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shag dancersWow, what a great weekend we are going to have in OD! The weather is beautiful and we are going to PARTY! Shag Dancing at it’s finest tonight. But first, we open the grill at 11am so you can come in and get those tummy’s coated for the libations later today and tonight. We would like to welcome Lincolnton High School Class Reunion in the back room tonight! They will be around all weekend. DJ Johnny B will be in the “Booth” tonite! Come on down and play with us! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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line dance partyMy goodness, how time fly’s! It’s already Thursday and we are ready for it. We open at 4pm today and Happy Hour starts at 4pm and lasts until 7pm. Come and bring a friend. FREE Line Dance Lessons with Jeanette at 7pm followed by a shaggin’ and line dancin’ good time. DJ Milton White will be in the booth playing some mighty fine music. We hope to see you at The Fat Man’s House tonight! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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tgifHappy Friday! We open the The Shag City Grill at 11am so come get you a Bologna Sandwich! It’s a beautiful day so get out early and get on down here. HAPPY HOUR starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm! DJ Kitty Earles will entertain you from the DJ Booth! Let’s gather together and throw down tonite at The Fat Man’s Friday Night Dance Party! See ya when ya get here! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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line dance partyHappy Day to you! We will open up this joint at 4pm to get you ready for Jeanette’s Line Dance Lessons. They are FREE and they start at 7pm. Line Dance Lessons are offered for those who don’t have a partner, would rather dance by themselves on a crowded floor or get that sudden urge to dance and your partner is at the bar or in the bathroom. You need these lessons. Jeanette teaches different dances that we use to wake up the crowd and it’s also great exercise! So get on down here tonight and get you some lessons. DJ Milton White will be in the booth for your dancing pleasure! We can’t wait til you get here. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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LOVE OUR CUSTOMERSIt’s the middle of the week again. Can you believe it? Don’t let this rain stop you from coming out tonight. It’s raining outside, not inside!!! We will open the club at 4pm and hope to see you at some point in the afternoon or evening. DJ “Jammin” Jimmy will be in the booth. I bet he will throw down tonight. How about YOU? Got to go make the doughnuts. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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shag dancersWe’ll be open at 4pm, including the grill, for all of those cold libations and juicy Cheesburgers. Come on down to The Fat Man’s House and let’s have some fun. FREE fun! Jeppy and Miss Nikki will be teaching you how to shag! Starts at 7pm, so don’t be late. We’ll see you when you get here! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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It’s Friday, Baby

beach musicIt’s Friday and time to shake a leg. Get your stuff together and head on down to beautiful Ocean Drive cause it’s ALIVE! We open today at 11am and Amy will cook you up some grub. While your at it have one of the coldest beers on the beach. At 4pm we will start Happy Hour and run her until 7pm! Then DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will get in the booth and get er dun! We are going to party tonite ya’ll so don’t miss it! If you have too much ask Shannon to call you a cab. We like to keep our family safe. Can’t wait to see you all at the Fat Man’s House later on today. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Happy Hump Day!

hump day 2A good Wednesday morning to ya! It’s hump day and you know what that means? It’s Happy Day at Fat Harold’s. We open at 4pm and we don’t have Happy Hour, we have Happy Day! Reduced drink prices all night long. Be here. DJ Milton “The Shadow” White is in the booth tonite playing your favorite tunes so come on out and lets break this week in half! Hope to see you soon! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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tgifIt’s Friday Ya’ll and time to play! So let’s get this party started and get on down to Fat Harold’s for your weekend fix! We start at 11am and continue on through the day. Amy will be cooking up some good ole burgers so come get you some! DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth. Sounds like a plan to me! We’ll be looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Customer Appreciation Tonite!

LOVE OUR CUSTOMERSIt’s Hump Day and time to grab your favorite friends and head out to Fat Harold’s Beach Club for Customer Appreciation! We open at 4pm and Happy Day begins then. Grab a burger or one of our Famous Bologna Sandwiches and hit the bar and then on to the dance floor! DJ Kitty Earles will be your DJ for the evening. Come on out and have a ball, ya’ll! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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