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SHAGWe open at 4pm today. It’s warm inside and we have FREE Shag Lessons at 7pm with Jeppy McDowell. Terry’s behind the bar with all kinds of exciting stories to with her exciting beverages.
Come see us! DJ Jimmy Buffkin is in the booth! Love You, MEAN IT!

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weargreenA St. Patty’s Celebration at it’s finest. We will start the day out with The Beer Cart opening at the crack of dawn, or at least it’s going to feel like it. I haven’t poured a draft beer in a while but will attempt to do so this Saturday morning when Brian and I (Lulu) will entertain you and try to get you a little snockered at the Beer Wagon. Big Ron and Jim will be at the grill cookin up some burgers and bologna for you to munch on and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will play some of his great tunes to keep you jumpin all day until SEA CRUZ hits the stage at 4pm. That right SEA CRUZ is going to throw down at four so come on in tha door. No cover, bring your lover and have the time of your life right here at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. They will play until 8pm and DJ Gary Bass will finish out the night in the booth. This is a spectacular day at Fat Harold’s and everyone seems so fresh and frisky. Must be the Leprechaun coming out in them!!! Follow that rainbow to the pot-o-gold located at 212 Main Street in North Myrtle Beach affectionately known as The Fat Man’s House. We’ll be waiting on you. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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palmetto-grooveWhat a weekend so far and we haven’t even knocked the dust off of it. The grill is open come get your burger now! DJ KJ (Ken Jones) is in the booth playing all of your special requests right NOW and PALMETTO GROOVE BAND cranks it up at 2pm. Please come out and show them the Fat Harold’s love. This is there first time here and we don’t want it to be their last, so come on out. They play until 6pm. DJ David Harris comes in at 2pm in the back room will play until 6pm. DJ Milton White starts at 6pm followed by DJ Jimmy Buffkin in the front room and at 8pm DJ Butch Halpin will entertain you in the back room. Got to work some now. See ya’ll in a little while. Love YOU, MEAN IT!

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harolds-cwbCome out tonite for a great time. The grill is open righ now and Jackie is cooking up a storm. Happy Hour is from 4 until 7pm. DJ Milton White starts it off with some sweet shaggin music at 7pm to lead off the evenings activities. Jeanette Stanley will teach you the newest Line Dances for FREE at 7pm. DJ David Harris will open the back room at 7pm and get the building real warm for a Heat Wave at 9pm when DJ Ray Scott brings on THE CRAIG WOOLARD BAND. What a fun-filled night we have in store for you. Please join us! You’ll be glad you did. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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fatdaddy laughing
Monday 7pm Shag lessons with Judy Duke
Thursday Free Line Dance Lessons 7pm
C.W.B. 8pm
David HEY BOY Harris in the BACK YARD 7pm
Friday YOUR BEACH MUSIC.COM Party in the Back Room 5pm
With Ray Scott and Joey “Velvet” Warren.
Saturday Palmetto Groove band 2 till 6pm
SEA CRUZ, and Great artists stopping in.
WHAT A FUN WEEK FOR YOU!!! Brought to you by Fat Harold ,and the Fun Team!!!! YOU KNOW WE LOVE YA;}
No Cover Monday through Saturday. Sunday is donations for Hall of Fame Foundation.

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hump day 2It’s time for some LOVE. Come on out tonite and let us love you with some reduced drinks prices for our very favorite Customers. It’s CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NIGHT! We missed last week, so we’ve got some catching up to do. The club opens at 4pm so come and get an early start. The grill will be open for one of those delicious, mouth-watering Cheesburgers. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth playing that good ole Shag music like yo Momma used to dance to! Get er done and get on out to The Fat Man’s House. You will be glad you did! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Lets-ShagThe weekend is here YIPPEE! Come on down for some lunch with Jackie starting at 11am. Then it’s on to Happy Hour at 4pm. All of you who are in town for the National Prelims are invited to come and practice if you would like to. At 7pm DJ “Jammin Jimmy” Buffkin will strut his stuff in the DJ booth for your Friday Night Dance Party. Bundled up and come on down. It’s warm inside! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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line dance partyIt’s Thursday and time for our Line Dance Party featuring Jeanette Stanley teaching you the new line dances. No partner necessary, EVER! These are FREE, so come on down and learn a dance that you will have an absolute ball doing. If your spouse is shy or grouchy you can still DANCE! DJ David Harris will provide the tunes. Hope to see you tonite at the Fat Man’s House! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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LOVE YOUIt’s Wednesday and time to bundle up and come out for some Dancing and mingling with your BFF’s! We have drink specials all day long and open for some good cooking at 11am. Music by DJ David Harris tonite at 7pm. I got to hit the road but will be looking for you today at lunch when Jackie whips up some tummy warming food. Come on down. You can dance off that Cheeseburger in no time flat. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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steve-owensIt’s the last official day of Mid-Winter Break. From the looks of it you have had a pretty large time. We are glad that you spent most of your time at The Fat Man’s House. We tried our best to make it a great weekend for you all! Those who like to just dance, those of you who like bands, those of you who like to drink, eat and just sit back and gaggled with your friends and those of you who like to watch our future grow with our wonderful dance “The Shag” in our youth. Great things are happening at Fat Harold’s and will continue to do so as long as we all shall live! Don’t listen to anything that doesn’t come out of our mouths for it may not be true. WE love you all, whether you don’t drink (maybe you can’t), whether you bitch all the time (maybe your bored) and whether you just don’t like us (maybe you have lost your ever loving …). We still love you and cater to you just like everyone else. There will always be complaints and criticism’s. Some we actually learn from and some that we dump way out in the beautiful ocean that attracts all of you to this area. We are HUMAN. We, make MISTAKES. BUT this weekend we’ve hit a home run. We want you to leave here with love in your hearts for The Gang at Fat Harolds, The Shag, North Myrtle Beach and all of the surrounding business establishments. Without YOU, there would be NO US! But before you pack up and head out we are opening at 11am so you can get that last bloody mary or blackened bologna sandwich. (We will fix to go orders so you can have one for the road)! IF you are not leaving please join us at 4pm for one of Beach Music’s newest stars, STEVE OWENS & Summertime. A crowd pleaser for sure. Steve once said to me, “If I can’t play live music, I’m not gonna play”! So come on out and listen to them play. You don’t get to hear them every weekend or every other weekend like you can some of the other bands so join us for some last minute FUN, FUN, FUN! Their music is sooooo shagable. Have I created at new word this am? Guess I better get my buttocks to work. See you in a minute. Love YOU, Mean IT! PS. There will be no cover charge today!

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