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2016-labor-day-contest-flyerThe fun continues tonight with the Fat Harold’s CSA Contest. Tonight brings on the “big guns”. There’s gonna be some mighty fine dancin’ to be seen and some mighty fine music to enjoy…both in the front room and the back room. DJ Larry Edwards will preside over the contest, but will be playin’ just for YOU at 7:00. The back room will have DJ Bill “Mr. Smoothie” Harper playin’ as long as you’re stayin’. Somethin’ for everybody! Club and Shag City Grill open at 1 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Good friends..Good times..Good music. Fat Harold’s Beach Club is the place to be!

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2016-labor-day-contest-flyerFriday is here and it’s gonna be a GREAT weekend at the Fat Man’s House! Friday and Saturday night we’re hosting the Fat Harold’s CSA Shag Contest that was previously cancelled Labor Day weekend due to the tropical storm. We’ll have some excellent competitors and lots of FUN! It’ll be held in the FRONT ROOM with DJ Larry Edwards presiding and also on hand at 7 for your dancin’ pleasure. Gary Bass will emcee and there will be some VERY experienced fas’ dancin’ judges on hand castin’ their votes. For those not into the contest or contestants who want to practice we’ll have the BACK ROOM open both nights with DJ Eddie Anderson tonight and DJ Bill Harper Saturday night. Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for other events and details on this weekend’s event. Your FUN TEAM is lookin’ forward to makin’ your experience at FAT HAROLD’s a good one! We want to be your home away from home in Ocean Drive!

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jeanette stanleyIt’s Thursday, Y’all! And that means FREE Line Dance Classes with Instructor Jeanette Stanley. Jeanette sends out this message today: “Woo Hoo, it’s Fat Harold’s Free Line Dance Thursday once again!!! Can’t wait to hit the floor again, review a dance or two and I have a new one for ya too! It’s gonna be a busy night, so get out a little early and get a few dances in before class, get your liquid courage from our FINE BARSTAFF or grab a bite to eat from the Shag City Grill. After class, DJ David Harris will keep us dancing to all our Line Dance and Shag favorites. Hope to see you there!” Always a FUN class. Come early to meet your classmates. Club and Shag City Grill open today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Friday and Saturday nights we’ll be hosting the CSA SHAG CONTEST in the FRONT ROOM with DJ Larry Edwards. Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for flyer and complete schedule. For those wanting to practice or just throw down your own dance moves we’ll have DJs in the BACK ROOM for ‘ya. DJs in the BACK ROOM will be Eddie Anderson on Friday night and Bill Harper on Saturday night. Somethin’ for everybody!

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P1250506SOS is over and our FREE BEGINNER SHAG CLASS is back on! Join Instructor Jeppy McDowell tonight at 7 and learn the basics…No partner required! Club opens today at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. DJ Jammin’ Jimmy Buffkin will be on hand tonight for your shaggin’ pleasure. Mark your calendars for this weekend. The SPA MIXED DOUBLES contest is on for Friday and Saturday night. We’re lookin’ for some mighty fine shag dancers to be comin’ into town and this is always a FUN contest. Emcee will be Gary Bass and the contest will be in the FRONT ROOM with DJ Larry Edwards both nights. The BACK ROOM will be open for those not attending the contest or just loookin’ to get some extra dancin’ in. DJ Eddie Anderson will be in the BACK ROOM on Friday night and DJ Bill Harper will be there on Saturday night. Somethin’ for EVERYbody!

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labor day contestWaking up this morning to find Ocean Drive in purty good shape from yesterday’s storm. Hope all of our followers made it through as good as we did! With beautiful weather predicted for the rest of the weekend, we’re havin’ a LABOR DAY CONTEST tonight in the Back Room! Come on out and join in the fun. Both rooms will be open, with the contest in the BACK ROOM and fun & dancin’ in the FRONT ROOM. Help us spread the word and let’s do this! Club and Shag City Grill open today at 1 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. And we’ve got a LOT to be happy about! Keep checkin’ our FACEBOOK PAGE for updates and events! We do our best to keep you informed. Let’s end the summer with a BANG!

