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beach musicCustomer Appreciation is on Wednesday so get your dudds on and come on down! We open at 4pm and then it’s game on. The DJ for tonight is “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin who will play what you want to Shag to! Let’s get this party started. Thanks to all who supported our Juniors this past week. Looks to me like we have a great start on our future. The Fat Man came out to watch and had an awesome time! I think he got a picture with every kid and big kid in here. Don’t forget Jim Quick and Coastline will be on stage at 8pm on Thursday night! Make plans now. Time to go make the doughnuts! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!



fat harold 2It’s Friday and we are gonna Party til the Lights Go OUT! The club opens for lunch at 11am and will close when the last person drops or gets run out, (whichever comes first)! DJ Jimmy Buffkin is in the booth this evening so you better grab two pairs of shoes! Jus sayin! The Juniors are in town and they have been stopping by to shine in all the clubs all week long. They are awesome. So proud to know that our beloved Shag Dance is catching on so good in the next generation. Kudos to the master minds behind the scenes teaching them and telling them the stories. Got to get to work and not so sure this is going to make the cut for the email cause we are so close. I’m sorry if it doesn’t and sometimes it might not but you will know what is going on down here. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Make plans for tomorrow. Mixed Doubles (handicapped) Contest at 2pm. You don’t want to miss this. It’s toooooo funny!

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It’s Thursday and time to turn it up a notch cause we are heading into the weekend. What a weekend we have in store for you. Check out the website to see what’s happening. Tonite Jeanette Stanley is going to teach you another neat Line Dance so you can dance even when there is no one to dance with. Did you know line dancing was invented by some ladies waiting in line at the bathroom? I didn’t either. Wonder if this is true? If you know this is true and would like to share the facts, please let us know. lol The club opens at 4pm for Happy Hour, Jeanette’s FREE Lessons are at 7pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing tonight! Come on down to the Fat Man’s House and have yourself some FUN! You ain’t been to the beach unless you’ve been to Fat Harold’s! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!

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hump day 2Happy Wednesday! We open the club at 4pm and the party is on cause it’s Customer Appreciation Day! Come get you some love! DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris is in the booth! If you would please let me know if this gets to your email. I am trying to figure out again what time the email is sent from website. Please email me at lulu@fatharolds.com if you received this post in email format. Thank you, Then I will know how much earlier I must get up in the morning. lol Have a great day and Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!

Junior SOS Schedule

MONDAY……Shag Lessons with Judy Duke. 7PM. $10 DJ Kitty Earles
TUESDAY…..Shag Lessons with Jeppy and Nikki. FREE DJ Jimmy Buffkin JUNIOR SOS
WEDNESDAY…CUSTOMER APPECIATION! Happy Hour prices for your drinking pleasure. DJ David Harris JUNIOR SOS
THURSDAY….FREE LINE DANCE LESSONS with Jeanette Stanley. 7pm DJ Jimmy Buffkin JUNIOR SOS
SATURDAY….Grill opens at 11am. Junior Hot Dog Social in Back Room. JUNIOR MIXED DOUBLES (HANDICAPPED) 2:30 UNTIL
DJ Larry Edwards. Saturday night DJ GARY BASS
SUNDAY……Gospel Brunch for Juniors sponsored by OD Shag Club. 10AM. Sunday night DJ Jimmy Buffkin
Happy Hour Daily from 4pm until 7pm. Grill opens Friday and Saturday at 11am. Come and join us for a week of Shagging and watch our future grow. They are amazing! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet!


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hump day 2It’s Wednesday and all is well at The Fat Man’s House! Today is your day. Reduced drinks price all day long, just for you! Why? Because we appreciate you. Without you there would be no us! Things get cranked up at 4pm when Pam comes in to open the grill. Shannon and Debbie will round out your bartenders for the evening and DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth playing your favorite dance tunes. Wednesday is a happening night here at The Fat Man’s so shine up those shoes and head on out to meet and greet your friends and celebrate HUMP DAY! We can’t wait for you to get here. Love YOU, MEAN It!

