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It’s a Throw Down Kind of Weekend!

fatdaddy laughingThe Fat Man invites you to join us for loads of music, fun and dancing tonite at THE HOUSE! We open today at 11am with Lunch w/Jackie. Come get you a good ole guttbuster to chase away that hang around and get ready for another day in 29582! DJ’s start at 4pm when DJ Milton “The Shadow” White hits the booth followed by DJ “Jammin” Jimmy at 7pm til close and that’s just the front room. In the back room we have a live remote with DJ’s Ray Scot and Joey Warren from 5pm until 9pm followed by DJ David “Hey Boy” Harris until closing. The DJ Hall of Fame inductions will take place right here at Fat Harold’s at 10pm. Don’t miss it. These guys deserve to be honored by all. We gonna do some dancing in the house tonite. Come join us. You’ll be glad you did. NO COVER, JUST FUN! Tomorrow we are breaking in a new band and a couple of new DJ’s to our family. DJ KJ starts at Noon and PALMETTO GROVE hits the stage at 2pm. These guys are great. Come show them some OD LOVE and girls they ain’t bad on the eyes either!! (snicker) Get here early so you can get up front. DJ Milton White comes on at 6 and plays until 9pm and then DJ Jimmy Buffkin will close things out in the front room. We have a special guest DJ Butch Halpin in the back room on Saturday night at 8pm. Sunday is our BEACH MUSIC EXTRAVAGANZA for the Hall of Fame Foundation featuring The Craig Woolard Band, Sea Cruz and Jim Quick and Coastline. There is a $10 cover charge with net proceeds going to The Hall of Fame Foundation to be used for anyone in dire need. There will be other special guests joining these performers throughout the day along with a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend at The Fat Man’s House. Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Sea Cruz – Saint Paddy Parade

We can’t promise you that Allie will pinch you if you don’t wear green, but we can promise you a good time as Sea Cruz takes the stage March 15th after the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival held by city of North Myrtle Beach! Be here at 4PM


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fatdaddy laughing
Monday 7pm Shag lessons with Judy Duke
Thursday Free Line Dance Lessons 7pm
C.W.B. 8pm
David HEY BOY Harris in the BACK YARD 7pm
Friday YOUR BEACH MUSIC.COM Party in the Back Room 5pm
With Ray Scott and Joey “Velvet” Warren.
Saturday Palmetto Groove band 2 till 6pm
SEA CRUZ, and Great artists stopping in.
WHAT A FUN WEEK FOR YOU!!! Brought to you by Fat Harold ,and the Fun Team!!!! YOU KNOW WE LOVE YA;}
No Cover Monday through Saturday. Sunday is donations for Hall of Fame Foundation.

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Dancing for Dollars$$$$$$

jr shag teamJust added to Fat Harold’s Agenda for Mid-Winter SOS is something very exciting. On Saturday afternoon we are having an exhibition for Our Future! The Junior Dance Team will be on the floor at 3pm strutting their stuff and dancing for dollars. These very talented kids are trying to raise money for a couple of trips to be Ambassadors for that wonderful dance we call “The Shag”! This is a must see event! Bring cash cause you are going to see some stuff even you wish you could do! Many thanks to these kids who are keeping the tradition. Can’t wait and will see you there! They will be dancing during SEA CRUZ’S break. This is something else you don’t want to miss. Dino, Butch and Allie have got it going on!


WE’RE BACK!!!!!!