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thanksgiving mixed doubles contestThaaaaaat’s right! Gonna be a FUN TIME with the annual Dewey Kennedy/Sandra Schwartz/Eddie Monsour Mixed Doubles shag contest….The dancers won’t know who their partner is, or what song will be played. It’s just for FUN..and to raise money for the Dewey Kennedy Scholarship given out each year. DJ Butch Metcalf will be presidin’ over the fun in the FRONT ROOM…and DJ Bill Harper will be playin’ his oldie, moldie smoothies in the BACK ROOM! Come on out and watch the contest or go into the back room to do your own fas’ dancin’! Lots of folks on the beach for the long holiday weekend and we’re expectin’ to see a bunch of you here…Where else can you be served with a smile by our FUN TEAM? Don’t forget HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7…Doors open at 1…Come early and STAY LATE! Let’s do this thang!

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thanksgiving turkey smallestWell…It’s the week of Thanksgiving…Are you gonna be on the beach for the holiday? Your FUN TEAM’s got a busy week ahead so let’s get started! Doors open at 4 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Judy Duke’s gonna teach some fancy new dance steps tonight at 7 so come on out and learn ’em! We’ll be open on Thanksgiving night at 6 to give your FUN TEAM time to eat turkey with their family and friends. DJ “Jammin'” Jimmy Buffkin will be playing Thursday night. The end of our week will be jumpin’ with the annual Dewey Kennedy/Sandra Schwartz/Eddie Monsour Mixed Doubles Contest on Saturday night. We’ll kick it off on Friday night with DJ Butch Metcalf in the FRONT ROOM and DJ Bill Harper in the BACK ROOM for a big night of fas’ dancin’. They’ll both be back on Saturday night with Butch presidin’ over the dance contest up front and Bill in the back with nuttin’ but the old stuff for your dancin’ pleasure. Friday and Saturday you can enter from all 3 doors…front, back & side…pick and choose what you can use. If you’re gonna be on the road to visit friends and family this week be safe out there and we’ll see ‘ya when you get home. Stay tuned to our FACEBOOK page to keep up with what’s goin’ on at the Fat Man’s House!

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WEEKLY SHAG CONTEST FALLCome on down this evening for FREE BEGINNER SHAG DANCE CLASSES with Jeppy. Following some social dancing, the GRAND FINALS of our weekly dance contest will be held at 9. Who will the winner be? Club opens at 4:00 with HAPPY HOUR. DJ Lanny Elmore will be in the booth playin’ some of your favorite tunes. Come on out and let your FUN TEAM show you a good time. Let’s do this thang!

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WEEKLY SHAG CONTEST FALLCabin fever? We’ve got a remedy. 🙂 Tonight’s the last night to enter our weekly shag contest sponsored by The Clothes Center! Get your dancin’ shoes on and sign up! Winners are chosen by audience applause….so bring your cheerin’ section with ya! Finals will be next Wednesday night…There are some GREAT PRIZES! Doors open at 4 today with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. FREE BEGINNER SHAG LESSONS from 7 to 8:30 with Jeppy…If you don’t know how, then here’s your chance! DJ Kitty Earles will be in the booth from 7 on. There’ll be plenty of time for social shaggin’. The last part of our week will be NON-STOP…startin’ with Jim Quick and COASTLINE on Thursday night to kick off the Cammy’s, DJs in both rooms…and your FUN TEAM will be workin’ overtime to make sure you have a good time. We’re bustin’ at the seams to know that this year’s Cammy’s are dedicated in memory of the Fat Man, our own Harold Bessent! We sure do miss him and know he’s lookin’ down on us with that great big SMILE! Help us CELEBRATE and let’s do this thang!

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P1250506Tuesday nights are SUPER FUN at the Fat Man’s House! Club opens at 4 with HAPPY HOUR from 4 to 7. Yippee! Hang around for FREE SHAG LESSONS with Jeppy from 7 to 8. No excuse to not learn now. 🙂 Our weekly dance contest will be held at 9:00..winner determined by applause, so hang around and clap loud for your favorite. The weekly winners will compete in a GRAND FINALE on November 17th with some GREAT PRIZES. We’re not slowin’ down just because it’s November! Keep up with what’s going on this week and weekend by checkin’ our FACEBOOK PAGE. Uncle Benny’s comin’ to town on Saturday and we’re gonna open a little earlier (at 11am) so you can get a bite to eat and somethin’ cold to drink while checkin’ out the classic cars that’ll be in our parking lot for the 5th ANNUAL CRUISE TO THE BEACH car show. Your FUN TEAM can’t wait to see ‘ya! Let’s do this thang!

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