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SHAGWE open at 4pm with Happy Hour! Jeppy and Nikki teach FREE Shag Lessons at 7pm! DJ “Jammin” jimmy Buffkin is in the booth! Come see us! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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This Week at The Fat Man’s House

beach musicIt’s Monday and time to let you know what’s going on around here. MONDAY………We open at 4pm with Mama Brenda serving up your favorite cocktails. The grill is NOT open, so you better get a bite before you get here. 7pm is the magic time although! Judy Duke takes to the dance floor with all of the energy of a sixteen year old teaching you how to SHAG! There is a $10 charge per person. DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth helping Judy as well as playing as long as you can keep her here. TUESDAY……We open at 4pm and The Shag City Grill is open. Jeppy and Miss Nikki teach FREE Shag Lessons at 7pm and this week they are accompanied by DJ David Harris in the booth. WEDNESDAY……..CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NIGHT….bring it on down to The Fat Man’s House for some mid-week fun and shag dancing. We have HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY LONG! DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be in the booth packing the floor. THURSDAY………It’s LINE DANCE Class for FREE…taught by the beaches BEST LINE DANCER, Jeanette Stanley. She starts at 7pm and gets you revved up for a great night of not only Line Dance but Shagging afterwards. She will give you a WORK OUT! This weeks DJ is DJ David Harris! “HEY BOY”! TGIF!!!!! It’s FRIDAY….We open for lunch at 11am. PORK CHOPS are on the grill every Friday with different sides and Sweet Ice Tea! Happy Hour is 4pm until 7pm and then it’s time for The Friday Nite Dance Party featuring DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. He can fill a dance floor. NO JOKE! Come see! We also welcome The HOFF Al Cain Golf Tournament players. Come sign up to play in this tournament. Light refreshments will be served and the Bar in the back room will be open for your convenience. 7 until 10pm. SATURDAY……..The grill opens again for one of those fabulous Cheeseburgers or a Blackened Bologna Sandwich. Try our FF…best on the beach! Happy Hour is from 4pm until 7pm and it’s another night of shag dancing and romancing with DJ Gene Sistare. Gene is a great DJ and we just love it when he comes this way to play. Don’t forget that the OD SHAG CLUB June Party starts at 6pm! These people are wild and FUN! Come get in on the mayhem. SUNDAY…….We are back to opening at 4 on Sunday, no need competing with Ole Mr. Sun. We realized this a long time ago! Terry cranks up Happy Hour at 4pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing the music. This night has become a fun, laid back night, full of dancing to some of the music that made The Shag, The Shag. Come on down for a while. You know you want to! Well that’s all folks! Until next week or if I have time or something of importance comes up, I might pop in from time to time. You never know when I might appear. I might have some big news before the weekend! You better stay on your toes and check back frequently. As always, LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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fatdaddy laughingIt’s Wednesday and even though I will not be there, I would like for you all to come out and let me appreciate you with our Happy Day drinks specials! We will open at 4pm, so come on down and grab a cold one and one of my world famous Bologna Sandwiches. DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris will be in the booth playing our favorite songs. Come out and have some FUN at MY HOUSE! The girls will take good care of you and if they don’t, you know what to do???? I miss seeing you all and hope to see you soon. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Thursday Through the Weekend!

dance is good smallIt’s Thursday and time to head in to the weekend. Do you have your plans made yet? If not make sure you include Fat Harold’s as one of your party destinations. Today we open at 4pm with Happy Hour and it lasts until 7pm. This will be the daily thing for the weekend. We have FREE Line Dance Lessons tonite at 7pm and DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing some music. Friday: We open at 11 am for lunch. Amy is cooking up some delicious Pork Chops. Come and get yourself some. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will return to the booth at 7pm to crank out all of the SHAG Songs your little feet can stand. On Saturday we will open at 11am for lunch, Happy Hour at 4pm and DJ Gary Bass will fill the floor with excitement. Sunday we are back to opening at 4pm for Happy Hour and your DJ for the evening is guess who? DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin. That’s about all for now folks. Please let Fat Harold’s be in your plans for the weekend, you will not be disappointed. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Saturday Heat!!!!!

SHAGHello all you party people!!! Club opens today at 11 am. to get your grub on!!! The main room opening at 5pm to get your SHAG ON !!!! Jammin” Jimmy B. in the booth with all of the greatest shag tunes to get you on the floor!!!! Because, we know you love the music,the dance, and the great history of it all!!!! Sooooo, you bring your feet, and we’ll bring the heat:)

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