LINE DANCEWe are back with a bang! The Fun Team is all rested up and ready to go, almost! lol Jackie comes in and opens at 11am for lunch. Come and see what she has or go to The Shag City Grill on facebook and like to see what she is having for lunch! I know what it is and it’s really good. I’m just not gonna tell you so you will go to facebook and like the page. There is always a method for my madness! Happy Hour starts at 4pm and Debbie and Shannon will be your bartenders tonite. Jim is on the grill, tonite and at 7pm, Ambassador Jeanette Stanley will lead you all over that very clean dance floor when she teaches you the newest LINE DANCES. She has a big crowd so get here early for your place on the dance floor. DJ David Harris should be in the DJ booth if he has gotten out of bed yet! 🙂 Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday, Sept. 29th, this weekend, SEA CRUZ will be in the house helping Danny and Vicki West celebrate their anniversary. Everyone is invited. Every year for the last longest Vicki has purchased at show from them at Camp Kemo and she wants to share them and EUGENE with you! SEA CRUZ, Dino, Butch and Allie have been nominated for a whole lot of Cammy’s this year. Good luck to you, our good friends! Don’t forget to book your Christmas Parties now! Call Lulu at the office 843-249-5779 to see what we can do for YOU! The BACK ROOM can be gorgeous when decorated to the tee. If you don’t believe me just ask somebody who came to Lou’s 70th birthday party. I didn’t recognize the room myself. Well off to work I go and I wish everybody a WONDERFUL DAY! P.S. I heard a rumor that Cornhole will start back on Oct. 10. Is there any truth to this, Heath Brown???? Got to go! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Saturday SOS – See you at the Fat Mans!


Welcome to Fall Migration – Last Night was a Blast – Let’s keep it going! Sea Cruz at 1PM! We want to welcome the Florence Shag Club at 1PM and the Twisters Shag Club at 5PM. Our DJs will be spinning the best tunes all day and during the breaks! Come out and grab you a Bologna sandwich or Cheeseburger at the Shag City Bar & Grill – open at 11am!

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Sea Cruz – SOS Saturday the 14th


Sea Cruz at 1PM – Fall Migration SOS on Saturday – September 14th
Fat Harold’s Beach Club

See our Fall sos schedule

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sea-cruz-newGood Morning OD! What a day we have planned for you. Big Ron opens the grill and 11am and will be joined by Lulu! The rest of the Fun Team will start trickling in around noon. Judy Duke has her workshop at 10am. Shannon and Deanna don’t have to work a double today! DJ Gary Bass is in the front room noon until 5pm! SEA CRUZ graces the stage at 1pm. Come hear ya some Dino, Allie and Butch! Awesome group! Ray Scott is in the back from 2pm until 8pm and will be followed by the Little Man of Beach Music, Joey Warren, who will close the back down! DJ “Jammin Jimmy” Buffkin will dance you little feet out from 5 until 9pm in the front room, followed by DJ “Hey Boy” Harris, who will shut her down. We have FREE FOOD at 6pm! Jack and his gang of helpers will serve up some good food for your enjoyment. Get here early, cause when it’s gone, it’s gone! The Fat Man will come in to work this evening around 7pm. If you haven’t gotten a copy of his book by now, get you one and have him sign it tonite! Got to head toward the beach. Come and beat us up again today. We enjoyed it yesterday. So Good to see faces we haven’t seen in a while. Signing out from the swamp….LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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Day #3 of Countdown…SEA CRUZ!

sea cruz picIt’s Friday and we are speeding on to the end of the year. The Club opens at 11am for some lunch, drinks and dancing. Our buddies, SEA CRUZ, hit the stage at 9pm this evening and DJ Milton White plays during before, during breaks and after. This is going to be a fun, fun, fun nite. Dino, Allie and Butch really put on a great show and pack their shows. We love them and so will YOU! Have a safe trip if you setting out for the beach sometime today. We want to see you! Got to go and LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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The Fat Man’s Christmas Party Tonite!

It’s here! The Fat Man’s Christmas Appreciation Party! Starts at 6pm. Bring your little red ticket and a toy or something four our four legged friends. Boxes are at the door and we have always made our local kids and animals very happy on Christmas morning and throughout the year! Why should this year be any different? Our friends SEA CRUZ will take the stage at 8pm. Come out and have some Christmas cheer with your friends at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. DJ Milton White will be in the DJ booth for your dancing pleasure. We will see you in a little while. Be safe and LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!

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