DJ Jimmy Buffkin

Happy Hour Daily from 4pm until 7pm. Grill opens Friday and Saturday at 11am. Come and join us for a week of Shagging and watch our future grow. They are amazing! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!


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It’s Monday, Do You Know Where Your Shag Shoes Are?

shag dancersDon’t say they are worn out from the weekend! We are just getting started. The club opens today at 4pm with Mama Brenda as your hostess with the best drinks in town. Try one of her famous Margaritas and you will be set and ready to go for Judy Duke’s Shag Lessons at 7pm featuring Judy, Jennifer and all of the helpers and….DJ Milton “The Shadow” White in the booth. Come and learn the basic or brush up on that new step that you want to throw out to the crowd this week and next, during SOS. Yes, SOS is upon us and we are ready to throw down! The i’s and been dotted and the t’s have been crossed and we are READY FOR YOU! We can’t wait to see all of our friends and meet new ones. Got to get on down the road and finish up some minor details. Love YOU, Mean IT! PS………..Don’t forget the JUMP START PARTY on Wednesday nite at 7pm. FREE HOTDOGS!

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hall-fame-promoIt’s finally here, what you’ve all been waiting for, FAT HAROLD’S BEACH MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA, today at 1pm, featuring, The Craig Woolard Band, Sea Cruz, and Jim Quick and Coastline! Ya’ll get your Sunday best on and come out to here some fantastic music and help raise money for The Hall of Fame Foundation. This is our 9th year running and we always have a huge turnout. The cover is $10 per head with all net proceeds going directly to The Hall of Fame Foundation to help those in need. This group has helped so many, with all kinds of problems and with your help can help so many more! Plus you get to hear some Jam Up Music from the bands and other SPECIAL GUESTS joining throughout the afternoon. So you can’t say I don’t have a thing to do today cause we are right here loaded for bears. We will have a 50/50 drawing, a silent auction and we have sold a number of tables for those willing to pay the big bucks for The Hall of Fame Foundation. We will see you when you get here. There’s gonna be a fine time in The Fat Man’s House today! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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It’s a Throw Down Kind of Weekend!

fatdaddy laughingThe Fat Man invites you to join us for loads of music, fun and dancing tonite at THE HOUSE! We open today at 11am with Lunch w/Jackie. Come get you a good ole guttbuster to chase away that hang around and get ready for another day in 29582! DJ’s start at 4pm when DJ Milton “The Shadow” White hits the booth followed by DJ “Jammin” Jimmy at 7pm til close and that’s just the front room. In the back room we have a live remote with DJ’s Ray Scot and Joey Warren from 5pm until 9pm followed by DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris until closing. The DJ Hall of Fame inductions will take place right here at Fat Harold’s at 10pm. Don’t miss it. These guys deserve to be honored by all. We gonna do some dancing in the house tonite. Come join us. You’ll be glad you did. NO COVER, JUST FUN! Tomorrow we are breaking in a new band and a couple of new DJ’s to our family. DJ KJ starts at Noon and PALMETTO GROVE hits the stage at 2pm. These guys are great. Come show them some OD LOVE and girls they ain’t bad on the eyes either!! (snicker) Get here early so you can get up front. DJ Milton White comes on at 6 and plays until 9pm and then DJ Jimmy Buffkin will close things out in the front room. We have a special guest DJ Butch Halpin in the back room on Saturday night at 8pm. Sunday is our BEACH MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA for the Hall of Fame Foundation featuring The Craig Woolard Band, Sea Cruz and Jim Quick and Coastline. There is a $10 cover charge with net proceeds going to The Hall of Fame Foundation to be used for anyone in dire need. There will be other special guests joining these performers throughout the day along with a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend at The Fat Man’s House. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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