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Mixed Doubles Shag Contest Tonight!

Come on out tonight for the Mixed Doubles Shag Contest!

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Friday after Thanksgiving

Take a break from leftovers and head to the Shag City Grill for lunch today. The club and grill opens at 11:00am. TONIGHT! Dance off those extra calories you took in yesterday with guest DJ Butch Metcalf and House DJ Milton White – Both the front and back room are open tonight! Don’t forget the Mixed Doubles Shag Contest on Saturday the 30th.


Mixed Doubles Shag Contest – November 30th

Dance that Turkey Off again this year at the Mixed Doubles Shag Contest at Fat Harold’s on November 30th




spa-contest=labordayThe contest continues tonight. Come out and see the best of the best! But first, you have to come in at lunch (11am) and try out Jackie’s delicious Chicken Salad Plate. Chicken Salad, Potato Salad and Pasta Salad piled high on a bed of lettuce. This is good folks. Come early before she runs out! Don’t forget Sam and Lisa will be teaching a workshop on The Fat Man’s floor at 1pm. There will be 2 separate classes. One a 1pm and the other at 2pm. The first is Intermediate Together Steps and the second at 2pm will be Intermediate and Advanced Turns. $10 per person, per class. Come and get your shag on with one of my favorite Juniors shaggers from 25 years ago. I love you Sam West! We are hoping to get our hands on the old videos from when Sam, Matt, Little David, Lisa, Leslie, The Caruso boys and many others performed back in the 80′s at Harold’s Across the Street. Keep your fingers crossed and stayed tuned. I have them in my head but that won’t do any of you any good will it? Come out tonight and see some mighty fine dancing. DJ Butch Metcalf will be in the booth playing the music and Janet Harrold will be directing the contest. If you just don’t get in to contests and we know many of you don’t and would like to dance yourself all you have to do is head to the back room for libations with Mama Brenda and the excellent music of DJ Eddie Baker. We aim to please, something for everybody. Tomorrow night (Sunday) DJ “Jammin” Jimmy Buffkin will bring on “Steve Owens and Summertime” at 9pm. Jimmy starts playing at 7pm so get here early for a table and a few cocktails and spins around the floor to set the mood. It’s going to be a FUN night. Hope to see you at The Fat Man’s House! Peace, Love and Sandy Feet! Love YOU, Mean IT!


Shag Workshops with Sam and Lisa West

Saturday, August 31

Fat Harold’s Beach Club

1:00pm Intermediate Together Step

2:00pm Intermediate/Advanced Turns and Spins

$10 per person per class

No partner necessary

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Labor Day Shag Contest

The Labor Day SPA Shag Contest is August 30th and 31st.



July 4th SPA Shag Contest and Fat Harold’s Night OUT!

fatdaddy laughingIt’s Friday and you know what that means? It’s Fat Harold’s Night Out! Come on out and visit The Fat Man, drink up some cold libations and DANCE the night away! But first, we open at 11am for some of the best burgers on the beach and that Bologna sandwich can’t be beat. Try one of our Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwiches, or some of our new French Fries! Call and put in an order from the beach and come and pick it up for a picnic by the sea! Tonite’s entertainment will be some of the best Shaggers in the circuit. It’s time for our Annual 4th of July Shag Contest. Amateur and Novice sign up by 8pm, contest will begin at 9pm! Guest DJ Butch Metcalf will be the DJ for the contest and if you just want to dance DJ Eddie Baker will light up the floor in the back room. There will be a $5 dollar cover for contest. Come on out and have yourselves a good ole time tonight at The Fat Man’s! Love Ya, MEAN it!

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keepers-promoThis is a weekend that you don’t want to miss. The best of the best and the best of the rest. The Keepers of the Dance Contest starts tonite and finishes up tomorrow nite. Just click on the picture and it should take you to the full flyer of the schedule of events. DJ Tommy Hamrick is in the booth for the contest and dancing afterwards but, if you aren’t interested in watching and you want to dance the back room is going to be WIDE open with DJ Betty Brown. She will wear you out. If you don’t believe me, come and see for yourself. We look forward to seeing all of our “shag” buddies. Good Luck dancers! Come on out and join us this weekend.

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The grill opens at 11am and the dance floors will be wide open for practice. Happy Hour is 4 until 7pm! Sign up by 7pm. DJ Butch Metcalf is the guest DJ for the evening and DJ Jimmy Buffkin is in the back room for those of you who would rather dance than watch. Thank you to everyone who came out last night for The Memorial Fundraiser for Billy Scott and CWB! Great Band! Got to hit the road and get er dun, so we will see you in a little while. Have a great day and get ready for a chilly night. It will be warm in The Fat Man’s House, come see! Love YOU, Mean IT!

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Mixed Doubles Contest November 24th

Once again – The Mixed Doubles Contest at Fat Harold’s Beach Club!
Put it on your calendar! November 24th

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